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Peaceful Transfer of Power: Pax Romana style

I grow weary of so much self-adulation of the forthcoming transfer of executive power to install Biden after four years of suffering similarly poor ‘public servant’ Trump. The world observed ‘peaceful’ transfers of power from Augustus to Tiberius, Herod ‘the Great’ to Antipas, etc. under Roman despotism and hegemony – is this really anything new under our earth’s sun or Son of God these past two millennia?

Trump’s 306-232 Electoral College (57%/43%) 2016 installment over Clinton’s 62,972,226 to 62,277,750 popular vote win was only the SECOND time a Constitutionally correct HoR does not mirror the popular vote as in 1888 when Harrison won the Electoral College (58%/42%) over Cleveland by a 233-168 margin but lost the popular vote 5,537,857 – 5,447,129. Installing Biden with the same 306 Electoral College vote in 2020 is no more a ‘landslide’ than when Trumpocrats proclaimed landslide four years ago. The blue soviets would never agree with Trump’s red soviet nomenclature of a ‘mandate’ four years ago, but we’ve certainly heard the Joe & Nancy Show chorus assert mandate these past weeks.

Will President Trump be the next Cleveland – i.e., two non-consecutive terms? It certainly is possible, some may argue even more so under the current, much more rigged result to protect the duopoly parties via restrictive ballot access laws, ever increasingly distorted 435 limited HoR result as population grows further aiding & abetting hyper-gerrymandered districts, etc. Anyone who understands the arithmetic of our current unconstitutional result is wise to forecast many more close Electoral College outcomes where popular vote results are less likely to mirror the installed winner. CA and NY alone account for the 2020 popular vote skewed to President-elect Biden. Will be interesting to see if voter behaviour changes once the Electoral College (one of the last vestiges of State sovereignty) is removed – would some Californians and New Yorkers who couldn’t stomach voting for Trump (knowing their State’s electoral votes were certainly going to Biden) participate differently?

While I’ve not witnessed the intellect, integrity and guts (perhaps literally, but not the figurative ‘intestinal fortitude’ required) in Trump which Cleveland displayed, I wholeheartedly concur 2020 was yet another rigged election long before the first ballot (legitimate or otherwise) was cast. Understandably the red thief prefers to be in the more dominant duopoly position over the blue thief. As one among the shrinking ranks of productive citizens, I really don’t care which crime family is stealing from me, the Biden family or Trump family. If we have meaningful, more Constitutionally correct elections again I will care about disciplining illegitimate ballots cast – don’t ask me to care which thief steals from me. Furthermore, if States unhappy about the sovereignty afforded by the Electoral College want to “Calexit” and form an explicit forced coalition of states, I applaud a peaceful transfer of power/exit of this sort. I’ve observed no president since Buchanan with the courage to admit there is no authorization in the Constitution forcing a State to remain in the coalition.

Clinton was also 38 Electoral votes short. The four States which made the 2016 difference are as follows:

FLORIDA‘s 29 electors were lost by 119, 770 votes, the only non-duopoly candidate on all 50 State ballots (Gov. Johnson) earned 206,007 votes. Most polling found the Johnson ticket (most qualified in terms of actual executive experience) was taking votes from Hillary 2 to 1, prompting the national press to finally cover the only other viable candidate – a.k.a. they “Aleppoed” him. Those who assert Johnson voters would still show to vote duopoly party and more would’ve gone Clinton, most of her 38 elector deficit is covered and only one of the three remaining battleground States listed below changes the result. Nothing new for “Florida, Florida, Florida,” – on average recent presidential results were determined by just over 10,000 votes in this large Electoral College State. If Biden wanted to win Florida (which would’ve proffered something closer to a ‘landslide’ outcome) he could’ve made Rep. Val Demings his VP, but with a poor opponent like Trump, Biden could put in a more extreme blue soviet like Harris. Worse still, Demings would not be very dependable if Biden were to be impeached for his wrongdoings similar to Trump, Val knows the truth on Hunter Biden, et al.

MICHIGAN’s 16 electors were determined by only 11,837 votes, the non-duopoly party candidate earned 173,021 votes. Again, if Johnson voters still showed and disproportionately voted Clinton, these two small margin of victory States change the 2016 result. Trump lost MI by 154, 188 votes. It is estimated only a third of Johnson voters voted Libertarian in 2020. Jorgensen earned 60,381. If past Johnson voters (assuming those who participated did vote mostly Biden) had voted Libertarian again would’ve resulted in approximately 180,000 votes, beating the margin of victory again and closing Michigan’s 16 electoral votes to battleground status again.

PENNSYLVANIA’s 20 electors were decided by 68, 236 votes in 2016, the non-duopoly candidate earned 143, 653; another marginal State where Johnson voters can change the result if they still showed and disproportionately voted Clinton. Many authoritarians advocate forcing citizens to only vote for one of the duopoly candidates and stop wasting votes on their first amendment right to say a pox on both rigged choices. Trump lost PA by 81,049 votes, almost identical to the 79,416 Jorgensen earned. Again, if two-thirds of Johnson voters had not voted Biden, then Jorgensen would’ve beat the margin of victory and PA’s 20 electoral votes would’ve gone Trump again in 2020.

