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While campaigning for office, Donald Trump, like any respectable candidate, promised to defend the people’s right to keep and bear arms along with the remainder of the United States Constitution. And, during his inauguration this past January 20, he formally swore to uphold that same Constitution.

But then, early this past month (July), Trump made a dirty deal with the Chicago Police Department to continue an oppressive drive begun by Barack Obama to confiscate “illegal” guns and ammunition and prosecute their owners. Trump announced that he was sending ATF agents to aid the Chicago Crime Gun Strike Force.

Illinois, and especially Chicago, already have some of the most draconian anti-gun laws in the country, and confiscation has been heavily enforced for many years. A 2014 police report stated that the Chicago police grabbed 7,624 firearms in 2012 alone—more seizures per capita than New York City and Los Angeles.

“Illegal” guns can be very loosely defined. Short barrels, folding stocks, and magazine capacities of over ten rounds are often prohibited. A gun with a military appearance can be an “assault rifle.” Possession of a few grams of marijuana or some other “controlled substance” renders a person unable to legally possess any type of firearm, and he is thus rendered defenseless against the hordes of thugs that populate much of Chicago. And finally, people who live anywhere in Illinois cannot own or possess any guns or ammunition without first obtaining a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card.

It is no secret that Chicago is one of the most crime infested cities in America and is the unsavory home of thousands of “Bad, Bad Leroy Browns.” These thugs prosper because they know that nearly all of the local people have no weapons for self-defense and are unable to resist their criminal activities. They also know that the police are largely ineffective since they are outnumbered and also spend much of their time and resources enforcing the anti-gun laws and traffic violations. Criminals don’t worry about violating the gun laws themselves; they’re violating the laws anyway, and if they do happen to get caught and end up in prison, they at least get the satisfaction of shooting some innocent unarmed bystanders and a cop or two on the way.

It is also no secret that the police can’t even begin to be everywhere. It is utterly impossible. The vast majority of crime fighting is up to the people. For crime fighting to be effective, the people’s right to be armed must be upheld.

We have ample statistics to prove that cities and states that allow generous gun ownership and use have the lowest crime rates. We also know that the highest crime rates are in those areas with the strictest anti-gun laws, and the stricter the enforcement, the greater the crime.

Heavily militarized SWAT teams are not the answer to protect us from violent criminals. These are often more of a menace than an asset. They can even be deadly.

The ATF should never be allowed to interfere into state and local matters. Instead, it should be severely downsized and greatly limited in its scope. Eliminating it altogether would be an even better idea, since it is largely an American terrorist organization. Never forget the massacres they executed onto Randy Weaver’s family and the Branch Davidians.

Back in October, 2016, Trump debated Hillary Clinton in Chicago on gun control. He boldly stood against her on “assault weapons” and large magazines and also announced his support for a national right to carry. He insisted that gun control would not stop violent crime. “In Chicago, which has the toughest gun laws in the United States, probably you could say by far, they have more gun violence than any other city.”

Back then, Trump declared, “I am a very strong supporter of the Second Amendment.” But now, less than a year later, here he is sending in ATF thugs to disarm the innocent potential victims of Chicago’s criminal empire.

Is this an isolated case, or does Trump have plans for gun confiscation in other places? Does anybody understand what could make Trump morph from a patriot into a turncoat?

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MaryMaxwell writes:

I ditto you, Mr Smith, on SWAT. Mary, candidate on Aug 15