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The "Gift" That Keeps on Giving ~ 20th Anniversary

On the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe vs. Wade, ground zero for saving lives of the unborn children is taking place in approximately 72 pregnancy resource centers across the state. Post Roe Vs. Wade, the pressure at these centers has intensified. This good news is traffic has increased, yielding in saving more lives, but the interchange is soaring operating cost.

Phone calls, office visits, counseling sessions, expanding office hours and demands on staff are being felt in these centers. Rising cost of maternity items, bought by these centers to give away to young women deciding to keep their baby has been impacted by spiraling inflation. A need that has re-emerged as a pressing essential is housing for unwed mothers; in some cases, these young ladies have other children. Generally speaking, these are one-year programs to help the unwed mother through maternity, child birth and getting back on her feet. Critics of the prolife agenda often spew false notions that we do not care about the women, you decide. You and I can help these women in need!

One of the many ways to help these pregnancy resource centers is to purchase a Choose Life auto tag every year. It cost an additional $50.00 to purchase the tag, $41.25 goes to the pregnancy resource centers and the rest goes to the state. Since 2003, this tag has produced $4.4 million, which has been distributed to these centers over the past 19 years. Every year, we sell about 6000 tags and distribute about $250,000.00 annually. Our goal is the double that to 12,000 tags, now we are talking about $500,000.00 annually. Think about this, $1.00 a week enables us to write checks for $500,000.00 every year.

Many have no clue what takes place in one of these centers. A scared abortion minded young girl walks in wanting a free pregnancy test. Life and death hang in the balance, one wrong misread body language or misunderstood word and that girl storms out intending to take the life of her unborn child. Little does she know, this abortion may seem to fix a short-term problem, but the trade off is a life time of mental torment from this one decision.

The emotions of those volunteers and staff is a roller coaster all day dealing with these volatile young women experiencing an unwanted pregnancy. These centers are like having missionaries sprinkled geographically all over the state. They offer free pregnancy test, most have access to ultra sounds so the expecting moms can see their baby’s image and hear the heartbeat, counseling them and helping navigate all available resources. In many cases, they host baby showers for these women and give them maternity supplies to set up a nursery. In addition to their full-service deployment of life changing assistance, they give these women unconditional love.

Choose Life Alabama is a low overhead, high impact nonprofit (Alabama Prolife Coalition Education Fund, Inc). We do not even have an office, everything we do is virtual. Our board of directors and everyone associated with this work are volunteers. We have a part-time executive director, who also works full time as Director of a pregnancy resource center.

On our 20th Anniversary, help us to support these women, your $1.00 can help us write a check for $500,000.00.

Leave a legacy, buy your tag today @!

Choose Life Tags, the “Gift that Keeps on Giving.” The U.S. Supreme Court has left a legacy, you can leave a legacy as well!


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