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Felon-Hubbard-Republican: one who is a Kleptocrat or advocates serial Kleptocracy

Revealing how many found my last column (and FB post) too harsh on an impenitent Michael Gregory Hubbard serving his “indeed justly” earned prison sentence. One journalist stipulated Felon Hubbard’s wrongdoing but asserted himself as more sage than a Lee County jury along with the accomplished, well recognized Jurist, Jacob Walker. Last month’s Alabama Gazette included discussion on how well incumbent Mayors fared across the State being reelected. One of the most revealing observations was from an unopposed long time city councilperson shilling for a Felon-Hubbard-Republican mayor asking for a 5th term to get things done. Perhaps one may argue this is less time in power than duopolist Joe Biden’s 47 years...

This councilperson was ‘bombing’ one city resident’s phone with text in support of this corrupt mayor—i.e., at least in some cities in our nation this mayor and a few councilpersons would be serving prison time as other public servants earned for ‘Gig City’ type redistributions. This resident responded to the shilling councilperson he could not stomach voting for this mayor who’d defended Felon Hubbard at his sentencing for 11 felonies, shunned external list a couple reasons. The councilperson responded Hubbard only had 5 felony convictions. This is true, after all the money and time devoted by kleptocrats to remove the ones they found most disturbing—esp. to promote ‘economic development’ and other kleptomaniac wealth transfers they wanted out of jeopardy.

To this corrupt councilperson and journalist supporting Felon-Hubbard-Republican efforts to reduce this sentence, my reply is simple—how about evoking a three-time loser law for these FIVE independent and separate felony convictions? Alabama politburo members across our State seem to think a kleptocrat only stealing a dollar (even with the textbook definition of no direct/perceivable self-benefit) from each citizen is OK, it is only no attention to the millions of dollars in the aggregate. As a victim of armed robbery, I have more respect for the thief who suffered no illusions of putting a nickel-plated revolver in my face than the Felon-Hubbard-Republicans. In fact, the armed robber stole less from me (or more succinctly the owner of the Shell station monetarily) than what government kleptocrats accomplished that year.

Straight ticket duopoly voters ‘cancelled out’ each other in 2010. It appears we will remain one of the few States who continue this uncompetitive voting practice. Nonetheless, the last decade has been the BCA Bob Riley Felon-Hubbard-Republican supermajority result. What can one rationally expect in the decades to come? What’s to be done about the continued saga of Mike Hubbard’s felonies (including all the Bob & Mike coconspirators) and his lack of apologies to the defrauded citizens of Alabama? Just because they unreported or ignored doesn’t attenuate the harm. All avenues of escape from incarceration were exhausted, costing taxpayers, millions of our hard earned dollars. Hubbard’s ‘better and holier than thou’ attitude has worn paper-thin on the honest, productive folks in this State.

So how did Hubbard evade prison for over four years? His sentences would’ve concluded by now...currently Felon Hubbard sits in the Lee County Jail under the watchful eye of the I LIKE MIKE champion, Sheriff Jay Jones. To those who read last month’s column, again I type—please keep Sheriff Jones in prayer—a worthy soul. We await the Sheriff’s explanation on Hubbard’s return to the home base of his crimes. Sadly, the State Republican Party goes further adrift from popular sentiment. They are most responsible for this new combined phrase embarrassingly describing our current corrupt state ... Felon-Hubbard- Republican. Supporting evidence is there for all to witness if they want; so many in this party trying to cover for him or elected Republicans begging for leniency. Shall this be the ongoing norm of the honesty deficient Republican Party of Alabama? Alabama lags in entirely too many categories, but those in know understand the Republicans now own it; Felon Hubbard (R) has done much damage to the future of our State and I’m afraid decades will pass before enough open their eyes see the totality of Felon-Hubbard-Republican greed.

In closing, I observe politics growing more inflamed in some of our most corrupt counties. Two county commission watchers I know have been jailed this last month. Commissioners feel so insulated they can’t comprehend crass nomenclature for property assessments as “love letters” is insulting to decent, productive citizens or, worse still, using the extracted tax money to spend even more on mask mandates in Lee County. In Macon County, where some still remember a corrupt House Rep. working the jury for Felon-Hubbard-

Republicans kills hope for improvement. These corrupt Commissioners and State legislators are doing all they can to kill any inquiry into following process and county policies, transparency and accountability.


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