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GOD AND COUNTRY: Christian Self Government with Union: The Birth of American Federalism

President Ronald Reagan and both Houses of Congress were united in Proclaiming 1983 as The Year of The Bible. The President and the Joint Resolution of the Congress had the dynamic purpose of embracing the influence of the Bible in the founding of our nation. It was the Biblical teachings which inspired our Founders to establish Christian Self-Government with Union, and a Nation of American Federalism. Its very foundation is based on The Bible and The Constitution.

The Foundation for American Christian Education has published the best book of all, on The Bible and The Constitution of the United States of America.

Regarding America and the Bible, I quote from the book: "The history of the Bible and the history of American Liberty are inseparable. The Bible is the source of individual liberty: salvation from sin through Jesus Christ. It is also the basis for external or civil government. As Noah Webster wrote: 'It is extremely important to our nation, in a political as well as religious view, that all possible authority and influence should be given to the Scriptures; for these furnish the best principles of civil liberty, and the most effectual support of republican government.'"

American Federalism would not have been possible without the Bible. The history of the Pilgrims, the Puritans, all of our early settlers lived out Christian self-government and organized their homes, their communities, their villages, in a Biblical order. The virtue of character produced inspiring volunteerism. Having taught History for nearly a half-century, I can assure the reader that American Federalism is unique in the history of world governments. It is unique by the manner in which local self- government is primary but combined with Union. The presence and the power of the States and the Nation must be kept in balance.

So, how do we make sure that this Constitutional form of Government will work? It is in grave danger today, as we know. When we are Biblically educated and practising the two great Commandments: to Love God and Love our fellow man, then our founding form of government will work.

It is so interesting to read about John Wyclif (1320-1384) and his translation of the Bible into English He was a leading theologian and member of Parliament, and saw the need for this translation because of the spiritual decay around him. His translation began a movement toward individual liberty, both civil and religious.

The American Home must be the center for building Christian character. Today, the majority of American families have relinquished that responsibility to government schools which have not embraced our heritage of American Federalism, The Bible and the Constitution.

The failure to embrace our civil and spiritual heritage was evident throughout the mid and later 1900s. J. Edgar Hoover spoke frequently to national conventions about "American’s Challenge." A long time director of the FBI, Hoover said, with great passion: " What has happened to the time honored precepts of hard work and fair play which influenced the American scene during the all important formative years of this great Republic? Where is the faith in GOD which fortified us through the past trials? Have our national pride, our moral conscience, our sensitivity to filth and degradation, grown so weak that that they no longer react to assaults upon our proud heritage of freedom?

In speaking of the Communists influence in America, Hoover stated, "Foremost among their targets have been America's young people, for the aim of Communism is world youth, and the capture and corruption of that youth." Hoover was speaking in 1962 in Las Vegas for The American Legion. At the end of a passionate speech, he concluded, "We are a God Loving People. The is our Greatest Strength. Let our national motto Always be, IN GOD WE TRUST.”

Today in our beloved nation, there is an attack that we can name as Postmodernism. At the heart of this attack can be identified as against Biblical Christianity. Postmodernism is widely accepted in colleges, universities, and it certainly dominates modern politics and media. Immorality is a target for the PostModern culture, and our young people must be prepared to face it in the schools of learning and the open market places. We must prepare our children to resist immorality as it is integral to postmodernism.

As Christians, we know that the absolute Truths of the Bible are unchanged. The God of the Bible is unchanged. HE is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Post Modern followers believe that every person constructs his own story or narrative. The PM term appeared in the 1970s. Right and wrong is a matter of

personal opinion in their eyes. Many see the results of PM in the break up of families, divorce rates, and over crowded prisons. Some have identified these aspects:

1. Deconstruction: a tearing down of our past heritage, spiritual and religious.

2. Moral Relativism: the Destruction of all moral absolutes.

3. Pluralism: no absolutes, and tolerance prevails toward all.

4. Existentialism: in which feelings rule. "It is what I FEEL that is right for me."

Dear Reader,

Let us stand against the attacks by affirming our Christian Faith, and living out our fellowship with the God of the Bible. Let us stand against the attacks on our Christian Constitutional Republic by being informed and active in the public square. Let us be passionate in our prayer life, loving our family and friends, and reaching out to our neighbors.

The decline of the family life in America is a national crisis. Let us pray that strong Christian women and men, with dedicated family life, will be on course again.


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