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The Smartest Political Guy in The Room

Being involved in Republican politics for 43 years, and serving in two gubernatorial administrations, enables you to meet some pretty smart people. I often reflect by saying many people have skyscraper tall opinions, but ankle deep in factual based positions. When it comes to economic, social, moral and constitutional conservatism, very few have a depth on the issues along with the institutional and historical background all in one package. Curiosity peaking yet?

Rush Limbaugh was the forerunner of the guy I have in mind for this title. Rush was no doubt the Patriarch of Conservative Talk-News radio. He was prophetic in a way forecasting how a debate might shape up on any given issue. He had many devotees (Ditto Heads) along the way and yours truly was no exception. Rush was also entertaining, which made his style addictive to his EIB University students. When Rush exchanged the temporal for the eternal, and left this world; there seemed to be a gap no one could fill. While his patented style trademarked, never to be replicated, there is one on the scene today, that has yet to peak. Stay with me!

When Trump descended on the escalator, June 16, 2015 announcing his candidacy for President, he was what I have defined as an abstract, stardom, and iconic candidate. Elect me and everything will be beautiful; he championed no issues, except he said he was a renowned negotiator. Then comes along four people who helped him shape his platform, which appealed to the conservative Republican voter base. Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus and Alabama US Senator Jeff Sessions helped Trump put meat on the bones. I have known Jeff Sessions personally for 30 years, but these other folks were all new names. They helped him build out the necessary framework that matter to the conservative base. The only one of these three who were not dismissed by Trump was Kellyanne. Even though the other three were dismissed from the inner circle, they all remained loyal to the governing policy template adopted by Trump. Now let’s talk about one of these three who I believe is the smartest guy in the room, and in my view, the smartest guy in the Trump administration, Stephen K. Bannon.

Bannon’s routine appearance can throw you and be misleading, but it is his unintended trademark. When Bannon opens his daily streaming political news talk program, “War Room Pandemic”, he generally looks a little unkept, dis-shuffled hair, unshaven, layered black shirts with three collars, one pen in his left hand and three more clipped between buttons on his shirt and sometimes wears his signature bomber jacket. Camera ready and cleaned up, he has the appearance of a sophisticated movie producer, distinguished international diplomat or a decorated Navy Admiral. What you learn after getting to know his pattern, he is dead serious about saving this country and he is laser focused 24-7. Let’s get to know this hands-on warrior for the heart and soul of our country.

Bannon is highly educated with an undergraduate in urban planning from Virginia Tech, Master of Arts from Georgetown University and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard. He is not only well educated, he is brilliant and endowed by his creator with immeasurable common sense. He served as a naval officer in the Pentagon monitoring the fleet worldwide before being deployed to the Persian Gulf in 1980. He was in investment banker specializing in mergers and acquisitions. There was a short stint in space exploration and environmental research before going into movie production launching eighteen films. Bannon was a founding member of Breitbart News, which emerged on my radar during the 2016 Presidential election. I did not know who he was and my first time noticing him in Republican circles on the national stage. I did not know his positions on issues, what was driving him, but I knew he was on the Trump A-Team.

Bannon was the first guy to be public about the Communist Chinese Party unleashing the Wuhan Virus on the world stage with the intent to bring down Trump. He is an economic, moral, social and constitutional genius on issues and strategy. When it comes to Wall Street maneuvers, foreign policy, military readiness, threats to religious liberties, revealing liberal progressive leftist strategies, he is astute and even more prophetic, like Limbaugh. He continuously states we have to get to the bottom of the premeditated Chinese Virus execution, the multi- platform staged 2020 strategy precluding Trump from serving 4 more years and the well-planned January 6th interruption of the six states electoral college being challenged.

Monday through Saturday, Bannon host a streaming, no nonsense news talk show (War Room Pandemic), doing a deep dive into all current domestic and global affairs affecting America. His guest are all world class experts, identifying the facts and offering common-sense real-time solutions.

Today, like during the revolutionary war, there is a remnant of thoroughbred activists who are in it for all of the right reasons, hoping to preserve the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. Bannon is a leader in this movement and had an immeasurable impact on Trump’s doctrine of conserving governing and recapturing the seven mountains of influence.

Even though I am a seasoned veteran in Republican issues, politics and strategy, I am also a student (talmid or disciple) sitting at the base of the Rabbi’s chair, joined by a rising sea of acolytes being daily shaped by Bannon.

Stephen Kevin Bannon, has the depth, bandwidth, 360 view, and in my humble opinion is the smartest guy in the room.


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