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Montgomery County Homicides Continue to Rise in 2020

Two-year-old toddler victim was Montgomery’s 63rd Homicide

A horrible attack against an infant led to the 63th Montgomery homicide in Montgomery. Homicide is simply one human taking the life of another. The Gazette does not limit homicide cases as defined by the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting guidelines. Nor is this report limited to the City limits, instead it includes the entire County. This overall number includes two County deaths, one in Ramer (May 20) and the other in Grady (Apr 25). The tally also includes one or more vehicular deaths (Mar 1, July 1 and Sep 29), a stabbing (Apr 14) and beatings (April 12) and (Oct 10). An MPD employee not on duty was murdered in a domestic case (July 6). Not included is the incident where the MPD returned fire and killed a man who had shot and killed another person (Mar 8). Nor is an incident on Sep 29 when law enforcement discovered a body but no cause of death has been reported at time of publication. A double homicide where both victims were teenagers occurred off of Hwy 231 below the Southern Blvd (Aug 4). Death by other means other than gunfire is identified.

Art Parker, sports writer for the Montgomery Independent succumbed to injuries on Nov 1, from a car wreck on Sept 29 where two vehicles were allegedly drag racing down Zelda Road when one crossed the lane and ran head on into Art Parker’s automobile. The Gazette extends our sympathy to family and friends of Art, an excellent writer and long-time employee of the Independent.

For full list, please refer to the September 2020 Issue of the Gazette

Sept 7 3200 blk of Harrison Rd. (shot Sept. 5)

Sept 8 4700 blk of Court St.

Sept 15 800 blk of Hutchinson St.

Sept 20 100 blk Coliseum Blvd.

Sept 26 Zelda Rd. / Gatsby Dr. (vehicle)

Sept 27 3400 blk of Mobile Hwy.

Sept 29 4100 blk of Carmichael Rd.

Oct 2 2200 blk of Cherry Street

Oct 4 2700 blk of Whispering Pine Dr.

Oct 8 3000 blk of Kelly Cir.

Oct 10 2-year-old child (beaten & assaulted)

Oct 14 4700 Park Town Way

Oct 16 5900 blk of Monticelle Dr. (during attempted robbery¬–self-defense)

Oct 25 Court St./Huntley Dr.

Nov 1 Art Parker, sports writer, Montgomery Independent

(hit head-on by two vehicles allegedly drag racing on Zelda Rd)

Nov 5 Hwy 31 River Bridge

Nov 6 3500 blk Manley Dr.

Nov 7 4100 blk of Rosa Park Ave.

Total for 2020 so far thru November **71**


Stats provided by Alabama Gazette staff and are from the listed Sources,

This information is not provided by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.


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