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MLK 2.0 – Content of Character

The American stage is now set and ripe for a new leader to emerge in the black community, but it will not be the likes of Al, Jessie, Elijah or Maxine. Their tactics flamed out decades ago, but there is fertile soil now for a MLK 2.0 to lead the black community into the Promise Land, ascribed by the late Martin Luther King (MLK). King emphasized the importance for whites in the 60’s to look at the content of character of the black man, not the color of his skin. Right here my friends, is the embedded secret code, the Holy Grail, if you will that has been overlooked by Sharpton, Jackson,

Cummings and Waters who have dedicated their career to skin color. The, yet to be identified MLK 2.0, will be all about the content of character, drinking from the chalice of MLK as the denominator and the numerator is the color of his skin. It has been 51 years since the assassination of Martin Luther King and in all of these years, not one person has even come close to filling his lonely shoes of leadership, let’s take a closer look.

We moved to Montgomery in 1959, when I was 5-years old. I was 11-years old in 1965 during the infamous Civil Rights March from Selma to Montgomery. I want to be brutally honest with you, as an 11-year old boy, I was terrified about the marches, curfews and MLK, just to see his face on TV. I did not understand at the time what all was going on except I saw police in riot gear, dogs, tear gas, Billy clubs, beating and the fire hosing of innocent people in a “peaceful nonviolent” demonstration (Free Speech) trying to right some wrongs in America. MLK in his own way was like a modern-day Moses, leading his people off the plantation from the once bondages of slavery, wanting them to have equal access to education and preparing them to make a positive impact on the world. I still get chill bumps listening carefully to his anointed speeches. “I have a dream,” Washington DC, “Our God is marching on,” Selma, Alabama, “Beyond VietNam: Time to break the silence,” New York City, “The Other America,” Stanford University and “I have been to the mountaintop,” Memphis Tennessee.

Protégé’s of MLK did not get it. They have wasted 51 precious years, making loud noises, discharging threats, encouraging riots, looking for a bogyman under every rock, staging boycotts, blackmailing corporations through extortion, and calling everyone racist at every intersection. The rank and file members of the black community have been used for block voting; while the black leadership gets wealthy selling endorsements and pretending to have a magic switch, they can turn on to activate a black swarm of bees. Black leadership generally quickly forget where they came from, driving new shiny black Cadillac Escalades, wearing fancy jewelry, custom tailored suits and expensive shoes and getting on the A-Invitation list of high society gatherings; all about optics. MLK 2.0 will not be like this at all.

I believe MLK 2.0 is already born, on the scene, but has not yet matured in the full anointing of his predecessor. Like MLK, he will be well educated, well spoken, a gifted speaker, the embodiment of character, humble, honest, not flashy, fact driven, common sensed, focused, goal oriented and principled to the bone marrow. More than likely, he (not a she) will be a minster of the gospel that lives out the Word of God in their lives with prudence. They will lead by example, teaching personal responsibility, work ethic and in my view, they will break rank from the Democrat Party. MLK 2.0 will be fact driven, not trying to re-write history, issues - driven and will showcase economic, moral, social and constitutional conservative ideas in the public square. I believe that MLK 2.0 will most likely be a Republican, because his issues will mirror that of the 2020 Republican Party National Committee Platform.

Independent thinking Blacks of all ages, at great personal cost, are now exiting the Democrat Party (Blexit). Older blacks like Dr. Ben Carson (Neurosurgeon – Trump Cabinet), Black Entertainment TV (BET) Founder Robert Johnson, join younger blacks like Candace Owens (BLEXIT), Diamond & Silk, Joel Patrick, Peggi Hubbard (US Senate Candidate), Joy Villa, Star Parker, Thaddeus Alexander and Davis Harris, just to name a few. They understand principles like tax reform allowing all Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money, balancing our national budget and trade deficits, reducing the government regulatory burdens on free enterprise, strong national defense, and a strong economy helps all Americans, regardless of race. These positive environments drive down black unemployment to historic lows, drive up unprecedented black entrepreneurial business startups and home ownership. These statistics cannot be out maneuvered or normalized with the shucking and jiving of Maxine who is still promoting civil unrest.

When the Children of Israel were freed from the Egyptian bondage of slavery, they wandered in the desert for forty years; Moses did not enter the promise land, Israel. MLK was assassinated before leading the black people into the promise land; it has now been 51 years of wandering in the impoverished wildernesses and the black on black crime infested ghettos led by liberal black leaders. It is now time to enter the promise land America offers all. It is way over due to reach the mountaintop available to all Americans.

In my view, MLK 2.0 is in the dugout as we speak and ready to get on deck. He is having sleepless nights because he knows what is right and what is wrong. God is speaking to him in the wee early morning hours before sunrise. He knows the path will be lonely, he knows one will have to be a majority, worried about being called a “Tom” or worse and being chided by the jealousy of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Elijah Cummings and Maxine Waters. But like Moses, he will lead with authority and his enemies will tremble.

We will be looking for the “Content of his character.” Free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty, they will be free at last!


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