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Trump's Three Questions

My father, W.O. Giles, Sr., taught my brothers, sister and I a famous slogan we can all recite, even today. He would say: "There is your side, their side, find what is right and do not move." This notion has served me well over the years, because I can hear my father's voice when he would say, "Don't Move," which enables one to face turbulent winds when standing alone. It is my motivation in this article to help you find what is right, and "Don't Move."

Coach Tuberville has gained some momentum in the U.S. Senate race over what I refer to as the "Trump Factor." He has hit what seems to be a high water mark in the polls, which is currently not enough for him to win. It is apparent that Tuberville's overwhelming support comes from the President's perceptions over Sessions, certainly not over his coaching resume. After knowing and working with Jeff Sessions for 27 years, I have strongly disagreed with the President's ill-calibrated notions over Sessions, which can be reduced to "Three Questions" that I hope to answer.

I trust you know that one can be 100% supportive of the President's re-election and disagree with him on tone, tactics or execution. No one is perfect or right 100% of the time. Most, if not all, of my friends are uncomfortable to some degree with his high turnover of personnel and how he reduces to name calling, particularly over someone who is unequivocally loyal, but somehow for whatever reason has fallen out of his grace. This environment and style of leadership makes one feel like they have to pick sides. Not so, right is right and wrong is wrong. Here are his questions to Sessions.

"If you knew you were going to recuse, then why did you accept my nomination as U.S. Attorney General (AG)?" Sessions has published a letter on this subject, and I have had several conversations with Senator Sessions over this topic. The President asked Jeff to be AG; he accepted, and during the Senate Judiciary Confirmation Hearing, he was cross-examined by the Democrats if he knew or ever met these Russian operatives. As a U.S. Senator, you meet in passing thousands of people in your line of duty. This does not mean you endorse or embrace their occupation and mission, but it is a courtesy. This was the first time Sessions was implicated in the well-choreographed chaos being hatched on the administration. After accepting the President's nomination and confirmation, Sessions had no clue at this time about the schemes of the socialist driven Democrats.

"Why did you recuse, you should have stayed in there and fought for me?" I have written articles on this subject before. I truly think the President's perceptive role of the Department of Justice (DOJ) was to be his personal defensive law firm, which is not their statutory mandate. After the Senate confirmed Sessions as AG, he found out after being on the job that there was an investigation underway into the Trump Campaign. It was, as we all know, later confirmed a blown out of proportion myth that Russians were coordinating with the Trump Campaign. The DOJ Ethical–Regulatory Standards, which were

already in place, precluded Sessions from legally moving ahead in charge of the investigation, because of his visible and undeniably defined role in the 2016 Trump Campaign. For Sessions to ignore the law would have set the President up to be in a shark-bait feeding frenzy and a liberal unrelenting media driven meteor shower. Sessions had only two choices: obey the law or disobey the law. I have known Session for 27 years, and I can tell you from experience that he will abstain from even the appearance of all evil, anything questionable, unethical or unlawful. A.G. Bill Barr, Former Reagan A.G. Ed Meese, Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, Champ Lyons Former Associate Justice Alabama Supreme Court and many others have stated publicly that Sessions followed the law to recuse. As a side note, Sessions, from day one, advised the President to fire Comey. Trump decided against Sessions' recommendation until months later; Sessions was right about Comey all along.

"Why didn't you pick up the phone and call me, before I found out in the media?" I have talked to a person who directly reports to the President, and they tell me this was his number one frustration over the recusal. Stay with me for one minute and think this through. Sessions knew he had to legally follow the law and recuse, so that decision was made. If he had picked up the phone and consulted with the President before the recusal, knowing Trump would want him to stay put, it would still be a breach in ethical conduct from a sitting AG. Think about high crimes and misdemeanors for a moment. If the President was being complicit in an attempt to circumvent the law, Nancy, Adam Schiff and company would have successfully impeached this great President. Actually, truth be told, Sessions was looking out for the President by not making the phone call. Remember Ukraine; all calls are recorded. Sessions, after his recusal, sent a letter of resignation to the President; Trump hand wrote a note on the letter, "Not Accepted – Make America Great Again," and sent it back to Sessions' desk.

There is Trump's side and Sessions' side of this story, find what is right and DO NOT MOVE!

John W. Giles is not MOVING, I am voting for Trump and Sessions 2020!


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WhatAjOkE writes:

John! You bootlicking coward! How can anyone ever trust a word you say after seeing how you treated your old friend Jeff Sessions? You are totally craven and without principle. God will remember! You are a disgrace to Alabama and America would be better off without you! Please leave! Your bow tie is ugly and nobody likes you.