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Mid-Terms Matter…Now More Than Ever

While my skepticism regarding all things political seems to increase with each passing day, there is one element that keeps me engaged: elections matter, and this November mid-term is no exception.

Elections, specifically this mid-term, matter because of the pure ugliness of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation process. What started as a three-ring circus of protests ended with Americans more divided than ever, and in my mind, was the result of calculated political maneuvering to influence this election cycle by utilizing pure character assassination.

Elections matter because of the orchestrated attacks by the current minority party to intimidate, ridicule, and harass elected and public officials connected to the majority party. When a member of Congress, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), and his wife are threatened and harassed in a public restaurant because another elected member of Congress, Rep. Maxine Waters, repeatedly encourages such intimidation, you’d better believe that elections matter.

Elections matter because there is a concerted effort to impeach a sitting president simply because he is despised by those on the left (and some Never-Trumpers on the right). Love him or hate him, there is so much that has been revealed regarding the deception of the Deep State of politics, which too many Americans still don’t comprehend, and I have no doubt that there is much we would not have seen except for the election of Donald Trump.

Elections matter because the Democrat party has been relatively silent regarding the harassing and threatening behavior of many on the left, and that silence can only translate for me that the behavior is condoned. Additionally, too many in the current minority party have succumbed to the socialist ideas that will not allow our nation to prosper, but will only bring to American the same destruction it has wrought on Venezuela.

Elections matter because closer to home, Planned Parenthood is spending significant out-of-state funds to defeat a pro-life constitutional amendment on our Alabama ballot, and hoping to increase Democrat turnout to do so. According to reports from, that group and other liberal PACS, combined with contributions from billionaire liberal George Soros in support of gubernatorial candidate Walt Maddox, are working hard to boost Democrats chances of succeeding in down-ballot races if conservatives sit this one out.

Historically, mid-term elections don’t favor the party in majority, and the left is banking on that history repeating itself. And while there are several Republicans I had hoped would not prevail in the GOP Primary, this election isn’t about “sending them a message” to punish past failures by either not voting or writing in someone with absolutely no chance of winning. We know the result of that complacency, and the end result will simply be to reward the minority party for its bad behavior.

I detest the current political spirit on both sides of the aisle that is dividing this great nation, and how the lust for power is destroying our civil discourse. I cringe along with many Americans at some of the comments and social media posts of President Trump, and pray that the LORD will temper his words. I grieve for our nation when a University of Mississippi college professor tweets that U.S. Senators “don’t deserve your civility” and not only should they be harassed at a restaurant, they deserve to have their food taken away and given to others. What have we become as a society? What are we teaching our children and grandchildren? Be assured that they are watching and, unfortunately too often, emulating the behavior exhibited by those we elect to serve and represent.

While the results of the mid-term election will remain unknown until November 6th, there is a known reality that should be frightening to every American. This uncivil discourse is permeating throughout the generations and what we sow today we will most definitely reap tomorrow. Elections absolutely matter.


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