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"Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary"

This month my husband, Brian, and I will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. We have been through countless testings, trials, joys, and valleys together. And even though we are long past that exciting “newly budding romance” stage in our relationship where we are winning each other’s hearts, we are arriving at the “deep love and appreciation” stage where we are truly able to cherish each other’s hearts.

So, how do we continually cherish each other even after so many years together? For me, the secret lies in keeping my personal relationship with Jesus Christ at the center of my existence. As a wife, there is always a temptation to look to my husband to meet needs and desires in my heart that only Christ can truly fulfill. Whenever I start expecting Brian to be the perfect Prince Charming of my childhood fairy tales, I end up focusing on his shortcomings as a husband. When I look to my husband to fulfill me at the deepest level, I put unhealthy pressure upon him. As wonderful as Brian is…. he is still human and he will still let me down at times. I find that I can only love and cherish my husband well when Jesus Christ is my first and ultimate Bridegroom. When I’m fulfilled in Jesus Christ, I don’t spend all my time and energy trying to make Brian into my romantic fairy-tale ideal. Rather, I am free to serve him and love him, without constantly focusing on whether or not he’s living up to my “Prince Charming” expectations every moment of the day.

As Brian builds his life around Christ, he is naturally a reflection of Christ in the way he treats me. And as I build my life around Christ, I learn to love my husband as God has called me to love him. That is what makes a marriage gain more and more beauty as the years go by.

C.T. Studd said, “Marriage can either be a taste of heaven on earth, or a taste of hell on earth, depending on where you place the Cross.” Selfishness will destroy the beauty of a marriage faster than anything else. But coming to the cross and getting self out of the way, sets the stage for a romance that can truly stand the test of time!

“I have found the one whom my soul loves”, Song of Solomon 3:4

As our 9th anniversary approaches, I am filled with gratitude and amazement at the beauty of God’s ways. Brian and I are expecting our next year together to be even better than the 9 years we have had thus far, because we know the place that Christ has in our marriage. Just like the water that Jesus turned into wine at the wedding celebration. The best is always saved for last when He is the Guest of honor!

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary, Brian!! I love you!

Many blessings!


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