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The Biden Regime

After winning the greatest scam election in history, Joe Biden and his comrades are wasting no time in their crusade to wreck the world’s greatest nation. Right off the bat on his very first day, vindictive Joe signed 15 executive orders to undo Donald Trump’s actions to save our republic. Of course, dozens of additional executive actions are being added to these.

With an effective majority in both the House and the Senate, the fundamental rights of all Americans are once again (after Obama) in grave danger. Once again, the sovereignty of the United States is being discarded to join a worldwide socialist movement.

Biden’s actions and proposed actions include:

* Rejoining the counterproductive Paris Climate Agreement.

* Rejoining the World Health Organization.

* Rescinding Keystone Pipeline permits.

* Reversing Trump’s travel and immigration bans on nations that breed dangerous terrorists.

* Stopping oil and gas leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

* More extreme racial equality mandates in federal policy making.

* A mask mandate on all federal property and for federal employees.

* A $1.9 trillion expenditure for risky coronavirus vaccines.

* Re-imposing severe methane limits on all new and existing oil and gas operations.

* Banning new oil and gas permitting on public lands and waters.

* Legalizing many millions of illegal migrants, including criminals, that have sneaked and forced their way in.

* Pandering to the extreme left—providing benefits to people who vote for their livings and punishing people who work for theirs.

* Raising the capital gains tax to 40%. Possibly raising other taxes as well.

Biden has a long record of opposing fossil fuels in general and has vowed to end all offshore drilling and severely limit fracking. On the Keystone pipeline alone, on his very first day, Joe Biden destroyed 11,000 American jobs, $1.6 billion in wages, and increased our future energy costs. Part of the pipeline passes through Ute Indian territory. The Utes are 100% in support of it, since it provides both current and future employment for them. The pipeline will actually reduce carbon emissions because the new pumping stations will be powered by wind and solar. Our ally and neighbor, Canada, supports the pipeline. Even “progressive darling” Justin Trudeau supports it. Biden’s vow to better cooperate with our allies began with throwing Canada under the bus. Meanwhile, oil and gas prices are now exploding.

Biden wants an all out war on carbon emissions and a hefty carbon tax to wage it. Not only will this seriously cripple our economy, it is counterproductive. Studies of past CO2 levels in our atmosphere have proven that higher levels are actually beneficial. Plants and trees thrive on CO2—the greater the CO2, the better and faster they grow. This provides a greener planet and more oxygen for us to breathe. Furthermore, the increased CO2 provides more rainfall in our deserts. In the past at times with higher CO2 levels, the Sahara Desert was green with forests and grasslands. Even today, as our CO2 increases slightly, parts of the Sahara are beginning to re-green with increased rainfall.

Increased environmental penalties on our nation aren’t Biden's only objectives. Biden should understand that our toxic emissions are among the world’s lowest. China and India are the greatest polluters. Guess what. Biden wants to spend billions of our tax dollars to clean up their messes. He wants to tax and penalize our economy even more to help China and India out-perform us in the world's marketplace. Why can’t China and India clean up at their own expenses like we had to do with ours?

On health care, Biden wants to restore all of the nasty portions of Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” that have been repealed, including the patently unconstitutional individual mandate and the utterly unsustainable coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Finally, we have what might be Biden’s most devastating proposal—a 40% capital gains tax that could destroy our nation for good, especially after including the unrealized appreciation of assets passed on at death. How? A 40% tax of any kind alone is horrible, but when combined with our expected future dollar devaluations, it will be catastrophic. We already know that the US dollar as a world reserve currency is in the process of being scuttled by Russia, China, India, and other nations for other means of exchange, primarily gold. When that happens, combined with our reckless spending and borrowing, hyperinflation could devalue our dollars down to pennies, or even less, just like Zimbabwe.

Combine that with a 40% capital gains tax. Suppose you buy a home for $500,000, and you sell it a year later for $1,000,000. You made a $500,000 taxable capital gain. But wait. That gain was because the value of the dollar had declined down to fifty cents. Your house is not worth one cent more, but you must pay a 40% tax on the paper profit that you made. The result is the government seizing 40% of your house when you haven’t gained one cent of real value. Can you even imagine what will happen nationwide over a period of several years?

Only one time in history has our government pulled such a massive monetary theft. In 1933, the notorious Franklin Delano Roosevelt seized all of our gold, made it illegal to own gold, paid us back with Federal Reserve notes, and then revalued gold up from $20.67 to $35 per ounce. The values of everybody’s bank accounts immediately plummeted 40%.

A large number of people seem to be concerned about Biden’s senility. In a way, that might be a good thing. An evil ruler that is senile is likely to be less dangerous than an evil ruler with a sound mind. But there is one problem here. Should he become too incapacitated, he could be replaced by Kamala Harris, who many observers have noted is likely to become even more tyrannical, especially with her reputation of hating white people.

It looks like hard times are coming, folks—unless we take serious action to stop this juggernaut.


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