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Never Stop Learning

Recently I was asked to address a classroom of young students on what makes a good student a responsible citizen. As I sat down to write some notes, I was inspired and felt led to share this with others as well. Even though the intended audience was 15-16 year old’s, I feel that no matter the age, we can all take away something from this.

The process from “good student” to “responsible citizen” all starts within the classroom setting in my opinion. From the very first years of school, you are learning lessons that are invaluable to growing up. As one advances in school and becomes older, they learn discipline, hard work, perseverance, determination and a number of other qualities that will have them well on the track to success. To me, being a responsible citizen shows the following: showing empathy, bettering yourself, doing what is right and always working hard. In school and in life, we learn just that. Show empathy to those around you, after all, we never know what personal struggles they are having. Better yourself so that you can reach and continue to advance your goals. Do what is right because even though it may not be the easiest thing to do, it will be worth it in the end. Always work hard, at the end of the day your work ethic will carry you further and higher than any good grade on a test ever did.

No matter the age, the place you are at in life, I think we can all admit to say we are still learning every day. I guess we never truly get out of school... life is a constant learning source. We are faced with decisions every day and to see how we act or react to them ultimately decides if we pass that test to move on to the next. May you be encouraged to grow, to keep challenging yourself and to never stop learning!


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