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Trump's 2020 Gallup Poll Popularity – Three Reasons

The green-eyed jealousy over Trump’s historic popularity among Republican and Democrat office holders, including the liberal media has been obviously visible and immeasurably coveted. In a recent Gallup Poll, Trump surpassed Obama in 2020 as the most admired man in America. Michelle Obama polled as the 2020 most admired woman in America. Imagine that, according to this poll, the former President and First Lady, both black are considered among the most admired Americans, and we are accused of institutional systemic racism; give me a break Stacey Abrams! At the peak of the 2020 campaign, during the month of October, Trump crested with 95% approval rating among Republicans. How did he do this? There are three solid reasons; let’s take a look.

In my adult lifetime, there is only one Republican President who stands out among the rest, it was Reagan. He was ingrained with conservative common sense, genuinely patriotic, and he reconstructed and rebuilt confidence in America behind Jimmy Carter, who drove our national pride and economy to a record low. Reagan had a winning personality, very contagious enthusiasm and when he smiled his eyes smiled; quick humor, loved America and his speeches were delivered with passion, depth and authenticity. He was accredited as the great communicator. I can recall many late nights, driving home from weeklong out of town business trips hearing him on the radio. The tears of patriotism blurred my vision, compromised my navigation with the glaring oncoming headlights. Reagan for the last forty years, has been the GOP role model, standard bearer, tuning fork, and the sought-after template for economic, social, moral, and constitutional conservatism among Republicans. Has Trump in his first four years left a much larger foot print for the next generation of Republicans to fill, I think so.

The first reason for Trump’s exponential depth of support is his follow through. Candidate Trump wholeheartedly embraced the Republican Platform issues 100%, he did not just color in a square during the campaign to get elected, but he executed and delivered. The platform issues are not only a winning platform to get elected, but a winning theme to govern. As a self-made billionaire, you do not reach this plateau in life by accident. It takes being goal oriented and laser sharp discipline to conquer these challenges in such a hostile environment. It is as though Trump pressed the pedal to the metal and was driven to get the maximum performance on each of these campaign promises. Promises made, promises kept was the first step in Trump etching in stone his unshakable support. Executed and delivered!

Secondly, Trump is fearless domestically and globally. He was NOT beholding to any donor, special interest group or any Super Political Action Committee. He simply did not care what others thought and for all the right reasons. In an hour of soft metrosexual late-maturing men, Trump’s authentic masculinity and his patriarchal fatherly example, is revered by men and women. As a successful real estate developer, there are so many interferences that attempt to block the progress of a project from the drawing board to the ribbon-cutting. Trump is much like a running back, once given the ball, he only sees the end zone and not the 300-pound middle linebacker; he lowers his head, turns up the maximum RPM’s and leaves nothing on the field except a sea of scattered bowling pins. Fearless, focused and intestinal fortitude is the second ingredient to Trump’s award winning recipe for political success.

The third element of Trump’s doctrine is his “America First” Mission Statement. Every successful businessperson has an internal checklist for the plethora of business decisions each day. I used to tell people over the years to be ready to defend your position as it is squared against the mission statement. I can see Trump sitting in the Oval office with different sides pulling in altered directions with scattered agendas, and he is thinking, the decision I must make here in this meeting, does it meet the America First Mission Statement?

When you watch a Trump Rally on TV, you always notice the people behind him in the crowd, these are everyday citizens. Chanting at ten decibels and cracking the open air with “we love Trump,” and they mean it. My wife Deborah and I went to DC, Saturday December 12th and attended the “Stop the Steal Rally.” I have been involved in many rallies over these 40 years of political activity, but I have never seen anything like this. These folks did not rent limousines or fly in, they drove from all over the country and the visual was a prototype of middle-class America. I have never heard the passion and roar from the crowd like this, it was very moving. I was reduced to tears just watching these people pass by who came from every village and hamlet across America to show fervent support for this man, who had an election stolen from him. There is not any displaced stardom here, but it is an authentic love for Trump from rank-and-file America. They have never in their lifetime had a President of the United States look out for their great country and their personal interest like this before. The bond is unbreakable.

An interesting side note, most Presidential speeches are deigned to be lofty, abstract, and vague, only to be left to the taking heads and news anchors to give their varying interpretations. Not Trump, he was plain spoken, no margin for misunderstanding where he stood, and you felt like he was talking with you personally. The average person typically feels their little world does not count, no one listens, and their concerns do not matter to officeholders. Trump earned the confidence of the average person, who feels as though he heard them and went into battle to defend them. This is a critical side note.

So you want to run for office, get elected and fill a stadium of passionate supporters, you need to weigh the cost. Love and embrace to the bone marrow of your soul the GOP Platform issues, own no man or the highly financed K Street lobbyist anything and at all cost put America First.

Greatness is not given or inherited; to the contrary it is earned. Do you have what it takes to engraft these three key principles into your core? Do you have the will and drive to be pinned on the chest weighted with metals earned in battle for economic social moral and constitutional conservatism? If not stay home and cheer from the sidelines?

In four short years, Trump’s footprints are filled with 70, but more likely 80 million votes from Americans motivated by his promises to deliver, being fearless and an unwavering devotion to putting America First.


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