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 By John W. Giles    Opinion    October 1, 2019 

Hypothetical – Bernie or Elizabeth, Was this your idea?

Recent ‘rocky’ times at Auburn University display a cult horror picture show Right thinking, fact driven Americans have hit their high water mark, frustrated with the liberal news media...



I often find myself taking a life inventory at different weigh-points, assessing if I am adequately contributing to leave a positive mark in the world, on my watch. We can never give enough back. I...


Qualifications? Meeting a payroll

Governor Hunt once told me, “John, before anyone runs for office or becomes a journalist, they would be well-served to have met a payroll first. What a profound statement and I agree 100%. If you...

 By John W. Giles    News    July 1, 2019

Kayo - One Man Sawmill - Last Generation

As we travel down the road of life, we often meet extraordinary people, who enrich our path beyond measurable standards. This is an amazing story about a rare, yet simple man named Kayo, who in my est...

 By John W. Giles    Opinion    May 1, 2019

Reverse Recidivism Rate

Recidivism rate is the tendency of a criminal to commit a crime and return to prison. This is one of those areas where fuzzy math drives you crazy getting to the facts. According to the National...

 By John W. Giles    Opinion    April 1, 2019

Big Electromagnet Pulling Left

As I watch what is happening to core philosophies and belief systems internationally, domestically, and now in our own state, I am just shaking my head and looking down in dismay. The question I am...


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