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Is It Time to Crack Some Skulls?

Hard times create strong men

Strong men create good times.

Good times create weak men

Weak men create hard times.

– Unknown

How true. And by the way, we are currently cruising full speed in the fourth zone right now; a world run by weak, self-serving, socialist/communist/fascist charlatans hell-bent on dismantling our great republic. Anybody who thinks ANTIFA is actually “anti-fascist,” go take a history class at your local college and get back to me. By now, everybody reading this Robservation has heard of the newly created Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) [a.k.a. the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP)] recently set up in downtown Seattle,

Washington. In the year 2020, it is hard to believe that the feckless and totally spineless mayor of Seattle, one Jenny Durkan, has allowed people to enter her city and not only peacefully protest the unlawful killing of George Floyd but also set up an armed camp in her city, a camp created and run by lawless cretins who are expanding their power daily. It has come to the point where at least two people who have been shot in “Chazistan” have died because first responders were not allowed to enter and render aid.

Now people, we are not talking about some third world country, well maybe we are, but this is still inside the United States of America. At what point in our history did it become not only fashionable but also legal for an armed force to enter a US territory, take it over by force and then not be allowed to take it back? Even one police precinct in the area was abandoned because of the possibility of conflict. These people, consisting of BLM and ANTIFA members, as well as others, have even appointed, or rather allowed, a one Raz Simone to be their so-called warlord. You can easily find videos of him walking the streets carrying an AR-15 style weapon, making demands and enforcing his brand of reality.

One of the first things these cretins did was to erect a wall to prevent people from entering “their country.” The irony here is unmistakable. Then, they started and continue to brutalize anyone in their zone if they do not believe they belong there. It is amazing to me how so many people, once entrusted with power, immediately choose to abuse it. Not to mention, their precious warlord is now rightfully in the hotseat for some of his shameful anti-LGBT comments in the past that he, of course, denies he ever made.

Within Chazistan, lawlessness is clearly the name of the game. Why would anyone even begin to think otherwise? This six-block area was taken under force by a group of insurrectionists who have no understanding of what they are truly doing. Or perhaps the little commies do indeed know. It is amazing to see how their brains clearly do not work within the realm of logic or reason. I read where one Chopisgrad resident reported that he had all of his “stuff” stolen from his tent to include $400 cash and a Mac laptop. The responses he got from his caring people ranged from, “Consider it an unplanned donation” and that maybe it was a case of another resident needing it more than he did. This is a new level of idiocy. If someone breaks into my house and steals everything I own and worked for, should I look at it as an “unplanned donation” to someone who clearly needed my stuff more than me? I don’t think so.

The sickening truth is that life inside Mayor Durkan’s CHAZ/CHOP is a cesspool of crime to include assaults, murders, rapes and robberies. People who are “not wanted” are thrown out without any due process and too often beat up to boot. Just watch the video of a Christian street preacher physically abused because he dared to venture into their exclusion zone. According to a report, 911 calls for several types of violent crimes sharply increased, and in a news interview, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best confirmed this by stating, “Our calls for service have more than tripled. These are responses to emergency calls: rapes, robberies, and all sorts of violent acts have been occurring in the area that we’re not able to get to.”

Even a hapless Uber driver was held at gunpoint by two young punks, mocking him for being an old white guy, and told to get out of the area. But the more pressing question here is when does the Federal Government make its statement and put an end to this insanity? We need to look at this for what it is: an armed takeover of an American city, pure and simple. If they were from another country, the word invasion would be used, and our response would (hopefully) be much different. But now that these are “innocent” American kids doing this, we falter and weakly decide to do nothing. I don’t know about a lot of you out there, but when I entered the Air Force, and several times thereafter, I gladly took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Although different in some respects to our military oath of office, every police officer out there has likewise sworn to uphold the Constitution. Right now, they are not doing so. Peaceful protests are indeed guaranteed by the Constitution, but armed takeovers of a city? I couldn’t find that clause in my pocket Constitution.

