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Jeff Sessions Myths Dispelled

Falsehoods and myths attacking my friend, Jeff Sessions, need to be dispelled. I have known and worked with Jeff for 27 years. Loyal Trump supporters in Alabama have been torn for 3 years over his verbal assaults over the Jeff Sessions recusal from the Russian investigation into the 2016 election. Yesterday, Senator Sessions set the record straight and wrote an open letter to the people of Alabama, making a compelling heart-felt argument, detailing why he recused himself. I encourage all GOP voters to take 5 minutes and read this letter ( He has served Alabama and the United States with honor, dignity, and courage. When he returns to the Senate, he will again – I have no doubt. Let’s set the record straight.

Myth #1: Sessions should not have not accepted the appointment to Attorney General if he knew he would recuse himself.

FACT: Jeff had no knowledge of Comey’s secret investigation into the Trump Campaign until after he was sworn in as Attorney General. Then he discovered he was, as a critical member of the campaign, both subject of and witness to the investigation. He could not morally or legally oversee such an investigation and recused himself. The law is clear – the Attorney General cannot direct or shape any investigation of a campaign in which he was a central figure. Jeff refused to break the law – he cannot and will not break the law because his principles are built on bedrock. Simply put, Sessions recused to avoid violating his conscience and breaking the law.

Myth #2: Sessions allowed Comey to serve as Director of FBI.

FACT: Sessions advised President Trump from the beginning to fire Comey and repeatedly thereafter. Only the president can hire or fire the FBI director under law. The President did not immediately take Sessions’ advice, and terminated Comey months later on May 9, 2017, after Sessions had already turned over the investigation to the Deputy Attorney General appointed by President Trump.

Myth #3: Sessions should have resigned after recusal.

FACT: The morning after of the Mueller appointment as Special Counsel, Sessions personally handed a letter of resignation to the President. Trump refused to accept the resignation, writing on the letter itself, “Not Accepted” and “Make American Great Again.”

Myth #4: Sessions was a weak Attorney General and should not have recused.

FACT: When Sessions left office in November 2018, former Attorney General for Ronald Reagan Ed Meese, Attorney General to George W. Bush, and now-Attorney General Bill Barr wrote: “Jeff Sessions … has been an outstanding attorney general … [and] set an example of personal grace and dignity under enormous pressure…focused on fulfilling the mandate of the administration in which he has served. He has acted always out of concern not for his personal legacy but rather for the legacy of the Justice Department and the rule of law.”

Jeff is the epitome of strength under pressure – serving President Trump dutifully and honorably at every step. As Attorney General, he tackled rising crime, taking on violent illegal alien gangs like MS-13, cracking down on so-called “sanctuary cities,” and launching the most aggressive project to uncover and prosecute Chinese spies in the US. He fought on all counts and won.

Jeff’s decision to follow the law was evidence of the courage of his convictions and his commitment to do what is right, no matter what. If he had not followed the law, it would have enabled the President’s enemies to say that the investigation was corrupt and prevented both President Trump’s and Session’s full exoneration.

Myth #5: Trump will not be able to work with Sessions as U.S. Senator.

FACT: Jeff was the first Senator to endorse Trump for President – even when everyone thought he was nuts. Jeff was simply doing what was right – for Alabama and for America. He campaigned tirelessly for President Trump; he served as the chairman of Trump’s National Security committee on the campaign, and served him and his America First agenda dutifully as Attorney General. They share the same priorities – ensuring a strong military, protecting the unborn and our Second Amendment, confronting China’s lies and theft, bringing back “Made in America,” and securing our borders. There will be no better America First ally for President Trump in the Senate than Jeff Sessions. Jeff has never said a negative word about the President or written a tell-all book. That’s not the Jeff I know – he doesn’t hold grudges; he holds fiercely to his principles.

Myth #6: Sessions begged to become AG.

FACT: As his first major supporter and central architect of the America First agenda, Sessions helped Trump become president. At President Trump’s request, Jeff was the one to formally nominate President Trump at the 2016 Republican Convention. They worked side by side for months, and Jeff was honored to be asked to become Attorney General and serve the President and the American people. When called, Sessions answers but Jeff never begs – never once.

John W. Giles is the past President of the Christian Coalition of Alabama and has publicly endorsed Sessions.


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