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U.S. Constitution ~ Great Firewall ~ 2020 Election

“The grass fades and the flower withers, but the word of our God stands forever.” During the Ten Commandments battle here in Alabama, this was one of my favorite scriptures to publicly quote as we struggled to keep the monument in the Alabama Judicial Building. The U.S. Constitution is not even a hint equal to the Bible, but, the founding fathers in their immeasurable wisdom, had full intent for the constitution to be strong as titanium standing against every passing fad, whim, wind and doctrine. In this well-choreographed 2020 made for movie election coup d’état, the U.S. Constitution will emerge as the last bastion and beacon of hope, an old dependable and faithful friend of this republic, the United State of America. Let me explain!

Relativism, liberalism, socialism and communism roar like lions in the public square at the Constitution when trying to move a flash in the pan idea. Whipping up the emotions of a targeted constituency, fueling well-funded fringe groups and engaging the tsunami momentum of the liberal media, zooming like a high speed rail train can be brought to a screeching halt, by a piece of paper adopted in 1789. Activists detest the strength of this document, so they find the weak to do end runs, only to be met once again by this renowned document that sets us apart.

The constitution and jurist on the bench who embody the title as a strict constructionist, constitutional originalist level the playing field, when standing in front of the faddish flame thrower, devised by the left to melt anything in its path. This is the reason that the legacy of any sitting President, is their lifetime federal judicial appointments, particularly the U.S. Supreme Court. The term jurist activism describes a seriously flawed individual’s character and ethics that intentionally turn their back on the sworn oath to preserve and protect the U.S. Constitution. These irresponsible notions, kindred to a criminal act, create new law written from the bench, setting a new legal precedence, and like Judas, eroding our foundation of our greatness for fifty pieces of silver. That WAS NOT the intent of our founders as guardians of our constitution, those who practice judicial prudence and constraint.

Democrats can no longer win on issues. All of their constituency core groups are slipping through the hourglass like fine sand. Liberal thinking used to be one that could debate an issue on merit, and they prided themselves of being the symbol of tolerance, now all of that has changed. If you are not in absolute lock step with them, you are called names, dog cussed, victims of violent attacks, outshouted trying to shut you down with intimidation, burning down cities, destroying statues, defunding police and saying the FU word in every sentence. This is not even close to civil discourse. Let’s not forget they joined hands with the liberal media and maliciously pounded Trump, his appointees and supporters for four long years. Now all of the sudden, they are calling for us to come together and unify as a nation. Let’s see if this message is still good if the illegal votes are discarded and Trump wins another four years in the White House.

So if you cannot win elections with a real constituency, you have to create this fictional non-existent electorate and fabricate multiple venues to stay in control. They steal elections beginning with fraudulent voter registration, mail in ballots, absentee ballots, out of state voting, late counting, voting dead folks and machines built in foreign countries designed to manipulate vote outcomes to favor democrats. Yes, this election if they are successful was stolen using multiple tactical approaches. A recent revelation from a whistleblower, as a contractor for the US Postal Service hauled 27 pallets of marked ballots across state lines. Believe it or not, it is now the first of December and they are still counting votes in California and New York! This is out of control and on the other side of this storm, we need to rein all of this in and make our elections airtight.

The Democrats have two other products of deception ready to hatch if they win the White House and somehow control the U.S. Senate. They will do away with the standing 60 vote filibuster rule, and anoint the statehood of Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, making 52 states and adding 4 Democrat U.S. Senators, giving them insurance of perpetual Senate control. They also want to add 4 or more seats to the U.S. Supreme Court and pack the court with liberal judicial activist. Can you see their graffiti artwork on the sidewalk, control the House, Senate, Supreme Court, the White House and every election cycle have an instant replay of 2020, giving them uninterrupted control of this country.

Here is the constitutional question, reportedly there were some 200 or so cases launched in state courts since March, after COVID was at the pinnacle in these marginalized states. These cases involved mail in ballots and relaxing

absentee voting restrictions just to mention a few. These efforts in many cases bypassed the state legislatures, which is the constitutional authorized body to change state election laws, not the action of the state executive or judicial branch. The Pennsylvania constitution requires in person voting, in which the only way to change this is a state constitutional amendment, ratified by the people, not some move by activist state courts.

72 million plus people who voted for Trump know what time it is in America. If they succeed in this grand theft, our freedoms embodied in the Bill of Rights are gone. America will fold like a weak puppy in the lap of the United Nations joining a one world government, one world currency and reducing America the Great to irrelevancy. Sounds like a biblical prophetic warning?

To the natural eye, this mountain in front of us seems immovable, impassable and they are telling us to get over it and move on with a new administration. Just hold on friends, we have in our arsenal a plumb bob, a tried, tested and true tool, an instrument of perfection, that can shut the mouths of the roaring lions, recalibrate the clambering, extinguish the flame throwers, calm the raging seas and stop this racing train to a halt, it is the U.S. Constitution.

It is somewhat overwhelming to track all of the states in question, the plethora of voter fraud infractions being discovered by the hour and the mounting affidavits daily being added to the choir. Be assured, all of these roads are on their way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Soon all of this will be at the feet of nine people, five of which, I truly believe are constitutional originalist, strict constructionist. They possess the power to tap the reset button, because all remedies in the hour in which we live are safe in the immeasurable treasures embedded in our constitution.

In the end, our loyal and faithful friend, the U.S. Constitution will become the Great Firewall to save this Hallmark Republic. God Bless America!


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