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Pray for This Impenitent Thief

“ of the malefactors which were hanged railed on him, saying, If thou be Christ, save thyself and us. But the other answering rebuked him, saying, Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation? And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath done nothing amiss.” Luke 23:39-41 KJV

Many contacted me after receiving news convicted felon Michael Gregory Hubbard finally reported for the prison sentences he indeed justly earned. I ask forgiveness from those who expected jubilation instead of my sadness. The milestone evoked reflection on how we failed shepherding this lost soul toward a righteous path... impenitent and still arrogantly demanding even lighter sentencing without any reparations for all the harm he caused and orchestrated with fellow public servant co-conspirators. These malefactors do NOT fear God, looking to earthly power(s) to bless, protect and save them; flaunting disregard for their own soul, exhibiting even less regard for the general welfare of others they’ve sworn to serve.

Among the more indelible memories of observing, researching and writing on this public servant’s trial in Judge Walker’s Lee County Circuit Court was reading the full name in submitted documents. Orthodox Christians may find this more noteworthy. It appears Michael Gregory was raised by decent, honest, hardworking parents in the Hubbard household similar to my parents who also put a daunting moniker of John Peter upon me at baptism. Hubbard’s parents could only do so much before offspring must take on more responsibility for their own actions. Furthermore, over in Georgia, these parents have even less responsibility than Alabama and Lee County citizens who continued to reelect and support this lost soul.

If Saints Michael and Gregory are Hubbard’s namesakes - it is indeed much to live up to... it seems this tradition of venerating positive Christian figures/icons is attenuating. Some make it very clear their child’s name(s) are for entertainers, politicians, sports figures, etc., oft lacking in moral character. Perhaps generations who suffer the example, naming and parenting of Speaker Hubbard types will navigate their worldly paths with greater rectitude.

Thankfully there were some righteous examples to observe trying to shepherd Hubbard from his felonious path. Buddy Mitchell, Van Davis, Matt Hart, Jacob Walker, Alice Mitchell, Jack Campbell, John Rice, Bill & Susan Britt are some which quickly come to mind as I quickly type to meet my deadline. Also worthy to remember well and keep in prayer, former Alabama Representative Wren who plead guilty to move toward a more righteous path from Hubbard corruption; more recently State Senator David Burkette who resigned for his wrongdoings is another righteous example of a penitent soul.

Barry Moore, a full throated Hubbard minion was not convicted by a Lee County jury before the Hubbard trial – this further emboldened public servant is on track to be yet another corrupt US congressman from Alabama. This just Hubbard imprisonment result is indeed rare. ‘Reap what you sow justice’ befalls one of the legislators most responsible for what our prison system decayed into – sentenced to serve time in the environment he aided and abetted. Perhaps politburo members this former Speaker still controls will now consider actions to reduce overcrowding and lack of prison education programs to address recidivism.

Disappointing how many thought Hubbard getting reelected in his low turnout, uncompetitive, hyper-gerrymandered district was vindication after all his indictments. Even Hubbard’s anointed House district replacement was improperly/unlawfully installed without a general election. Sadder still, after spending great sums (with ill-gotten gains) in appeals and exerting ‘full court press’ corrupt political influence, if Hubbard’s convictions were overturned it would make political theft of this sort OK to most duopoly party devotees. Plan to see more ‘Pardoning amongst thieves’ which turned Rod Blagojevich into a ‘Trumpocrat.’

Feckless Auburn University Administrators/Trustees (I’m accustomed to expect nothing less from public servants like Leath, Lowder, Rane, et al) Lee County Commissioners and Councilpersons did nothing to support removing their fellow corrupt politburo member. Most cowering from something as simple as removing Hubbard’s embarrassing name from signage until after all appeals were exhausted (i.e., made no affirmation/stand against wrongdoings) and the approval of this felon’s continued display of power/impenitence.

Failure to shepherd this lost soul from his path of political theft was highlighted at Hubbard’s sentencing. Administrator, banker, clergy to mayor and US Congressman showed to shill for this impenitent thief. One might expect stockholders to discipline granting unsecured loans for one who failed to perform on current debt, congregations to question a pastor who did not ask a thief to confess and ask forgiveness, fail to re-elect a mayor and other politicians who shilled for Hubbard in open court. But this is Alabama... one of the least politically competitive, thus most politically corrupt in our hegemonic coalition.

The Lee County Sheriff - most inappropriate (as the chief law enforcement officer of the county) among the ‘I Believe in Mike Hubbard’ minions PR campaign against his felony charges -- did not show/shill at Hubbard’s sentencing. Again, applaud and pray for those who change course toward a righteous path. I wish we observed as much public belief in God’s Truth, Transparency and Justice as that expensive believe in Hubbard campaign asserted. Keep Sheriff Jones in your prayers as I can easily imagine he’s suffering pressure from Riley type public servants and Mike’s coconspirators to buffer inmate Hubbard’s consequences. It appears the Sheriff is no longer showing “I Believe in Mike Hubbard” favoritism in the Spirit of justice as determined by his county’s jury.

If my pen reads a bit more fatigued and defeated this month it may be due to other, more recent failed efforts to shepherd politburo members from political theft in Lee County. It seems Hubbard felonies have been most successful at getting Goat Hill to protect/immunize corruption from ‘economic development’ destroying our quality of life. Crony contractors, developers, etc. are not pressed to follow county access management policies, compensate for damage/loss caused by their actions and discipline corrupt, un-bonded (as proscribed by law) engineers. One of the most corrupt commissioners (lobbying to head ACCA) tells us ‘people’ are dying to come to Lee County. Which people? – crony developers and corrupt contractors benefitting from the thievery – of course they are! Those who wonder why Lee County remains at the top of Covid cases/deaths - all this cancerous/unsustainable growth is now showing and more difficult to cloak. This is a result of building/growing where those who generate the increased cost don’t pay to accommodate the increase traffic, demand on hospitals, etc. A county hospital blocking competition will inevitably generate the consequences we now observe. The only commissioner to cry “People are Dying” I doubt understands this economic reality, nor (as one seen beholden Hubbard minions) will do anything to expose or change course.

In closing, we (me and my eldest Godson) as long time ‘watchdogs’ or witnesses of the Lee County Commission have tried to shepherd politburo members to answer questions or least allow transparency with respect to their actions. Difficult to avoid feeling failure when one you’ve tried to help (applying everything from Socrates to Scriptures) dies without changing course or observing any contrition, remorse or penitence.

“And he [the penitent thief] said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.” Luke 23:42-43 KJV


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