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President Trump Hits a Home Run

The never-Trumper faction of the Republican Party was wrong. The mainstream media was -- and continues to be wrong. The Democrats just don’t get it. Two years into the Trump agenda to Make America Great Again the state of our union is incredibly strong and getting better every day. The President has kept his promises. He even listed them in his second State of the Union Speech. The president has governed as a true conservative Republican. He's upheld the principles that have made this the greatest, freest, most prosperous country on earth. Those of us who supported him from the beginning knew this was the real Donald Trump. The emotions of the State of the Union matched anything President Reagan achieved in his addresses to Congress.

His speech reminded the American people of how much good this President has done over the last two years — not only economically, but on the foreign policy front and for the cause of life. According to a CBS poll, Of the people who watched the State of the Union Speech, 76 percent approved and only 24 percent disapproved. Those are probably the best numbers of President Trump’s career. The speech vividly revealed the contrast between his vibrant America first policies and the dark agenda of the radical left with their open borders, drug legalization, racializing politics, government run health care, the banning of cars and planes, and proudly purveying socialism in all areas of American’s lives. Democrats can throw around phrases and ideas such as “massive inequality” and “everyone paying their fair share,” but the Trump economic boom is real, broad and deep.

The President reminded us that America’s trade issues did not occur overnight – and will take time to correct. President Trump is working day and night to assure Americans that our country will have fair trade with all our partners; including China, and the American people approve. As the current problems in the Chinese economy indicate, the Chinese need our markets more need we need theirs. China is a paper tiger.

On his seminal issue, border security, he has been unbending. “I will get it built,” he said about the border wall after a lengthy discourse on the problems of the southern border in which he urged Democrats to join him in ending the scourge of sex trafficking, drugs, gangs and illegal immigration by providing more funds for ICE and our border patrol.

Despite 71 percent of the speech-watchers agreeing with the president that there is an ongoing crisis on the southern border, The Democratic Party continued to play to their radical open border base and refused to adequately fund the wall. This refusal has forced the President to use both his Constitutional authority and the authority Congress has placed in the President to declare a National Emergency to protect our southern border. According to an analysis by ABC news, this declaration of a National Emergency on the southern border will join 31 other national emergencies currently in effect, and the 58 that have been declared since Congress passed the National Emergency Act of 1976. “The 2006 Secure Fence Act” commands the executive branch to “take all actions...necessary and appropriate to achieve and maintain operational control over the entire international land and maritime borders of the United States…,” specifically including physical barriers. The funding bill President Trump signed on Friday further clarifies Congress’s delegation to the President the authority to take the steps necessary to secure the southern border and reiterates specific authority to construct walls.

The President may not have united Congress during the State of the Union, but as the polls are indicating, he unified the American people by pulling off the mask of many in the Democratic Party. The nation saw, as they sat on their hands, how opposed the Democratic Party is to the common-sense America first policies Donald Trump has brought to Washington.

The president entered the House Chamber embattled with a divided country and bitter partisanship. He left it with a lot more humor and happiness and common purpose. Hopefully the ice may be breaking soon on the bitter partisanships that are dividing our country.

Now we will see if with the support of the American people, the president and the Congress can a shape a new trajectory of choosing greatness, focusing on the nation, and finding ways to compromise for the betterment of our Country and all Americans.


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