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Every night at 7 pm central, I join 3.5 million plus Tucker Carlson viewers looking at the lava lamp saying, so what do we do now? Many of us have abandoned Fox, because of this gross, misguided judgment of firing a stellar example of pure journalism. Why would a publicly traded company who lives and dies by the value of their stock, fire the highest rated news show with target rich demographics. His base is coveted by advertisers with 490,000 viewers between the ages of 25-54. Many of my friends and colleagues asked my opinion about why he was fired and I gave them three reasons: January 6th and Ray Epps, Big Pharma and the Dominion Voting machine lawsuit settlement. Actually, my instincts were accurate, but the plot thickens, stay with me. Tucker was dismissed for telling the truth.

Conservatives all across America often say, we have to get to the bottom of the Wuhan Virus and vaccines, 2020 election and January 6th. Tucker was exposing facts and truth on each of these issues and the weak woke leadership at Fox caved to outside pressures, and now we have evidence, so let’s break it down.

Tucker had Dr. Anthony Fauci’s number, in fact he called him Lord Fauci; his words were sacred and undisputable. Woe to anyone who questioned his hallowed opinion. Tucker reported how the Communist Chinese Wuhan Lab purposely leaked the virus, while Fauci was using U.S. Taxpayer funds to pay for gain of function, which enhances the lethal nature of the virus. Fauci sat in those meetings with the President Trump, knowing the origin and intent of the virus. He committed treason upon America and was the divine instrument executing the plan for the Communist Chinese. Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson tried to hide they use aborted fetal tissue in their formula.

Tucker cited that the vaccines did not preclude one from getting the virus, spreading the virus or prevented wearing a mask. Lord Fauci, tell us again how many times did you have COVID? Tucker also exposed all of the mysterious sudden unexplained deaths popping up all over the world, myocardia and blood clots hitting the exponential curve. Funeral home directors and embalmers have documented a 50% increase in deaths since the vaccine roll out, along with the unprecedented increase of fibrous long strands of blood clot tissue found during embalming.

We recently learned from an undercover video of a Fox Producer, Sean Langille where he stated that Pfizer, who is a substantial advertiser on Fox, demanded they fire Tucker. Why, because he was telling the truth about their cash cow ineffective vaccine. One day the truth will be shouted from the housetops of the long-range scope, goal and negative effects from these vaccines. As a reminder, we need to look deeper into the World Health Organization (WHO), which is an echo chamber, cheerleading and shielding the Communist Chinese Wuhan Lab. Oh yeah, all three Big Pharma vaccine producers are protected against any litigation.

Tucker had the truth about the 2020 election in the crosshairs as well. Talking about election interference in 2020 triggers lightening rod heated shouting matches from the left. During the 2020 General election cycle, Biden boasted on national television stating, “We have put together I think the most and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” He got away with it.

Carlson was digging into the irregularities surrounding the six states in question. These states could never seem to quit counting and manufacturing votes until Biden emerged from the days of endless tallying.

At the heart of the swirling unsettled 2020 controversy is the Communist Chinese backed ($400 million) Dominion Voting machines and Smartmatic’s software accused of flipping votes. Dominion started launching lawsuits to shut down free speech and Fox News clamped down on their journalist including Tucker in late 2020. Fox settled the lawsuit for $787 million after promising Tucker they would fight it all the way. We also learned from Langille that part of the settlement with Dominion was Fox had to fire Tucker. How about that, you tell the truth, you expose documented irregularities, promote free speech and some big bully wants you removed from the network, silenced and kept off the air. Shameful!

Let’s talk about January 6th and the so-called insurrection. U.S. Speaker of the House GOP Kevin McCarthy trusted Tucker with all of the capitol footage of that day. For about 3 nights, Tucker was exposing falsehoods that had been spewed for 2 years. Amercians know it was a set up for the Pelosi driven Trump impeachment #2. Democrats, weak Republicans and other media outlets were howling at Fox leadership to shut down Tucker.

Many folks are in jail today who were proven innocent by these undisputed videos withheld from their defense attorneys. Tucker talked extensively about Ray Epps, an FBI operative and some 41 federal agents on the ground inciting the crowd and encouraging them to enter the capitol.

Don’t forget John Earl Sullivan, a known paid operative who worked with Black Lives Matter and incited riots during Back the Blue Rallies, who filmed and sold CNN for $35,000.00 the video footage of Ashley Babbitt, an unarmed female veteran, who was gunned down in the capitol. Tucker was on a roll exposing all of the false accusations and reporting for the last 2 years of what really happened on January 6th until Fox bosses shut him down from exposing the truth.

Fox has taken a beating in ratings, viewership has dropped 50%, and among the ages of 25 – 54 shrunk by 66%. What happened to the constructional protection of the First Amendment: “Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

So how honorable is that, Tucker Carlson was fired for doing his job as a journalist, telling the truth and informing Americans. If there is any silver lining here, truth will one day prevail and all wrongs will be made right. Tucker will return soon with an unprecedented format and will have a tsunami of soughtafter blue-ribbon viewership.

Sometimes I get my eye off the ball and focus on the internal enemies of this great Republic. One day we will be freed from these falsehoods, heresies, and double standards of free speech and justice.

Jesus said in John 8:32:“you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Truth Prevails!


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