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Battle for America ~ Fought on Seven Hills?

What does Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union), Adolf Hitler (Nazi), Mao Tse-tung (Communist Chinese Marxist) and Joe Biden have in common? They all have their opposition arrested, grossly abusing the power of government for political purposes. Trump’s record as President, earned him the respect and unbreakable loyalty among the masses. He has become a global threat on so many fronts to enumerate, why is this?

President Trump, at every turn was stumbling across sacred cash cows, discovering corruption and kicking over ant hills exposing the internal and external enemies of our great Republic. The raging battle for the heart and soul of America is now at a pinnacle, we must all enlist as “Change Agents,” what does this look like?

For decades, protégé’s of Marxist – Leninist communist ideology, espouse they can conquer America, without firing the first shot, it is true. Their strategy is to infiltrate, infect, redefine, alter missions and cause division inside the Seven Hills of Influence, setting the stage for civil war to destroy us from within. These Seven Hills include religion, family, education, media, government, business (trade unions), and arts (entertainment). Actually, it is a brilliant approach, implosion is happening now on every hill at an exponential rate in America.

We are facing some of the most devious, grotesque, satin filled, organized, deeply structured, well-financed criminal minds feverishly deploying multi-layered assaults inside the USA. While clinching the reins of power, these scheming corrupt minds have mainlined the “Art of War” designed by the heartless Communist Chinese War General, Sun Tzu from the 7th century. In a war room style setting, these criminal operatives with no soul, go to the blackboard, drawing up a war schematic with tentacles emulating the wiring harness of the space shuttle. There will not be one trace of DNA, fingerprints or a money trail. They are masters of deception. With unlimited resources, they assign trojan horse B-52’s style carpet bombing on the Seven Hills of Influence.

If you are still reading this article, it can be concluded you are in the regiment of the well-informed engaged to save our country. I am not certain one has the ability to adequately communicate in one article the gravity of peril facing our free society. On the heels of the last six years of unleashing hell on this country, the yoke in the cockpit is pinned to the dashboard, full throttle with the crash site racing to us in plain view. It is my heart-felt desire to articulate where we are and how to save this once, great nation. Good news, it is never too late for the redeeming hand of God. He can tip the scales, but we are accountable with all of this on our watch.

While most are sleeping, talking about the next “X-Factor, The Voice or Dancing with the Stars,” the highly motivated left are on their battle stations, executing the deliberate shredding of the fabric of this country. Always remember, the Communist Chinese Party goal is to be the dominate world economic power. America has to fail to accomplish this by engaging internal actors of treason eroding all Seven Hills. Most of these actors belong to the Democrat Party, but some, sadly to say are unprincipled Republicans.

Our country is in FPCON Delta, the highest level of threat. Every man, woman and child were engaged during WWII as we fought in the European and Pacific theaters at the same time. My mother was a Bell telephone operator and enlisted in the Marine Corp at the beckon call of her nation in distress. If you are not currently engaged in an assignment to retake our nation, your silence is not only viewed as an endorsement, but adversarial notions will prevail taking on real estate with no visible opposition. A Change Agent has their finger in the dyke, while a Conformist runs for cover. The human body has been divinely created with adrenal glands, producing the natural chemical Adrenaline, which triggers the flight or fight reactions. If you are ready to saddle up, take your battle station, here is your assignment.

Pick one of the hills: religion, family, education, media, government, business (trade unions) or the arts(entertainment). You will not have to look very far to see the erosion. Follow your passion, prioritize so you are not diluted, stay focused on one goal. Become an expert, read everything you can on the topic taking a conservative realignment approach. Don’t reinvent the wheel, join forces with others to strengthen the firewall. Ping the tuning fork to set the pitch, find the plumb bob mark for reset and do not move until you have centered the bubble on the level. Be like Nehemiah, he was unshakable, unrelenting at building the wall with one hand and fighting with the other. Those behind us are depending that we preserve the blessings of liberty to our posterity. Liberty comes with a high cost to obtain, but even more so to maintain.

Pick your hill, select your battle field, roll up your sleeves and go to work to save your country. Together we can move the needle into the abyss, just ask Target and Bud Light.

God, please continue to show mercy and save these great United States of America.


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