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Sheriff Derrick Cunningham received the Robert D. "Bobby" Timmons SHERIFF OF THE YEAR award during the President's Banquet on Tuesday night, February 26, 2019, while attending the Alabama Sheriffs Association Winter Training Conference.

As Sheriff Derrick Cunningham sat among his colleagues during the Present's Banquet, talking and making faces and displaying his sense of humor as he always does, he was in awe that his name followed "SHERIFF OF THE YEAR."

He later stated, "this is a top award. Anytime that you strive so long to become a sheriff and now that I am the sheriff - and then your other sheriffs, your other colleagues to be able to recognize you, that means a lot." "It says a lot about the time I spend. It says a lot about the time my staff spends on making sure that information is being put out there."

The sheriff gives all the credit to God and his parents for molding him into the person he is today. It should also be noted that Sheriff Cunningham was sworn in as Vice President of the Alabama Sheriffs Association for the year 2019 as well during the President’s Banquet. His goal every day is to be the best sheriff he can be to the citizens of Montgomery County and to his staff.

Firearms Familiarization Course

Register NOW for any of our 2019

Firearms Familiarization Courses!

We know that learning how to protect yourself

is very important in today’s world.

The class is held at our Sheriff D.T. Marshall Firearms Training Center and is FREE to Montgomery County residents! The morning session is classroom instruction on firearm safety and firearm laws. The afternoon session allows citizens to practice shooting on our Firing Range for the remainder of the class (if you would like). All classes are under the instruction of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Range Master.

Course Requirements:

• Montgomery County Citizen

• Obtain a Montgomery County Pistol Permit

(prior to the course date)

• Complete an Application for the Course

2019 Course Dates:

April 6, June 8, July 13, August 10, September 7, October 12

Pistol Permit Questions?

334.832.1335 or 334.832.1337

Course Questions or to Obtain an Application?



Your safety is our primary concern; therefore, we ask that you do not bring children to this class.

Sheriff’s Office APP

If you haven’t already heard, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has a phone app called “Montgomery County AL Sheriff” that can be accessed through your phone’s app store. Once you have added this app to your phone, you can easily set your phone up to receive important push notifications. Push notifications are quick, important messages that can notify you of road closure(s), blocked road(s), anything pertinent to your travel, escapee, etc. While our app can help you with many things including checking to see if someone is in the county jail, it is most helpful to receive push notifications. After you have downloaded the app, go through the following steps to make sure your phone is set up to receive the push notifications:

• Go to your phone's setting icon

• Scroll down and click “Applications”

• Scroll down to “MCSO” or "Montgomery county sheriff'


• Click “Application Manager”, if it doesn't take you directly to the


• Click “Notifications”

• Turn on “Allow Notifications” and “Previews in pop-ups”

You should be all set to receive the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office push notifications!


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