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Midterms That the GOP Cannot Afford to Lose

Under President Trump's foreign policy, we have seen ISIS effectively destroyed, North Korea finally talking to South Korea including a joint bid for the 2032 Olympics, North Korea ending nuclear testing, NATO countries contributing their fair to the alliance and most importantly a move to fair and balanced trade agreements.

On the economic front we have seen the biggest tax cut since the Reagan Administration, the lowest unemployment rate in 17 years (including the lowest black unemployment rate ever recorded), the lowest number of people applying for unemployment benefits in 49 years, 4 percent GDP growth, and one of the healthiest and most robust stock markets in decades.

Furthermore, Gallup Polling has reported that Americans' optimism about the ability to find good jobs is at a record high. According to Gallup: "67 percent of Americans believe that now is a good time to find a quality job in the U.S., the highest percentage in 17 years of Gallup polling. Optimism about the availability of good jobs has grown by 25 percentage points since Donald Trump was elected president." The fact is, when you combine the massive Trump deregulation effort, the tax cuts, and a Republican agenda that is being fueled and guided by innovation, America's future looks very bright. By virtually every major metric, America is becoming great again – and Americans are starting to feel it.

BUT If the Democrats take control of the house the "Trump Agenda" will be stopped in its tracks, Nancy Pelosi or someone even more liberal will become Speaker of the House and impeachment procedures will begin against President Trump.

Democrats will be setting the House agenda after a decade of being out of power. They will drag every white House Official they can in front of House Committees. They will want to know why Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is promoting charter schools, they want to know why Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is opening public lands to oil and gas exploration, they want to know why HHS Secretary Azar is doing everything in his power to abolish Obamacare. And most of all, they will demand to see Trump's tax returns. The liberal media will love every minute of this "show".

The buildup of our military will end. The border wall and increased border security will not of happen. Republican promises to the American people will become an impossibility. The House of Representatives has this power to kill President Trump's budget proposals and will kill Republican bills before they can reach President Trump's desk for his signature.

If the Democrats take the Senate there will be no more conservative Judges confirmed at any level. All presidential appointments will be held up. If the Democrats take both the House and Senate there is a real possibility, that against the will of the American people, President Trump could be removed from office.

The forces on the left are bitterly opposed to President Trump and all those deplorables who support him. The Democratic Party genuinely wants to radically change our country. As unbelievable as it seems, a recent Gallup poll found that 57 percent of Democrats view socialism favorably, compared to 47 percent who view capitalism positively. This has been borne out by radical social's recent Democratic Primary victories.

This is a fight that we cannot lose. One side will win, and one side will lose, it's as simple as that. Supporters of the Trump Agenda must not get complacent or allow their enthusiasm or energy to falter.

Every time Republican candidates are asked by the media about the supposed blue wave, they must push back. They must point out every way that Republican policies have made – and will continue to make – life better for all Americans.

Republicans everywhere should take the recent improvement in American attitudes toward their future as a clear signal to continue pushing forward with smart, commonsense solutions that make Americans' lives better. Most importantly, Republicans must stop criticizing other Republicans.

Democrats will continue to try to wage social fights fueled by identity politics, victimhood, and zany socialist principles. Let them scream all they want.

Republicans must stay above the nonsense, fight the fights that matter, and keep delivering good outcomes for the American people. This is the only pathway to success in 2018 and beyond.

Republicans most tighten their chin straps, stay united and turnout in record numbers. The alternative would be a catastrophic.


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