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BIG GOP Crowbar – Prying Trump From Supporters

CAUTION!!! There is a new wave internally erupting and clamoring among GOP strategist, political consultants, highly financed K-Street corporate brokers and many elected headliner “Republicans In Name Only” (RINO’s). They are attempting to drive a wedge between Trump and his 72 plus million base. Notions like, Trump is not the Republican Party, stop the conspiracy talk because Trump lost the election, get over it, the Deplorables are a cult, and Biden won the election fair and square. This arrogant elitist tone is severely flawed and problematic because of one simple key; RINO’s and company won Wall Street, but Trump earned the love, respect, unshakable support and loyalty of Main Street. The attempt to divorce Trump from his supporters is not going to work, we will talk a little more about this, but let’s rewind back to the November election and fast forward to the inauguration.

November 3rd, many including myself turned off the news that night with the impression that Trump had enough electoral votes to be reelected as the 46th President. We awoke to the shocking news that 6 states stopped counting votes and the results may not be known for days. After the China Virus was unleashed prior to the election, there were some 400 election lawsuits filed in a half dozen states by Democrats, pressing the courts to relax voting requirements of witnessed or notarized absentee ballots and allowing mail in ballots. These legal maneuvers clearly bypassed the Constitutional process where only State Legislatures establish election law how the electoral votes are handled in each state. The post-election Plan A was then launched. Approximately 86 lawsuits were filed from the Trump allied camps in the six highly compromised states, there are several of those cases still active. I have been told by nationally acclaimed lawyers that proving voter fraud cases in court is like proving deformation of character slander suits; it is very hard to accomplish. In a fierce time pressed environment to save the country from the socialist style governing model promised by Biden, Plan A was in place until January 6th.

January 6, 2021, my wife Deborah and a few grandmotherly friends went to DC to support the President and our GOP members of congress who planned to constitutionally challenge the final certification of the Electoral College votes. There was a rally behind the White House early that morning, where the President spoke, and there was a follow-up rally scheduled at 11:00 at the capitol. Deborah reported, the first rally had militant insurgents dressed in black gear, smoking marijuana, going through the crowds loudly saying, “Okay patriots after this rally we are going to the capitol and have another rally.” Deborah knew these were not our people. On the walk to the capitol these same steroided up jack-booted militants were saying, “Hurry up patriots, we are going to the capitol to have a rally and storm the capitol, not their house, our house.” The masses, including my wife ignored this handful of folks. When arriving at the capitol, these same folks suited up with gas mask and other combat accessories, breached the fencing and some innocent Trump people did follow, not my wife and her team. As you know, the militants took over the peaceful efforts, vandalized, shots were fired and now we have someone dead. This well-choreographed made for movie insurgency was designed to look like it was led by Trump supporters, it was not. One day we will know who funded this effort setting the stage to blame Trump, and now labeling us as domestic terrorist. The dark curtain was now pulled over the constitutional effort to object the questioned electoral votes triggering the 12th amendment. Now Plan B was imminent.

We all woke up Thursday morning January 7th, soberly searching for answers, realizing we have been unfairly beaten in the dark of night. With the help of the liberal media, Hollywood, social media tycoons, Wall Street, K-Street and GOP deserters like Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney, the narrative was set in stone; Joe Biden won. Did we observe him correctly outperforming Obama, come on man. Imagine that, running a pretend virtual part time nationwide presidential campaign from his basement, capturing the most votes ever cast for any presidential candidate. With video footage and thousands of sworn testimonies inked into affidavits over fraudulent ballots cast, 72 million of us are supposed to just put on our mask, get on our knees and OBEY! Wait a minute Mister, this is not China, Russia or Venezuela; this is the United States of America.

Plan B, for a season, we will be on defense. It will likely consist of the following, yes they will unconstitutionally attempt to squelch our free speech, and we will be targeted, subdued in some fashion and in some cases punished. Having 50-50 in the US Senate, coupled with the 60 vote rule, congress will not get anything done for the most part. Everything in the House, brute forced by Nancy and AOC will hopefully just be noise. The Impeachment is DOA, but Trump can make his case on election fraud and that he did not incite any riot. Biden on the other hand has already signed 42 bazaar executive orders averaging about 3.5 a day since the inauguration. He will govern and impose his executive orders on a daily basis. We will have some punitive hardships ahead like losing good jobs (15,000-20,000 so far), small businesses closing, inflation, low consumer confidence, gasoline most probably soaring to $5.00 a gallon and the DOJ will look like the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Furthermore, Plan B, looking toward future elections, the GOP in every state needs to forcefully review everything from qualified voter registration, purging unqualified voters, voter identification, certified absentee ballots, voting machines and software to insure there are no illegal votes and all legal votes are accurately counted. We have to restore voter confidence in the process. Some have suggested the formation of another party; this is not a sound strategy. We will only dilute just like the Green Party dilutes the Democrats. The Republican Party Platform is perfect for economic, social, moral and constitutional conservatives. This is our party, this is our platform. We have allowed the GOP strategist, political consultants, highly financed K-Street corporate brokers and many elected headliner “Republicans In Name Only” (RINO’s) to control the reins of our party. They have colored in squares on issues, played us every election cycle, just so they can return to their aristocratic lifestyle of the rich and famous. We also have to gut the financial influence of K-Street, they are running the government, not We The People. Not anymore!

Plan B for future candidates are going to look much different. We are going to prepare tools to investigate candidates, measuring their character, ethics and courage; determine their staying power, where is their line in the sand and what are they willing to die for? Secondly we are going to dive deep into the conservative issues with candidates. No longer can you check off a box, we are going to get neck deep into issues with candidates and grade their depth. It takes years to develop a penetration in conservatism. Thirdly, we are going to get with these folks face to face or remote in live interactive interviews, in the district or statewide. We will swim deep with them in front of their constituency beyond websites, social media and 30 second TV spots. Life is short, and we are done with GIVING AWAY coveted seats of governing, allowing them to eat the dainties of the king, getting wealthy and enjoying reelection as incumbents.

So to the ruling class in the GOP, put away your crowbar, we are not divorcing from Trump. Rather than attempting to rebrand the rules of engagement, why don’t you figure out why common folks in America love Trump and why he is their champion. If you care to stroll down this trail please read an article I wrote about this subject: Trump's 2020 Gallup Poll Popularity – Three Reasons. As mentioned in the article, Reagan has been the 40 year prototype for GOP candidates, now Trump has set a new template for governing in conservatism with action. Like all of us, he is flawed, you may not like his personality or certain traits of his style, but he earned his unflinching support of the rank and file of America, he did not pay for it with K Street money. He earned their trust.

Under Plan B, “We The People” have the crowbar.


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