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Hypothetical – Bernie or Elizabeth, Was this your idea?

Recent ‘rocky’ times at Auburn University display a cult horror picture show Right thinking, fact driven Americans have hit their high water mark, frustrated with the liberal news media fabricating stories about conservatives. Every day, since the November 8, 2016 election (almost 3 years ago), liberal Democrats and members of the counterfeit media have worked around the clock fabricating, packaging and pounding this president with false claims, which have become hypotheticals on steroids. Well, I have a hypothetical of my own, but I am up front, it is a hypothetical.

Serving in the public policy arena for about 20 years, you truly become jaded by the motivation of others in various political settings. Generally when you see something or someone acting a little out of character or bazar, you begin to ask yourself questions. Questions like, who is behind this, where is the money to fund this coming from, is this a coalition effort, who benefits the most, is this a bait and switch, what is really going on here and the like. Seldom do you have something purely thoroughbred in nature with heartfelt sincere motives; they do exist, but not often. As we watch this Russia Prank 2.0 unfold, it will be most interesting to follow the money and unravel all of the political strings.

In this case, you have a self-appointed whistleblower, whose lawyer worked for Hillary & Schumer, that received a nothing burger tip from an anti-Trump insider, spying on a Presidential classified conversation with another head of state. One might ask the question, who might benefit the most from the fallout and residue derived from this synthetic scandal. First, you cast a potential dark cloud over the President, Score. You trigger wide spread questions and investigations into the life and family of 2020 Democrat Presidential frontrunner Joe Biden, Score. Heads of state are paranoid to talk to Trump fearing malicious wire taps, Score. You cause the stock market to sink a day or two making Trump’s economy look bad, Score. You empower AOC and company forcing Nancy to consider impeachment, Score. Fellow Democrats enthusiastically rally and love the idea of removing a sitting GOP President, Score. You know the U.S. Senate will never see the light of day of this notion, so a sitting Democrat U.S. Senator will not be scorched by this plot, Score. So, where is the benefactor?

In FULL DISCLOSURE, this is a Hypothetical Stretch, but it does make for some great conversation. I wrote an article recently (entitled, “Restoring Ethics In Journalism”) scolding the left for this kind of journalistic behavior. I may even be slightly guilty here of penning my speculations, but I am at least labeling this as hypothetical and speculative and it is an opinion piece not journalism.

On a side note, this Russia Prank 2.0 will miserably fail and will backfire like an antique T-Model Ford. By the way Nancy, thank you for this early gift. You just energized our base and our 2020 “Get Out The Vote Program” will yield a historic GOP House, Senate and Whitehouse landside. This sounds like an excellent book idea, “2020 GOP Landslide,” by Nancy Pelosi. Hope you like red maps!

Elizabeth or Bernie, was this your brilliant two-edged sword competition-elimination idea? Pretty smart, but you may need to borrow some chalk and return to the drawing board.


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