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Bama Senate Showdown – Trump vs. Shelby / McConnell

In 2022, Alabama will elect a U.S. Senator to fill the seat held by Senator Richard Shelby for four decades. In 1986, as a skilled personal injury trial lawyer and shrewd Democrat candidate, Shelby beat the esteemed GOP A|dmiral Jeremiah Denton in a character assassination campaign. As Chairman and now ranking member of the U.S. Senate Appropriations committee, Shelby has channeled billions into Alabama, which has been good for the state economy, federal contractors, but used by Shelby as a quid pro quo fundraising tool. Shelby, Senator Mitch McConnell and powerful well-financed K-Street Lobbyists are mounting a multi-million dollar war chest to fight Trump in Alabama. Let me explain.

Senator Shelby and his handpicked candidate Katie Britt (Shelby’s former Chief of Staff), gave us liberal Democrat Doug Jones in the 2017 Special U.S. Senate election. They rejected the will of the people when Chief Justice Moore crushed Luther Strange in the run off. I was always taught you support the nominee, Not Shelby, and Not Katie Britt. Liberal Democrat Doug Jones publicly praised the Shelby/Britt strategy for his victory. When Shelby and Britt did not get their way, they broke from the GOP and elected a liberal socialist Democrat. Doug Jones voted against Kavanagh and voted to impeach Trump. In 2018, after John McCain died, the GOP would have had to votes to repeal Obamacare . . . except for Shelby & Britt spurning the GOP nominee to help elect Doug Jones. The result? America lost!

Never elected to office and with no voting record, Britt self-proclaims she will fight for Alabama conservative values. As the Business Council of Alabama’s registered lobbyist, she led the fight to force a 10¢ (per gallon) gas tax hike on Alabamians. On the flip side, Britt did not help us repeal Common Core (to the contrary, BCA supports Common Core). Nor did Britt join our fight for the 2021 conservative bill banning boys from castration and transgender surgery. Bear in mind, the BCA also publicly opposed the bill that would have banned men from pretending to be women and using women’s bathrooms. Katie Britt is Shelby and McConnell’s lap puppy, who they hope to weaponize against Trump. They want someone who is lukewarm and they can control.

Lynda Blanchard, another candidate, was U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia. Blanchard feverishly sought Trump’s endorsement, but was rejected. Blanchard has plenty of personal money, but no following, never championed any conservative cause, that I am aware of, and has no public record. Out of the four candidates, my guess she will place 4thwith the current lineup.

Jessica Taylor is a newcomer to the race who was defeated by Barry Moore when she ran for the 2nd congressional seat in 2020. Jessica is hoping for that cheerleader cute factor; her fancy basketball play and tough talk will serve as a reasonable alternative to the tainted and poisoned Britt. She has one huge problem that will unfortunately nail her coffin closed early in this race. Jessica and I got into a very heated exchange in the 2017 Special Election for U.S. Senate over her writing in a candidate and refusing to support the GOP nominee. Her husband’s boss, Governor Ivey, was holding tough, supporting CJ Moore, the GOP nominee after the Washington Post’s slander piece. She told me right quick, she was an independent woman and neither her husband nor his boss could convince her to support the GOP nominee. Taylor said she believed the Washington Post Story, even though she never met CJ Moore, while I was trying to tell her I had known him for almost 30 years and the story was false. She was determined to go full steam ahead promoting the write-in campaign. Doug Jones needs to also thank Jessica Taylor (along with Richard Shelby and Katie Britt) for his two years in the U.S. Senate.

I have always maintained that next to President of the United States, the most powerful and influential elected position is a U.S. Senator. This post should be reserved as a bully pulpit for our most skilled combatants. The current liberal U.S. Democrat Senators on deck are some of the most seasoned, experienced, dishonest, scheming, dark and disgusting brass knuckled street fighters in America. You do not send young recruits like these 3 nice ladies, fresh out of boot camp, to lead the war for the heart and soul of our country. You send in your proven, tried, tested and seasoned generals, whose chests are weighted with combat pins and Purple Hearts. This is not a beauty contest or popularity competition. Folks, we are daily facing Communist China and Russia along with radical Islam who want the head of America as their trophy. We cannot let that happen.

Trump endorsed Mo Brooks for Senate in 2022 with his Complete and Total Endorsement. Trump publically released a statement, “Few Republicans have as much COURAGE and FIGHT as Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks.” Mo Brooks single handedly organized and led the constitutional Electoral College challenge in Congress on January 6th, seeking to recertify the votes from six states in serious question. Bravery and intestinal fortitude do not come close to describing this unprecedented heroic effort by Brooks, while Shelby and McConnell mocked and heckled Trump and Brooks from the sidelines. One day, hopefully very soon, it will be proven these six states counted illegally cast fraudulent ballots and the 2020 election will need to be recertified.

On a personal note, 32 years ago, when serving as Alabama Small Business Advocate, I met Mo Brooks; he was serving as a Republican in the Alabama House of Representatives. He was then appointed to District Attorney for Madison County by my boss, Governor Guy Hunt. Mo and I have been friends all these years and he has gained my respect for being consistent on the issues. He has a long and coveted record as an economic, moral, social and constitutional conservative. Unlike his novice opponents in the primary, Brooks has a long standing conservative voting record of 100% by the Christian Coalition, 96% by the American Conservative Union (CPAC) and 97% with the Heritage Action (Heritage Foundation).

It is one thing to talk tough about what you are going to do and another to publicly deliver. Mo Brooks wholeheartedly supported Trump’s tax cuts, being tough on China, building back the military, protecting our 2nd Amendment, making NATO pay up, building the wall, unashamedly pro-life, protecting free speech, bringing back American manufacturing jobs, reforming the courts, lowering unemployment to historic lows and Making America Great Again for all her citizens.

McConnell and Shelby spent many millions in the Alabama 2017 Senate race trying to destroy a fellow Republican, and their actions cost us the one senate seat we needed and, worse yet, gave us a Liberal Democrat, Doug Jones. They know they cannot control Mo Brooks. They plan to repeat 2017 by spending millions attacking Mo Brooks, Trump’s choice.

I challenge and hope the media challenges Shelby and McConnell to rent a stadium and let’s see if they get more than 200 people to show up, while Trump and Mo Brooks will fill to overflowing any venue in Alabama. Shelby has declared war on Trump in the Alabama 2022 U.S. Senate election. Trump did not endorse Mo Brooks lightly; the President knows first-hand from field experience that Mo Brooks is a proven, tried, tested and fearless Combat General.

For the 32 years I have known Mo Brooks, he has been a thoroughbred economic, social, moral and constitutional conservative who will NEVER disappoint you. He will be an independent thinking, outspoken Senator and WILL NOT be under McConnell’s thumb.

Shelby, you could have ridden out on a float in the parade, but I am afraid the arrogant war you have launched against Trump-Brooks in the Bama Senate Showdown will once again spell defeat. Mo Brooks has a commanding lead and it will only widen as voters engage.

I urge my fellow Alabamians, get all the facts and consider Mo Brooks; we need his experience, decorated record and outspoken voice in the U.S. Senate.


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itsme writes:

Katie Britt is running as a RHINO. Look at the puff piece in the Montgomery Advertiser last week. All those words and almost nothing said. It was a human interest story with a lot more about student government and beauty pageants as a teenager than substantive issues important in assessing a potential senator. She goes out her way to avoid discussion of any federal issues. Even the paper said that the candidate was reluctant to get into details about her specific positions.

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