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Could It Be Me

Liberalism, manifesting itself as socialist communism is now confronting American citizens at every intersection of life. It appears that our great nation, the city on a hill is a vortex of water spiraling down the sink into the drain, almost at a helpless rate of speed. Good people, who have pretty much been casual observers, are now incensed and asking the question, Could It Be Me???

Around 1944, my mother was a Bell Telephone Operator in Pine Bluff Arkansas. She noticed billboards to and from work along with radio ads calling for women to join the Marine Corps. This call targeted women who would enlist for military jobs in the rear, releasing the men to go to the front lines of battle. She answered the call by repairing fabric airplane wings and pop riveting aircraft fuselages. She was stationed at the Naval Air Base in Norman Oklahoma, where she met and married a sailor named Bill Giles. America was fighting the Japanese in the Pacific and Hitler in Europe, my mother and father, like so many in that day, asked themselves the question, Could It Be Me?

During WWII, it was a global threat to freedom for U.S.A. and our allies. Back home, literally every American including children were “all hands-on deck.” We were feverishly fighting for our life. Factories were turned into war equipment production. Ford Motor company-built airplanes, the military was drafting able bodied young men, the wealthy were selling and purchasing war bonds to help fund the war and children were helping with steel and rubber recycling drives to be converted into military equipment. Literally every American, young, and old, answered the call, Could It Be Me?

Currently, we now have the same level of threats to the U.S., but it is internal. The left who is now illegitimately in command, is brute forcing in many states’ transgender education and Critical Race Theory as local school boards fold to the pressures of the woke. The military has the weakest leadership in our nation’s history, conceding to the Taliban, leaving Americans behind enemy lines, and giving them $85 billion in very sophisticated military equipment. With a stroke of Biden’s pen, domestic oil production has been sliced doubling the price of gasoline, driving up building materials and food prices and they are talking tax increases. They stopped building the wall, paying contractors millions daily not to work, while the inventory of steel walls lay rusting on the ground and hundreds of thousands of illegals from all countries flood our southern border standing in line for a monthly check. Now they are forcing mandated vaccines, which is leading to a mass exodus from the workforce where there is already an anemic labor supply. Meanwhile, we are distracted swatting these flies, China is laughing at us and gaining global dominance. Many have risen to the occasion, but it is not enough. Could It Be Me?

You are now seeing ordinary citizens rising to the occasion. We are witnessing mothers standing behind public forum podiums across our country, fighting for their children in front of elected school board members, ex-military running for office, and a hand full of brave elected officials fighting multiple battles at the same time. Our evening news is filled with more nonsense as you and I sit idly by and watch them destroy our country. Trump can be credited for instilling courage into average citizens to stand up and fight for our freedoms. Folks, there ARE NOT enough warriors defending the homeland. Could It Be Me?

Is it time we ALL mount up and take a post like during WWII, I am convinced now is that time? Please do not wait until they knock at your door, or your house is on fire, take action now. It is too late in the hour for you to sit in the bleachers, you need to get on the field.

Start where you are! Find one issue or public policy debate that is highly offensive to you and get laser focused. You can not fight all these battles at one time, but you can take the hill before you. Become an expert on the issue, join allied forces already engaged and enlist for a post. Man, that station, get off defense and get on offense with intensity for the heart and soul of our nation. There is an old saying, one with courage is a majority, others will indeed follow. If we all together could whip the Japanese in the Pacific, and Hitler in Europe, we can all dang sure save our homeland from decaying from within.

Dan Schutte penned the Christian Hymn, “Here I am Lord.” I love this song and get emotional every time we sing it in church. One of the stanzas that grips me is this: “Here I am Lord, Is it I Lord? I have heard you calling in the night. I will go Lord, if you lead me, I will hold your people in my heart.”

Have you heard him calling you in the night? Are you going to live up to the creed of this great land and “Secure the blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity?”

Could it be me? Yes, it is me, I have heard you calling in the night, I will go lord where you lead me!


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