WISCONSIN’s 10 electors were determined by 27,257 votes and the non-duopoly party candidate on all 50 State ballots earned 106, 442. Another small margin of victory State that along with Florida changes the 2016 result for Clinton. Trump lost WI by 20,608 votes, Jorgensen 38,491 beating the margin of victory and again, assuming Johnson voters had not voted Biden WI’s ten electoral votes would’ve been in Trump’s column again in 2020. Again, I want to be very clear I’m not asserting Johnson got Trump elected in 2016 – if forced to vote duopoly (as some totalitarians advocate with so many eligible voters refusing to participate in this corrupt process) I would’ve voted Clinton. Under current circumstances if Biden/Clinton and Romney/Trump were the only choices forced upon Alabama voters, I wouldn’t have participated. I don’t see how anyone could be an accomplice to supporting any of these flawed candidates and hold onto their souls. I remember being told it would be the end of the world if I didn’t vote for McCain – by someone I held in high regard who had to know what a big govt. ‘Keating Five’ crook McCain was.

More specifically notable to 2020 were Arizona and Georgia. AZ was decided by 10,457 votes; Jorgensen earned 51,465 – about five times the margin of victory. If 2016 Johnson voters had voted Libertarian again instead of Biden, this State’s 11 electoral votes would’ve tallied for Trump. GA was determined by 12,570 votes; Jorgensen earned 62,138 – also about five times the margin of victory. This makes GA another State whose 16 electors would’ve tallied in Trump’s Electoral College column if 2016 Johnson supporters voted for the Libertarian again instead of Biden.

In 2016 I was disappointed Trump was elected, but certain Clinton would’ve been no better. I was proud of Johnson voters going Libertarian to show the Democrats they could’ve won if they shown more concern for civil rights and not taking our life, liberty and property. I doubted the Democratic Party would return to their roots and champion low taxes and smaller government to embrace Johnson voters’ help on the margin in the future. Once Dems got tired of losing to Republicans (who set us on our path of class warfare, corporate welfare, high taxes, etc. imposed by hegemony) their ‘out republicaning’ the Republicans quickly accelerated US in the mess we’ve ‘progressed’ into.

It was something to behold to see the Democrats comfortable enough to install Biden as their candidate up against such an inferior opponent like Trump. When Amy Klobuchar redirected some of her supporters over to Biden at the Iowa Caucus so Joe wouldn’t be DOA at the starting gate made it clear to me the fix was in and ended any possibility I’d vote for Klobuchar. This left Tulsi Gabbard as the only Democratic candidate I would’ve voted for if she’d won the nomination. It is clear someone of Gabbard’s accomplishments and integrity will never get far in either of the duopoly parties.

The saddest outcome of the 2020 election was Johnson voters unwilling to vote Libertarian again to affirm their resolve to not waste their vote on duopoly candidates – esp. when the choices are so poor. Four more years of Trump is easy to forecast as bad as decade or so Biden then Harris. Trump re-election could’ve been a wake-up to Democrats to stop running big govt. thieves, even if the Biden crime family was inoculated (by a Senate which refused impeachment witnesses and testimony) and as untouchable as the Trump crime family.

Seems another opportunity to dissolve or at least dilute the Republican Party and try to move forward toward liberty is squandered. Democrats have at least shown ability to change when they tire of losing, maybe more big govt.

Trumpster Democrats (think Blagojevich pardons) will also ‘go Elephant’ still leaving enough of the Party to return to her roots. I’m not holding my breath and will continue to make what little difference I can supporting a small block of well defined voters (Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, TEA Party) who beat the margin of victory. It does happen at times. It was good to see the Becky Gerritson write-in campaign’s 29,548 votes soundly beat the margin of victory and verify them as a force against Roby (and the Dubina, et al ‘public servant’ types) in our politburo impeding our State.

Much discussion of what ‘truth’ is these past years. Jesus often reminds us His kingdom is not of this world. If His kingdom were of this world, then His servants would’ve fought against their king being delivered to corrupt clergy, Herod, Pilate, et al. to be tortured and murdered. Christ came into the world to bear witness and show God’s Truth and Light. Pilate glibly asked Him, “What is truth?” Finding no fault in Jesus, Pilate evoked the Passover tradition to release one condemned man suggesting Jesus to the people as their “King.” The people (some say prompted by their corrupt leaders) successfully cried for the release of Barabbas who despised Roman occupation under sycophantic clergy and governors. By some accounts Barabbas had a well-earned repute for assassination of Romans and taking back ill-gotten gains by the local politburo.

In closing, I have no illusion about ‘the peaceful transfer of power’ we’re about to witness in DC under our hegemonic “Pax Americana.” It is a huge source of despair to see so many defending Biden and Trump, blind to their own interest instead of seeing two demons serving the same evil one. I understand why so many politburo members fear for their lives knowing how evil they’ve become from DC to my local corrupt county commissioners. Perhaps the best illustration was Felon Hubbard locking down Goat Hill when he first learned of the sniper shooting spree when Speaker of the House. I also have no illusions about the future of people suffering Roman type hegemony choosing the path of Barabbas over Jesus.


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