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Change Agent or Conformist – A New Line In The Sand

Your silence is not only viewed as an endorsement, but adversarial notions will prevail with no visible opposition. A Change Agent has their finger in the dyke, while a Conformist runs for cover. The human body has been divinely created with adrenal glands, producing the natural chemical Adrenaline, which triggers the flight or fight reactions. America was born out of opposition to Great Britain’s overreach; America can be defeated without the first shot being fired. Nikita Khrushchev, former Premier of the Soviet Union, made a chilling prediction, “we will take America without firing the first shot.” He was talking about unleashing Marxist Leninist Communism into our country, eroding us from within. Friends, we need to be sober and vigilant, America is now under attack.

A new term that has recently emerged publicly is “Critical Race Theory (CRT),” however it has been around since the late 1970’s. CRT has two pillars. First, if you were born Caucasian, you are automatically labeled a white supremacist and guilty of invoking systemic racism and intentionally suppressing minorities on every front. The second pillar is the U.S. Constitution is now labeled a racist document. The CRT prescription is a reset strategy, promoting a modern day racial emancipation. The modern day emancipation is to procure economic (reparations), social and political rights or equality for a specifically proposed fabricated disenfranchised sector. It is another product of a mass shakedown. Wow, how does American history square with the prevailing CRT notion; electing Barak Hussein Obama II, a black man for two terms as President of the United States, with blacks representing 13.4% of our population? It took white people to elect and reelect Obama. Am I on drugs or seriously confused!

CRT is now being supercharged by Biden, the Democrat Party, Black Lives Matter (BLM), the liberal and social media, and of course, Hollywood. Every sector of our society is now facing the mounting pressure to kneel and obey this new world order of thinking. K-12 and higher education, the Department of Defense, other cabinet led agencies, publicly traded Trans-national companies and the list goes on of institutions being held hostage by this new pandemic, CRT. Individuals, government leaders and corporations who endorse CRT are now defined with a new term, “Woke.” Every hamlet in every village will be impacted by CRT, soon to show up on your door step. Are you going to be a Change Agent or Conformist, let’s look at three examples of being a Change Agent?

Captain Matthew Lomeir, United States Space Force, who earned a stellar military record, was fired and removed from his command after challenging the new Biden DOD CRT training, citing it is rooted in Marxism. He maintained Marxism is in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution, which every soldier is sworn to protect. Jessica Mendez, a Loudon County Virginia mother of two, strongly criticized the curriculum being taught, brainwashing her children against America and the Constitution. Several families have joined her in this plight and have been met at every station in life being accosted, bullied, protested at their homes and called racists. CJ Pearson, a black University of Alabama student speaks out against CRT, now dominating the UA and other campuses across the country. A First Amendment lawsuit has been filed against The University of Alabama. There are scores and scores of examples throughout the country, but these three examples is where average citizens, in the comfort of their life, have been battered and challenged to the point of taking action, what about you? Where these three stood up to Goliath, a 100 more will go down on their knees and conform to wokeness. WOKE Corporations knee jerk funding for BLM, allowed co-founder Patrisse Collins to spend millions on personal homes, and yes she is a self-proclaimed Marxist. Friends, this is exactly what Khrushchev predicted decades ago, the CRT is a tool of Marxist Leninist Communism seeking to erode America by taking out the Constitution.

In the strongest possible terms, one cannot discount or underestimate the lethal and effective strategy of the CRT, eating away at the fabric of our nation like hungry moths. Since our inception 245 years ago, the fine thread that has held this nation together is the Separation of Powers Doctrine and the Bill of Rights, both deeply embedded in our U.S. Constitution. This is why leftist groups constantly advocate rewriting the constitution, which has been a trusted firewall, brilliantly designed by our founding fathers. Nancy Pelosi and company are not only tearing up the State of the Union Speech on live TV, but their endorsement of the CRT will shred the constitution before our eyes, unless challenged by the boy’s finger is in the dyke. Will that be you?

There are multiple erosions today decaying the fabric of our great country, however the Critical Race Theory is being unleashed like a Trojan horse in America and it is now on your doorstep about to ring your doorbell. My friendly suggestion is for every economic, social, moral, and constitutional conservative family get well acquainted with this subject, as if preparing for a national televised debate. Know more than your opponent about American History, the Constitution and the Marxist origins of the Critical Race Theory. There are so many conservative resources in your reach, just to name a few: Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Revolver News and The National Pulse. Knowledge is power my friends, don’t get caught on the battlefield without ammunition to back up your constitutional position.

There is war going on for the heart and soul of our country. Our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, particularly the First Amendment, which was designed by our founding fathers to protect us from an overreaching Federal Government, is under siege. It is the Alamo! It is not a matter if you will come face to face with this fierce CRT debate; it is when it happens. Be Ready!

One with courage and a made up mind is a majority, others will follow your lead. There is a line being drawn in the sand which will affect every American. Will you carry the torch or let the wind blow it out? Will you preserve the blessings of liberty to our posterity, or will you kneel down and sell generations to come into the slavery of Marxist Communism? Please remember, our known enemies, China and Russia, both Communist countries, greatly benefit from the effect of the CRT unleashed in America.

Will you be a Change Agent or Conformist? Fight or flight?


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