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Seven Pillars of Conservatism

If you have read any of my previous work, we talk a lot about economic, social, moral and constitutional conservatism. This level of conservatism does not happen by accident. It takes years to develop a depth in conservatism; this is why you do not want a novice Republican running for office, they will always disappoint you. One cannot wake up one day and say Republicans are winning, decide to qualify, color in the conservative squares and off you go. Very Shallow Thinking!! Let’s discuss the Seven Pillars of Conservatism.

The strength of our great nation depends on individual freedom and religious liberties. In America, one has no limitations reaching their maximum potential in life. When you blend the ingredients of vision, determination, striving for excellence and hard work, there are no altitudes unreachable. Conservative governing, at all cost protects and preserves religious liberties and individual freedom by removing all boundaries, restrictions, precludes government overreach and intrusion. We must protect individual freedom.

Another key principle of conservative governing is limited government. Our brilliant founding fathers envisioned the potential for government overreach, so they adopted the Bill of Rights. These rights were given to us by God and government was created to protect, not infringe on these rights. There is a temptation from the powerful to control the governed. Conservative governing operates under the principle that a government that governs least, governs best.

Law and Order, Natural Law and the Rule of Law are foremost in keeping a Free Society. We must have enforced laws to keep peace in Main Street America. Ideally the notion of Natural Law is that all mankind possesses an intrinsic moral behavior of being self-governed. Unfortunately, mankind is seriously flawed and the utopia of being self-governed is beyond reach. Natural Law was imbedded in the Declaration of Independence citing the Laws of Nature and Natures God. The Ten Commandments are the moral foundation and cornerstone of western civilized law. The concept of “The Rule of Law” and “Natural Law” dates back to Aristotle and Plato in Greece. Knowing that mankind can be flawed, Aristotle raised the idea; is it better to be ruled by the best leaders or have the best laws. The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution promises that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without the due process of the law. This is the reason we need strict constructionist and constitutional originalist on the bench, not judicial activist who make law from the bench. Judicial activism pierces the heart and pollutes the purity of the Rule of Law. We must elect at the state level judicial purest and presidential appointments to the federal bench need screening to insure judicial prudence.

Maintaining world peace through military strength. Did you ever notice coming up in grade school that the tall, well-built boy was never being bullied? I also noticed this same boy was never bullying others. When you have a “Military Readiness Policy,” it positions your Commander and Chief with the ability to maintain world peace, because of the size and strength of the US Military forces. Conservatives are not warmongers, but we do believe in being the strongest, most well equipped with the latest technology in our armaments. World Peace through Military Strength.

Fiscal Responsibility, making one dollar do the work of three. When this article was being written, the annual income for America is about $4 trillion. The Democrats budget on the table, proposes congress appropriating $6 trillion beginning 10-1-2023. Our national debt right now is $32.91 trillion. We always see Republicans running on the idea of a balanced budget, yet we have many in DC willing to vote for a $2 trillion deficit for 2023 – 2024, putting us $34.91 trillion in debt. Conservative governing says, “Vote No” on this bloated budget and cut spending to reduce our national debt. The American people are starving for Fiscal Responsibility.

Free Markets and Free Enterprise is a conservative economic concept. Coming from a family business doing business internationally, we understood full well the meaning of free markets. We would ship a piece of equipment across the ocean only to be met with a large tariff on our equipment entering that country. It is wishful thinking that other countries will adopt the GOP philosophy of “Free Trade,” without being forced. Trump had the right idea, hitting them hard with reciprocating tariffs forcing countries to push the reset button, bringing us back to par, and thus free trade.

Human Dignity is probably the most important pillar of conservatism. It is central to the biblical theme set forth by Jesus Christ, love thy neighbor as thyself. As conservatives, our GOP platform espouses we protect human life from conception to natural death. We oppose the abusive whims of a dictator and detest all forms of slavery. Tipping the exponential curve is the ever-explosive worldwide dark web of horrific child and human trafficking. God will judge harshly those involved in solicitating, enticing, capturing, transporting, marketing, abusing and the end users paying for these uncivilized inhumane services. Human life can not be substituted synthetically, conservatives must have the priority of preserving Human Dignity, everything else is secondary.

If you are are thinking about running for office or wanting to broaden your knowledge base about conservative governing, be sure these words are etched into the mantle over your door: Individual Freedom, Limited Government, Rule of Law, Peace through Strength, Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets and Human Dignity.

These Seven Pillars of Conservatism is not only a winning platform for elections, but a winning platform to govern. As we entered 2020, President Donald Trump was unstoppable because he daily governed employing these Seven Pillars.

God Bless and Save America!!!


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