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Tax Reform on the Table

Congressional leaders and the President have announced their next big focus after healthcare: tax reform. It's an issue too important to get wrong, and one which will impact the bottom line for working families and small businesses across the country. That's why I am asking for your input.

Do you want reforms that cut taxes for working families or close offshore loopholes? Let me know what your top priorities are when it comes to tax reform.

I believe it's time for Congress to make our tax system fairer and more efficient for working families and small businesses. As American companies face increasing competition abroad, we need a tax code that ensures our entrepreneurs and manufacturers have a chance to compete in the global marketplace.

Tax reform shouldn't be a political issue, and these are goals that both parties can agree on. But instead of designing a tax code that empowers American workers and businesses, the blueprint that Republicans have put forward provides massive tax cuts for wealthy individuals and runs up the deficit.

What kind of tax reforms would you like Congress to pass?

The GOP blueprint for tax changes would increase the deficit by $3 trillion in its first decade, and three-quarters of the tax cuts it proposes benefit the top one percent of taxpayers. At a time when working families need help in order to compete in today's economy, those changes put our economic security at risk.

When Congress debated healthcare earlier this month, constituents from Birmingham to Montgomery called into my office to share their stories on how the Affordable Care Act impacted them. With tax proposals coming up for debate in the House of Representatives, I need to know where my constituents stand.

Take a moment to tell me what your top priorities are for tax reform.

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I look forward to hearing from you.


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