I saw where one person had the perfect solution to the CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle. Build a wall around the area with signs saying, “You are now entering the USA.” Then, patrol that wall, and do not let anyone out of the CHAZ/CHOP without requisite documents, an official CHAZ passport and medical clearances. And without any approved trade agreements in place with the USA, nothing can enter; no food, no water, no clothing, zip. Let them fend for themselves for as long as they want. If they are armed and try to force entry into the USA, bye-bye. This has got to stop. I saw the perfect meme the other day. It said, “You remember when they told us we could not spank our children? Well, they are adults now.” Perfect. The crime of participation trophies has come to fruition.

My friend, I will call him “Bob,” waxed poetically the other day much better than I ever could. This is what he wrote: “Went to bed last evening watching anarchist burning another city and toppling statues in town squares. The twilight is coming fast because of the rot from within our Republic...Sadly, we are being manipulated to the point of a national psychosis that will get only worse. The average citizen is being played as a pawn in a game where the loss of the Republic is becoming a reality. When you expunge our history to sow seeds of chaos and feed an insurgency (yes, an insurgency, I said. Insurgency, no other word to describe it. Brilliantly executed, well-funded and adaptive, very well-orchestrated), that turmoil [created] does not permit dialog and civil discourse on any issue, especially the ones that were cherry picked to promote this anarchy. It is going to be our downfall. Our elected officials are so ‘woke’ and polarized to the point the country and all that the Republic stood for is being driven off the cliff...and the Left has the accelerator, smashed to the floor board as the petulant kids in the back seat (the MSM) are screaming “Faster, Daddy!!! Faster!!!” The mother in the passenger seat (you the citizen) is clenching her armrest in silence as the Cadillac heads for the edge...Fear for the future...”

But as Americans, we should not feel left out of this insanity. In Germany, they have similar problems of their own. Through the continued use of finely-tuned and weaponized Holocaust guilt, the Germans seem unwilling to doing anything to maintain their society that may appear racist to the outside world while the true racist refugees run amok, rioting in their streets. In Stuttgart, while 400-500 youths rioted in their Alternative for Germany (AfD) zones by their MigrAntifa group, in a suburb of the city of Duisberg, Arab clans have threatened to kill German police if they dare enter their own No-Go zones and in strict defiance of German law, have stated that they only follow Sharia Law. It should be interesting to watch when the Germans finally wake up and say, “Enough!” I will have my popcorn ready.

This has already extended beyond what I expected to write because I was initially going to write about the removal of statues around the country. I have written on it before, and I do not like it, but this is for a later Robservation. Just let me repeat the words I read from Alan West. He said, “History is not there for you to like or dislike, it is there for you to learn from.” It has become clear that way too many people, dare I say many of them quite stupid, have absolutely no idea what they stand for or who many of the statues represent. The fact that the statue memorializing the 54th Massachusetts’ Regiment was defaced by BLM protesters is evidence of this. Why? Uh, these were black soldiers who fought in the Civil War. Whether Abe Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Francis Scott Key, Charlotte’s WWII monument, Navy Seal and Medal of Honor Winner Lt. Michael Murphy’s plaque, and yes, I am going to say this, General Robert E. Lee, or Winston Churchill in England, Atlanta’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, people are fixated on erasing history; good or bad. Their apparent focus is the destruction of anything historical at all cost. Prove me wrong.

In my current book, I touch on this with the fact that the Royal Air Force Bomber Command memorial in Green Park, London saluting the 125,000 airmen (73,814 who either died, were injured or became prisoners of war) who fought against Nazism and the stature of Bomber Command’s leader, Sir Arthur Harris, both continue to be protested and desecrated because of the bombings of German cities in World War II. The question of course becomes, at what point do we stop? Whose history are we going to allow to remain as opposed to whose history are we going to erase from our collective consciousness? Why does the General Lee statue have to come down while evil slave-trader Elihu Yale’s statue and his university’s name remains intact? Because he was not Southern? In 2006, I wrote how the student leadership at the University of Washington denied a statue of Greg “Pappy” Boyington of “Baa Baa Black Sheep” fame.

Why? Because as the most successful Marine fighter pilot in World War II, he killed too many Japanese pilots. Yes, those same pilots trying to kill him. More on this later. But for your fun, just Google something like “List of Statues” taken down or targeted and you might be surprised. Or probably not. More on this later. I have had enough for one day.


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