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The Demise of the Democrats

Back in the day, in the 1800’s, the Democratic Party in the United States stood solidly for our fundamental Constitutional principles—liberty, justice, and free enterprise.

But as the 20th century rolled around, many of our Democrats slipped over toward statism, socialism, and even communism. During that time, the American people suffered under the administrations of three of our most terrible presidents—Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson. The only decent Democrat was John F. Kennedy. By the century’s end, many of our cherished liberties had been gravely compromised, and even some Republicans were showing serious signs of decay.

Up until the 1970’s, here in Alabama, our elected officials were mostly Democrats, but back then, we did have a few who were fiscally conservative and pro-freedom. Senator Jim Allen was an outstanding example, and was Alabama’s most conservative senator in the last 80 years. He was noted for taking the strongest stand against Jimmy Carter’s Panama Canal giveaway, fighting it tooth and nail. One of our greatest state representatives was Bob McKee, who was also a Democrat. But he did switch to Republican in the 1980’s, when the Republicans were making strong gains across the state.

In 1968, when George Wallace ran for president, he opted for neither party. He claimed there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. He ran as a third option and actually won five states—the last time that happened in an American presidential election.

But there was a difference. Our greatest 20th century presidents—Calvin Coolidge, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan were all Republicans. There was no doubt that the Republicans stood much closer to fiscal responsibility and “truth, justice, and the American way” than the Democrats.

Now, as we finish the first two decades of the 21st century, the gap between the two parties has widened even more. We now have a sizable number of Republicans that stands close to the ethics and principles of our founding fathers. But nearly all of the Democrats have slipped frighteningly close to the ideals of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Kim Jong Un. That includes every single one of the Democratic presidential candidates.

Fortunately, we have a web site that gives a measured score for every House and Senate member’s votes from 2011 through 2019—Freedomworks. A quick glance at anyone’s scorecard can give you an evaluation of how well he supports limited government and freedom. And if one wants to know how he voted on a specific issue, and get a description of it, he can find it on this site.

Here is a chart that I constructed that graphically illustrates where our representatives and senators stand in relation to the principles of a free nation. Anybody can readily see that many Republicans have at least decent scores and that the Democrats are concentrated far down toward the totalitarian bottom.

Over half of the Republicans score 70% or above, the minimum grade (C-) for a student to graduate from school. Twenty-nine score “A” grades of 90% or above, and six earned a perfect score of 100%.

The Democrats are pitiful. Almost all of them fall below 20%. About half of them are down to12% or below. Twenty-seven are only 2%. The two highest scoring Democrats top out at 37%—barely above half of a minimum passing grade.

If you were a school teacher and your students had an average score of 12% and a top score of 37%, you would cringe. The children’s parents would be screaming, and the school’s principal would probably call you into his office to discuss your dismissal.

This year’s Democratic presidential candidate menagerie is a circus, a very scary circus. They are literally tripping over each other to propose the most outrageous, abusive, and tyrannical policies and acts of treason that only the most warped minds could imagine—gun confiscation, red flag laws, Medicare for all, reinstating the individual mandate, opening the floodgates to import dangerous potential terrorists, freebies for illegal aliens, new and increased taxes, carbon taxes, climate change proposals, massive spending increases and greater indebtedness, more extreme safety and environmental regulations, bailouts for giant corporations, “free” college tuition, full-time government jobs paying at least $15 per hour with full benefits, privacy invasions, and many others. Their objective is to greatly expand government and enlarge the swamp that Donald Trump is attempting to drain against the wind of current Democratic opponents.

So why are we allowing such incompetent people to run (actually RUIN) our country by electing them to high positions of authority? That is national suicide.

When you step into the voting booth, think about it.

NOTE: Freedomworks scores are revised regularly. Today’s scores may not exactly match the chart, which was derived from score totals in January. Since then, scores from 2020 have been added.



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