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Hook, Line & Sinker

After 40 plus years of public service Joe Biden has found a new set of friends and policy advisors, the most radical members of the Democratic Party. This is a terrible sign for all freedom loving Americans. Their overwhelming desire is to transform the United Sates into a socialist nightmare.

He clinched victory in the Democrat Party primary with the help of the “old guard”, the establishment wing of the Democrat Party. Once his nomination became inevitable, the former Vice President immediately began to turn further and further to the left, embracing a political agenda that should terrify all Americans. He has become a true “Bernie BAro”. Of course, Biden’s surrender to the radical left mirrors the progressive takeover of the entire Democratic Party — a coup that is now all but complete.

He has promised two actions on his first day in office, the first a job killing executive order banning fracking on Public lands. This is the first step towards the radical left’s plan to ban all fracking. This would devastate our energy independence, cost tens of thousands of American jobs, and return us to dependence on OPEC and Arab sheiks for much of our energy needs. The second would be even more devastating. He would have the US rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. Under its terms the US would be subject to international regulation of our economy. Even worse China would not be subject to the same level of regulation. This would assure China, in a few short years, will overtake the US as the largest economy in the world. Biden would proudly return to the Obama doctrine of leading from behind seeking affirmation of our policies from foreign leaders not the American people.

Biden has specifically commissioned Bernie Saunders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to form the Unity Task Force. They have assembled a 130-page manifesto on how to deconstruct America as we know it. You can find a copy of it on Joe Biden’s official campaign website. They call it his “Party Platform.”

As my good friend fox news contributor and author Harrand Hill stated ‘It would have made Karl Marx proud. The so-called Unity Task Force’ agenda includes “unprecedented” environmental regulation, a government takeover of healthcare, pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, and much more.

Biden promises to place Robert Francis O’Rourke as the effective gun czar of a Biden administration. O’Rourke threatens to confiscate millions of firearms from lawful gun owners, including forcible seizures of the most popular rifles in America. Biden sees no threat from the Chinese Communist Party. In a public speech he has stated that “a rising China is a positive, positive development, not only for China, but for America.”

As chaos has spread across Democratic-led cities, Joe Biden remains mostly silent in his Delaware basement. He has repeatedly referred to rioters as “peaceful protesters.” He calls for “re-directing” police funding away from uniformed officers into metal health social workers. He has vowed to overturn Trumps immigration policies including placing a moratorium on deportations his first 100 days in office.

“Joe Biden would be nothing more than an auto pen, a Trojan horse for a radical agenda so radical, so all-encompassing that it would transform this country into something utterly unrecognizable,” Vice President Mike Pence said in a recent speech, warning Americans not to trust the Democratic Party and its presumptive nominee.

Bottom line the Media’s attempt to paint Joe Biden as a moderate is a farce. He has swallowed the radical lefts agenda hook, line, and sinker. We cannot let this happen. A vote for Biden would lead us down the same path as once thriving countries such as Cuba and Venezuela followed into a socialist wasteland. A vote for President Donald Trump is a vote for individual freedom, free market economy and the pursuit of the American Dream.


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