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Tornadoes Devastate Alabama in March

While we are aware in the Deep South of the possibilities of tornadoes during our erratic spring weather, we prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, this March plagued Alabama with numerous tornadoes. Any loss of life is tragic, but the number of deaths in light of the catastrophic damage during these outbreaks was minimal. Television meteorologists and weather personnel remained on high alert and worked around the clock to provide the latest developments in tornadic activity. These men and women are to be admired for their dedication and commitment to keeping Alabama safe! We also extend a huge thank you to the linemen and other services personnel who worked nonstop to protect the public and restore utilities. First responders are also to be commended as are so many in communities that are unnamed.

These images are from the tornado that first swept through Dallas County and caused extensive damage in Burnsville on March 17, 2021, before continuing its destructive path in multiple other counties throughout that evening. Sadly, just over one week later, March 25, 2021, more tornadoes ravaged the State. This time, the destruction was greater and there was a loss of lives.

During these severe weather alerts, please be sure to follow Severe Weather Safety guidelines provided by


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