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Trump is Right, Can He Ever be Wrong?

Trumps ability to fill stadiums and maintain an unshakable base of support is defined by his adversarial opponents as a cult. To the contrary, in the face of a daily tsunami of hostile incoming artillery, Trump has stared them down and marched full speed ahead championing an over achievement in his delivery of campaign promises. In my lifetime, since working the grass roots in 1980 for Reagan, we have never seen ANY elected official deliver beyond expectations surpassing campaign promises like Trump. Like many reading this article, my wife and I rarely miss watching a Trump rally streaming on the internet. In the wake of unprecedented leadership, loyalty can sometimes blind one and cloud thinking, not accepting he is human, has flaws and can make mistakes. In this article, I want to stress where the President is right and where he is wrong.

Sometimes those close to the chair are fearful to challenge poor public policy ideas or flawed thinking and become “Fearful Yes Men.” I have worked for two Alabama GOP Governors, serving at their pleasure and was never a yes man. However; when the chief made the final decision, even if contrary to my notion, if ethical lines were not crossed, I would salute and execute accordingly. I was never asked to violate legal or ethical standards, but if it did happen, my conscience would require my resignation.

Trump descending down the escalator that day to announce his candidacy for President, was an iconic, stardom and abstract candidate. He proclaimed, “I will finance my own race, not take a salary, I am a great negotiator and everything will be beautiful.” There was NO mention of issues, which I pay close attention too. Then, came along Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and a U.S. Senator from Alabama Jeff Sessions who helped Trump put meat on the bones. Being a reasonable businessman, once shown the facts, quickly embraced the core values of economic, social, moral and constitutional conservatism. The only one remaining from his original four-person, blue ribbon team is Kellyanne. Trumps successful campaign can be largely credited to these four people, but I want to discuss Jeff Sessions for a minute.

Sessions was an independent thinking senator, not a yes-man to the establishment and the well-financed K Street lobbyist. He felt deeply compelled to speak directly to the American people about the hard facts surrounding illegal immigration and the out of balance trade deficits. Sessions won the hearts of the American conservative audience. He was wholeheartedly embraced by Trump for fearlessly stepping out from under McConnell’s thumb and publicly communicated the facts about immigration and trade. Trump actually embraced to the letter the Session’s doctrine on immigration and trade. He then called Jeff a tough guy, but there is more.

What we are about to discuss won the 2016 election for Trump. One of Jeff’s least recognized contributions to Trump represented 60% of Trump’s general election vote, which was the list of 23. I am talking about the list that Gorsuch and Kavanagh came from, Trump’s Supreme Court List of 23. Trump won 60% of his general election vote on this one issue. Sessions proposed to assemble several conservative legal think tank groups like the Federalist Society, Heritage Foundation and others to vet the list of sitting constitutional originalist Federal District and Circuit Judges, who have already gone through the confirmation process. This one issue elected Trump, my wife and I were in that 60%.

We all have positive attributes, strengths, weaknesses and flaws. Those who have

followed my articles know I showcase on a regular basis Trumps attributes. However; the President has two publicly visible deficits in his DNA. He cannot admit ever being wrong or asking for an apology. Secondly, and most unfortunately, his dedicated loyal team

members are like chattel and in a moment notice can be thrown from the airplane without a parachute and dog cussed on twitter in their downward spiral. Priebus, Bannon and Sessions have all been verbally slaughtered in this manner. They served with the interest of the country and the Presidents well-being. ­Unfortunately, those close to the President, while knowing in their heart he is sometimes wrong in his harsh assessment of fellow team members, quietly duck and run for cover because they might be next.

Mr. President, I have previously written where you have it wrong on the issue of Session’s recusal. We all know he was appointed, and then implicated by the Democrats in the Senate Judiciary confirmation hearing and all conservative legal minds including Bill Barr, Lindsey Graham, Rudi and many more have affirmed Jeff Sessions did what was the only judicially ethical thing to do, and that was to recuse. There is only one person who said he should not have recused himself, and that is you. To my good friends in the Tuberville locker room, be sure you have all of the facts, not perceptions.

Truth will prevail and Jeff will be exonerated. Mr. President I will always praise you when you are right, but when I think you are wrong, it is my job as a deplorable to point it out, fix it and move on.

I have known him for 27 years; you have known him for 5 years. In the beginning you were so right about Jeff Sessions, since his recusal you could not be more wrong.


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