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Simple Math: 3 + 3 = Trump

The 2024 race for the White House has begun. Trump has announced, others in the GOP and Democrats are expected to follow. Before we fast forward too much, I would like to hit the pause button, rewind, and review a little going back to the 2020 race for the White House. What is the 3 + 3 all about, stay with me and I will explain.

In the early months of 2020, Trump was positioned as invincible. His undisputed record was unmatched by any sitting President in my 68 years. The economy was roaring, creating 7 million new jobs, lowest unemployment in 50 years in all categories of race, 7 million elevated off food stamps, blue collar wages ticked up 16% and the stock market driven by consumer confidence sparked DOW to top 30,000 in early 2020. Trump led the way to pass a historic $3.2 trillion tax cut, triggering exponential economic growth. On his watch, he led the deregulation of bureaucracies netting an addition $3100 per household. He reshaped the landscape of the judiciary by appointing and confirming over 230 federal judges including 3 US Supremes Court seats, ultimately overturning Roe vs Wade and the school prayer case, which eliminated the long-standing “Lemon Test.” Promises Made!

Trump continues by protecting our country from illegal immigration, slowing human trafficking and illegal drugs by sealing our southern border and building a wall at a supersonic pace. On the world stage, he boldly led the way with our allies around the world as the dominate global economic and military power along with successfully building the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. After inheriting an Obama broken down ill-repaired military, he rebuilt it by investing $2.2 trillion in defense spending and created the US Space Force to protect our vulnerability, interest, and security in space. As Commander and Chief, he was adored by our military and veterans as a President whose priorities were indisputable. He was a law and order President, the men and women in blue knew he was firmly standing behind them at all times. All of these accomplishments were launched in the face of daily opposition unloading their arsenals at every intersection.

The liberal media, Communist Chinese Party, Democrats and many jealous Republicans despised him, his unmatched record and fantasized at stopping him. He was unopposed in 2020, steam rolling, and breaking the sound barrier with unmatched momentum. Then, the long awaited well-planned Chinese Virus was unleashed from the Wuhan Lab on the world with one main target; bring Trump and America down. The Democrats also hatched a plan to harvest votes, drop off boxes, executed mail in ballots, and allowed voting with no chain of custody. These actions unconstitutionally changed voting rules in 6 states by the respective state judicial and executive branches, bypassing the legislatures who are constitutionally charged to define how we elect the electoral college. Oh yeah, let’s not forget closing up shop early on election night and counting ballots for days in 6 – 8 counties around the country, thus affecting the outcome. Now, we are discovering the “Great Laptop Cover Up” that polls suggest would have affected the 2020 election by reducing Biden by 15%. History will one day reveal, America had a 2020 election day multi-platformed strategic plan to keep Trump from serving 4 more years. Call me what you want, history will confirm! Don’t forget Biden went on national TV bragging he had the best and most well organized voter fraud effort in history underway in the 2020 election.

So, in the absence of a Trump Administration, two failed impeachments and the Democrat hatched drama around January 6th by infiltrating Trump supporters with federal operatives, Trump began hemorrhaging. Post 2020, Trump has taken on unprecedented incoming including mounting frivolous lawsuits against him personally, the Trump companies and the unparalleled Biden approved FBI invasion of his Mar-A-Lago home. Some think there is blood in the water and have their eyes on the coveted address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They may want to revisit the 3 + 3 = Trump.

With a shade of nativity and a short memory, even after witnessing first had this Guinness Book record of accomplishments, some of my GOP friends say, he is too old, too controversial and we need to move on. Conclusively, this type of opinionated sideline quarterbacks does not have the will or stomach to save our country. Freedom has a high price; you have to fight to obtain it and fight to keep it. There is no substitute for titanium steel.

I have thought about this over the past few years and reduced it to 3 reasons people love Trump and 3 reasons people despise Trump.

First, Trump has a New York street fighting mafia style habit of name-calling. You can be assured, if you are a foe or a freshly kicked out of the nest dismissed friend, you are going to earn the trademarked nick name given by Trump. This tool disarms, causes one to stumble and puts them on defense. Secondly, Trump loves Trump. He has the tallest mirror in West Palm Beach. He brags on the world stage about “out negotiating” a world leader. Humility is a beautiful attribute, but Trump does not embody it. No one particularity likes a grandstanding showoff. Thirdly, Trump’s loyalty is a one-way street. The only people in Trump’s circle who have immunity is his family. When he even sniff’s a potential breach real or imagined, he will throw you out of the plane without a parachute and dog cuss you all the way down.

Let me confess to the readership, I dislike these 3 things as well. If Trump called me tomorrow and offered me a job, I could not work for this type of personality. I will however confess to you that in this hostile environment, a white gloved diplomat persona does not work, they will run all over you. On a small scale I have been there, white gloves are assured get soiled instantly.

The 3 things people love about Trump begins with his fearless approach to campaign promises made, promises kept. I have been active in the Republican Party for 43 years and GOP presidential candidates always check off the conservative boxes, but…there is always a reason why they can not deliver on a campaign promise. “Trump Delivered” facing a daily tsunami of internal and external confrontation. Secondly, he owed no man nothing after being sworn in. Trump almost exclusively funded his own primary and was not beholding to any of the K-Street publicly traded corporate lobbyist who apparently own everyone else. Any GOP candidate for President other than Trump will be in checkmate with K Street because they need their contributions. Scripture says you cannot serve God and mammon at the same time, much like one cannot serve the people and K Street at the same time. There is an inherit conflict trying to serve the people and the interest of corporate bottom lines. The third reason he is deeply and devoutly loved by so many is his decision-making process to always put America’s interest first. It is my assessment after everyone leaves the oval office and he is pondering his options, he always puts America first, which trickles down to you and me. His America First Policy has a positive effect on every American. These 3 reasons are why his support is unshakable and he can fill up stadiums of fervent supporters on a moment’s notice. Personally, I am all in!

In closing, those who are thinking about jumping in the race and those drifting supporters who want to “move on” because you don’t like him, think about your rationale. Certainly, you are not questioning his record, you are questioning his personality. How many times have we voted for someone’s great personality, only to deliver zero. My wife Deborah profoundly pointed out to me the 3 things we all love about Trump could never have been accomplished without the 3 temperaments we do not like about Trump.

So, the question on the table is this, do you want a peace time white gloved diplomatic President controlled by handlers and does not move the needle or do you want someone who is going to move freight.

I compel you to pause and ponder these thoughts, I think you will agree that 3 + 3 = Trump was the right formula in 2020, also 2024 to clean house and give us back the America we all once knew and cherished.

God Bless America and God Bless Donald J. Trump!


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2505 writes:

EXACTLY my assessment of President Trump! Wish everyone could understand that this imperfect man is perfect for solving the problems that smooth talking self serving politicians have created. America’s future is at stake as never before. I appreciate the incredible sacrifices President Trump has endured, both personally and financially, in his efforts to save America from the Marxist Communist operatives who are just a few steps from destroying everything Americans hold dear.