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Paul Noel–Coronavirus Savior

After eight months of abusive, criminal, and unconstitutional Coronavirus-related lockdowns, curfews, shutdowns, travel restrictions, social distancing, and mask mandates, the United States is showing very little progress in returning the people back to normal lifestyles. Our governor, Kay Ivey, continues to extend her oppressions, time after time after time on the eves of their expirations.

Governors in other states have done even worse, especially Michigan governor, Gretchen Whitmer, who became so oppressive that a group of angry people attempted to arrest her and try her for treason. Finally, after multiple attempts to abate her tyranny in state courts, the Michigan Supreme Court invalidated her actions.

At no time in the history of the world has the majority of civilized nations been snookered into imposing such massive abuse onto an estimated nine tenths of the world’s population. The result has been catastrophic economic failures, as well as a death toll that is projected to be many times what it otherwise would have been if nothing had been done at all. After eight months of extensions and counting, the goal of recovery is drifting farther and farther away.

Behold, right here in Alabama, in Huntsville, we have a retired nurse with a genuine solution that really works. But unfortunately, very few people seem to be paying attention. His name is PAUL NOEL. From my observations of the crackpot “solutions” the state and local authorities have been concocting, I don’t think that one person in a hundred has even heard of him.

Paul was a registered nurse from the late 1900’s until 2009, when he became a 6 Level 2 research scientist at the University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH). He retired in 2014. In 2003, he wrote a report for the CIA on SARS (SARS-CoV1) that was followed and quickly wiped out the virus. Paul says that if people will listen to his current proposals and follow them, our COVID-19, which is very similar, will also be gone.

Paul says that our current testing procedures are utterly useless: “The first thing to understand is that we DO NOT HAVE A COVID-19 TEST. We have a Coronavirus test. It finds any coronavirus. Most of which are not at all serious…. The next reality is that the test we use the most RT-PCR can literally detect single virus fragments. This produces many false positives.

“In February in Hong Kong with 10,000 known positive persons, the RT-PCR test done in the nose found only 60% positives…. In the same test doing serum tests, they hit 80%. This is so low a threshold test that it is extremely unlikely that anyone could catch COVID-19 from blood. The only test that hit 100% was the fecal test. Yes, the poop has in the order of 10 Billion to 100 Billion times more virus per unit volume than in the nose! That is your infection source. People pushing airborne transmission have misrepresented this epidemic…. There never has been any evidence of airborne transmission.

“What is going on right now is that the data is so damning against the claims of ‘asymptomatic spreaders’ and ‘airborne spread’ that the WHO and others are fast having to backtrack away from their very bad science and very evil actions.

“Lockdowns have almost 1 billion people on the edge of death due to poverty. This lockdown stuff was the most evil and most awful thing to happen in the history of mankind. It is insane!”

Paul has remained adamant that masks are utterly ineffective. The COVID-19 viruses are 77 times smaller than the pores in the masks, including N-95 masks. If the pores were made any smaller, adequate air flow would be impossible. Even the current masks restrict airflow and are hazardous to our health. Prolonged use can be dangerous and can cause hypoxia in elderly people. Paul has said repeatedly, “Infections are up 300% from using masks…. Masks are a crime against humanity. “

Paul has even graver news regarding social distancing and isolation.

Extended isolation weakens immune systems—everybody’s immune system. Separating our immune systems from sources of infection is similar to what happens when muscles are deprived of exercise. Isolated immune systems can literally waste away and put people at much greater risks of life-threatening infections. This has happened to astronauts on the space station after extended missions “with nearly everything of their immune systems failed.”

With continued extensions of social distancing and isolation, the immune systems of entire populations can become weakened. Infections and deaths could mount up into the millions—right here in the USA alone.

Paul says the entire world was already at herd immunity this past February 2020, when we went into lockdown. Then our immune systems began failing.

“Mid February, we were about 92% immune. At the present time the measures we have undertaken have reduced our immunity substantially.

