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Commentaries printed in the Alabama Gazette are never presented to offend American Citizens and Legal Residents who originally hail from outside of the United States, as all legal immigrants are a vital part of this country's continued prosperity. Their talents are much needed and appreciated. It is only illegal immigration which poses a threat to American prosperity and is of serious concern to all Americans who value fairness and the rule of law for both their country and fellow citizens.

Los comentarios impresos en Alabama Gazette nunca se presentan para ofender a ciudadanos estadounidenses y residentes legales que originalmente proceden de fuera de los Estados Unidos, ya que todos los inmigrantes legales son una parte vital de la continua prosperidad de este país. Sus talentos son muy necesarios y apreciados. Es solo la inmigración ilegal la que representa una amenaza para la prosperidad de los Estados Unidos y preocupa seriamente a todos los estadounidenses que valoran la justicia y el estado de derecho tanto para su país como para sus conciudadanos.

By now, all of us have read or heard about the “Migrant Caravan” from Honduras heading this way. At the latest count, it appears that more than 7,000 people are determined to cross our borders and force their way into our country. Yes, this is a “sticky wicket” as they say. Everyone has an opinion on this so I decided that I will throw my symbolic hat in the ring as well.

Right out of the gate, let me state, without a doubt I think they should not be allowed in. Not in this manner. I don’t think I can state that clear enough. I believe the rule of law should account for something. No matter how many pictures of children they put on the television as a country we do not have a obligation, morale or otherwise, to allow thousands upon thousands of people to freely enter our borders to the possible detriment of American citizens. We have laws and unfortunately it is clear these people care less about them. And it is equally amazing to me that many Americans simply refuse to see this reality.

Here is the deal as far as I am concerned. The argument for a better life is rubbish. Everybody wants a better life. Who doesn’t? Throughout the world, there are billions of people who wear this stamp. Yes, billions. If I am to take this argument seriously, then am I to expect that we let these billions of people into America? Really? Instead of affecting change within their own borders and demanding their governments do the right thing and serve their own people, they feel they have a right to march upon our borders, crash our gates and live happy lives while breaking existing American laws. That simply is not how I see the world, sorry. I don’t. This country simply cannot afford an unrestricted influx of people.

On a personal level, I feel sorry for some of those people and refuse to judge or condemn them. Again, on a personal level. But I can show you photos of poor White kids, Native American, Black, Hispanic, Indian and Asian kids throughout our country, yet I am somehow supposed to feel sorrier for the invading masses than for our own people here? I don’t think so. America first. Sorry. If we take these 7,000 now, then what about next month? The month after? After that? When does it stop? Our country simply cannot afford this, nor should we be expected to.

These people are hurting and desperate for sure. But no matter what they think or feel, they have no right to force their way into the US. The images of them at the Mexican border are certainly disturbing and even more so since they appear fully prepared to violently force their way into the US. Sorry but my heart bleeds Red, White and Blue. First and foremost. Unabashedly and without shame I say this. My people first. Questions?

Another fact that eludes many on the progressive left, and to me it is no little thing. These people have already shown a clear disregard and disrespect for our country, our citizens and our laws, their actions confirm this. For them, the immigration laws do not exist or they simply have no desire to obey them. What of our other laws? If they are allowed to stay, can we expect them to obey the rest of our laws? You can answer that one yourself. They have already put their cards on the table and shown their hand.

Next, out of these 7,200 people, how many are possible ISIS stooges? I don’t know but I bet you there are some. It has happened before. Human traffickers? You tell me. As our leader, President Trump is in an unenviable position. But the truth is that our President is charged with the protection of our nation and its people and as harsh as it may sound, his measure of effectiveness as we call it in the military, is zero terrorists allowed in the country. If we cannot properly check these 7,000+ people and one terrorist gets in, then he has failed. Some people argue that just a “few” terrorists or known criminals is worth the risk. That is of course until it is your child that has been raped and murdered or your son lies dead in the street the victim of some gang initiation. Only then does it become personal but by then, it is too late. Many people waltz around in blissful ignorance and as long as tragedy doesn’t approach them, they are okay regardless of what is transpiring all around them.

Another thing that is worrisome and rather curious is that we are somehow supposed to believe that all these people just miraculously joined up and started marching toward our border just weeks before our mid-term elections; with camera crews in tow. Coincidence? Not hardly. Who is really behind this circus? Just asking.

There is another darker aspect to allowing unfettered immigration to people who clearly have differing world views than does the host country. Let’s look at Western Europe. Have any of you read about the huge increase in Muslim rape gangs in the UK where hundreds of British girls as young as 11 are being systematically raped by gangs of immigrant men? What about in Germany? Denmark? Sweden? Of course, nobody wants to talk about this but it is the ubiquitous 800-pound gorilla in the corner flinging pooh at everyone but conveniently nobody sees it happening. Some governments threaten its own citizens for just speaking and the reporting of these crimes. One article clearly claims over 400 young girls alone in the Oxfordshire area have been raped by these gangs over the past 15 years. One article states, “The scale of the abuse in Oxfordshire, a county in southeast England, mirrors similarly shocking accounts of the sexual exploitation of white British girls by Muslim gangs in Bristol, Derby, Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford, and implies that the problem is not isolated, but endemic.” It is estimated 1,400 girls alone were raped in Rotherham. Google this. No shortage of information here. And lots of photos of these charming citizens.

Before anybody goes Democrat on me, I am not saying the Hondurans will introduce such filth into the US. I am not implying that at all. The point here, however, is that with such a huge influx of people, as evidenced in Europe, who not only do not care about your country, its laws or its citizens, can there really be peaceful coexistence? With unfettered, unchecked immigration, this type of behavior should be expected. Just ask the folks in Long Island about the murderous gang activity there. You simply cannot remotely assume the peaceful intent of everyone within this caravan. You might hope for it, but I believe you would be wrong.

Yeah, I get it. America is not perfect and our history has had its share of shame and disgrace. In turn, many within our country hate “the hand that feeds them.” But this is still our country. Who in the heck has decided that foreigners can come here illegally and then dictate to us what we have to do for them? We cannot know who they all are. We can never fully know. Gang members? Terrorists? Enemies of the state? People who have no desire to assimilate into our culture? You tell me. At the end of the day, we have laws here that must be obeyed.

If I were to climb the gate to Mark Zuckerberg’s property, break into his house and set up residence claiming I just wanted a better life, would I as an American citizen be arrested? The principle of illegal immigration is exactly the same. Many of the rich, socialist elite, who vehemently protect their property and families from unwanted intruders with fences and armed guards, see nothing wrong with the violation of our nation’s borders.

No, I am not in favor of this mass intrusion and I for one hope it is stopped. It must. The problem of course is how? I do not have the answer but I know bullets and violence is NOT an option. Rightfully so. Unfortunately, I believe the previous administration spread the word that if you make it here, you can stay. There is no shame about it anymore. In fact, the progressives even try to shame those of us who actually believe in upholding the laws we have. But I do know the answer is not allowing unrestricted access into our country. A country without borders is no country at all. But then again, I believe this is what many progressives out there want. This is playbook 101 for them. Too bad I don’t play their game.


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