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Picking A U.S. Senator – Proven Tried Tested

Years ago, in my manufacturing days at Giles Enterprises, we used the term “Flash Point” to describe when a chicken frying machine system would collapse, and the shortening exploded into a raging fire. In order to obtain an Underwriters Laboratories Certification (UL), we had to make sure that each fryer had the adequate infrastructure, dual thermostats; warning signals and much more to make sure that each new frying device was proven, tried and tested before the regulators allowed the product to go public. We must protect our sacred vote, exhausting our civic due diligence, insuring that who we send to Washington is proven, tried and tested. Hopefully this article serves as a training tool of how to screen a candidate to earn your coveted vote.

Next to President of the USA, a United State Senator is the most powerful position in America. In fact, the most influential position in America serving as a thermostat, not a thermometer, having a lasting effect on public policy is being Governor of a state or U.S. Senator. A U.S. Senator has the constitutional duties similar to a House Member, but different in two regards. First they approve all Foreign Treaties, which sets the tone for foreign policy. Secondly, they confirm Presidential appointments to the cabinet and the federal judiciary, including the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Senate IS NOT the place you send a recruit fresh out of boot camp, but to the contrary, we need to send in our most seasoned Navy Seals. Let’s talk about three ways you can insure you get a proven, tried, and tested candidate.

Character, ethics, integrity and being courageous go hand in hand. You have to know what someone is willing to die for. You need to look deep into their history, family, and how they have handled tough situation down through the years. You have to determine, are they are for sale, can they be bought, and do they have a price? Are they overly ambitious? An overly ambitious person can fold under high level pressure, if they are climbing the political summit, and just a little comprise helps them get there. Why are they running for office, their motivations do count. If you see one hair line crack in their character wall, do not ignore it, under pressure that crack widens. In my view, this is step one for me. If one passes the character test, then we can go to step two.

My family is driven by issues. We can overlook some physical deficiencies in appearance or speaking ability if they are solid on the issues important to my family. Beware; political consultants have trained candidates to color in the conservative square to win your vote. Take your time, carefully drill into their record to see who gives them money, influences them and how they have voted. If they have the greatest character, family, moral values, and have NO PUBLIC RECORD, running for U.S. Senate is too lofty and is not an option. On the senate floor, there is no time for a learning curve; they will be debating the most seasoned liberals in the country. An economic, moral, social and constitutional conservative senator needs to have a great depth on the issues of the day in order to effectively be on offense or defense in the senate well. Make sure the candidate of your choice is proven, tried and tested on the issues; the U.S. Senate is NO Place for a novice. If you have drilled deep into the issues with a candidate and they were not being coached by a staff member or reading off a cheat sheet, then now you are ready for step three.

There is NO SUBSTITUTE for an interview with candidates. With the internet, and the ability to do Zoom, Facetime or a conference call interview with the candidate is much easier. I would suggest hosting a live interview with the candidate. You can get your Sunday School Class, church leadership, local club, neighborhood or any group together from 12 people to 100, the more the better. Also another very important point is to have their spouse involved in the interview. If a spouse is not 100% on board with a conservative worldview, then you are looking at a moderate candidate cloaked as a conservative. They are not interviewing for a ticket to the White House dinner, but they are by their spouse’s side ready to fight the hard battles facing our country. If they will not both agree to the interview, you can make your own deductions, but that would be a big negative to me. I highly encourage posting the interview on social media to educate voters.

In conclusion, a novice new to the dance floor, one who has character flaws or overly ambitious need to be quickly eliminated, not even an option. If you have someone that is shallow on the issues with no public record, they can be eliminated as well.

We only have two U.S. Senate slots representing our state, we need to send the top two in the state, the United States Senate is not a place for just a good vote; it is the place for Seal Team Leadership.

This sacred post SHOULD ONLY be reserved for those who have a high flash point, tempered by fire, UL Listed, have the right infrastructure.

Proven Tried and Tested!


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HeartofDixie writes:

True enough but the problem has been for several decades now we cannot elect people who are loyal to Alabama and our Heritage and indeed only go to DC to fall into the trap of making money under the table instead of making good law for the people of Alabama. I never see Senators or Reps stand up to defend our Southern memorials etc and they fold as soon as the socialist communist black supremacist democrats move in and take down Alabama statues and or monuments in the Capitol building.