Remember this isn’t just immunity to COVID-19 here. It is all of our immunity as the human race! We are starting to see serious problems with a lot of other pathogens due to this. The pressure to lock down even longer is further reducing our immunity. We are fast headed to giving the human race the equivalent of AIDS as a result. Getting out of this mess will not be easy. It involves the loss of a considerable number of people just to get out, and every day we avoid this, the price gets higher! This is a dangerous situation, and it is because most people do not understand their basic defense system.” The value of this inoculation that I have told you about is greater than all of the vaccines mankind has ever made or ever hopes to make.”

The solution is simple and the only practical option. Let the people mingle and go about their daily lives with no restrictions. Yes, some people will die, but the longer we put it off, the greater the death toll becomes. If prolonged for a few more months, it could run into the millions.

Even with repeated and reckless exposure, the CDC has quietly admitted that dying specifically from COVID-19 alone is extremely remote—that only 6% of the 200K who died, actually died of Covid19, and that the specific death toll is less than 10,000. The overwhelming majority of the deaths were associated with other infections and diseases, but they often recorded them as COVID-19 deaths to produce revenue for hospitals and clinics.

Finally, on September 21, the CDC admitted its mistakes and reversed its claim that COVID-19 is airborne. Paul Noel commented: “Maybe they read the science reports. Maybe they got scared that they were going to get hauled into court and sued to death over their lies. I cannot say for sure. Honestly, they deserve to be hauled into court, tried for crimes against humanity and hanged by the neck until dead for their crimes and lies that got so many people killed and did so much economic damage around the world.

“This epidemic will go down in history as the most completely fouled up mismanagement by the CDC epidemic in all history. It is a textbook case of them doing absolutely everything wrong.

“Had the USA dusted off the paper I wrote for the CIA in 2003, you wouldn’t have even heard of COVID-19. There are only 2 diseases in the history of man that were eradicated by man. Smallpox and SARS (SARS-CoV1). I designed the defeat of SARS when everyone thought it would be like many imagined SARS-CoV2 to be. It would already be extinct if they had followed my 2003 advice…. You got this epidemic because you listened to Dr. Fauci, who just as of September 25, 2020, came down with COVID-19 as his masks worked so well! Yup! You guessed it. He wore the mask. HE GOT SICK.

“Now for all the people out there who think I am wrong, you might check the fact that the virus is fecal… with the concentration of the virus in fecal matter about 10 billion to 100 Billion times more than in your mouth and nose secretions. Bluntly, NOBODY is catching COVID-19 from coughs and sneezes.

“SARS (SARS-CoV1) was spreading late 2002 into 2003. In early 2003, as the world started to panic, I took a look at it and said this is simple to deal with, and as an RN, I wrote a report that was taken directly to the leadership of the US CIA. Within 3 weeks, the epidemic was in full collapse because of the measures I said to do. By mid 2004, SARS-CoV1 was extinct, except in lab samples.

“My measures were that effective. If I had the connections in 2019/2020 I had in 2003, you would never have heard from SARS-CoV2. It wouldn’t be here. I keep telling people how to defeat it and they spend great efforts trying to tell me I want to kill people and that I am wrong etc. I don’t want anyone sick. Now with that having been said, it is time to clean up the situation if anyone is listening.

“Here is a simple solution that kills it dead…The water in your toilet (flush toilet) needs to be sufficiently chlorinated to destroy the virus. It used to be… Simply go to the public water supplies and up the chlorine about 6 times of the current US EPA limits which were reduced due to the environmentalist wackos’ war on chlorine and watch the epidemic disappear. Cost so low you will not even see it. There is absolutely no danger. I lived 20 years of my life with those levels. Take off your masks! Wash your hands! Live free and happy…There is no basis for panic or even taking measures against COVID-19 at this time

anywhere in the world. The best thing we could do is rip off the masks, which are counterproductive, stop the lockdowns and quit all measure to stop the disease.”


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