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Let’s all plan to play on Family Day, September 25

One of the most confusing days of the year in Wilcox County can be Father’s Day. Mother’s Day is not as complicated. This year the Mayor of Camden, Phil Creswell, is giving area residents another day to celebrate.

In connection with the national movement intended to raise awareness about the importance of parental involvement, Mayor Creswell has proclaimed Monday, September 25, as Family Day. He is encouraging everyone to take time out to do something family oriented.

Family Day in Alabama has evolved into Family Week, September 24 – 30, to further stress the significance of interacting with children throughout the day and week.

Statistics show kids who have parents and family members actively involved in their lives tend to engage in fewer risky behaviors. They have less sex, and are more likely to avoid lengthy stints in rehab or prison. Some also perform better in school, while others aren’t as prone to being disruptive.

And I know what you are probably thinking. You are thinking about all of the spoiled brats you watched grow-up with parents who were overly involved – yet still found rolling papers in the laundry. About the helicopter moms who became grandmothers before they turned 42. Yes, and the proud Pop who couldn’t have provided anything more, but still caught Jack Daniels riding shotgun with Junior.

You are thinking how there should also maybe be an annual Go to Work Day – in conjunction with Go Your Ass To Work Week – which could emphasize the importance of work. Some kids might perform better later in life and potentially be more responsible by middle age if they know what work looks like prior to their 21st birthday.

Work Week could easily merge into Stay off Your Phone Day, the kickoff of Get off Your Phone Week – meant to encourage the precious youth of America to discover how to use both hands while performing simple daily tasks such as eating. This act of staying off their phones for a day – or 15 minutes for that matter – would allow for a moment of possible eye contact before complaining about it to their parents and other family members for the rest of the week.

The Alabama Family Rights Association and the Exchange Club of Shelby County have partnered to participate in this year’s Family Week. They are inviting community leaders – such as Mayor Creswell – as well as citizens throughout Alabama to show their support for families and children by planning special meals and activities during the week of September 24.

There are few storms that can’t be weathered when a child is anchored with family. It serves as strength, comfort, and a shield. Family is not confined to sharing ancestry, blood, or a last name. It is not defined by certificates, ceremonies, or signatures, but is formed in our hearts by choice.

Family is loyalty, commitment, and permanence. It does not seek perfection, but chooses instead to love, accept, forgive, and continue.

Plan time with yours September 25, and be inclusive. The love a family shares is like a flame. It loses nothing of its own, and will only grow stronger when its light and energy is shared with others.


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