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Joe Biden's Plan Not About Infrastructure but Big Government Control

Joe Biden’ Infrastructure Plan is not about Infrastructure but about a radical transformation of the entire American economy. This is what the world’s elites like to call “The Great Reset.”

Joe Biden campaigned and was elected as a good ole moderate Democrat. He pledged repeatedly to work across party lines and reach a consensus on issues that all Americans regardless of party affiliation, can agree upon. He has governed however, just the opposite. As Professor emeritus of political science at the University of Chicago Charles Lipson wrote “Biden’s deception is based on the oldest marketing technique in the book: bait and switch.” Promise one thing deliver another.

Republicans offered a reasonable 600 billion infrastructure bill, nowhere near enough for the radical agenda of the far left Democrats. Their infrastructure plan is about everything but infrastructure. In their $2.5 trillion infrastructure bill, only $115 billion or less than 5% of the total is spent to "modernize the bridges, highways, roads, and main streets” $25 billion on airports, and $17 billion on inland waterways, coastal ports, land ports of entry, and ferries.” The rest is a combination of the Green New Deal and a host of new big government federal social programs that have nothing to do with infrastructure. These programs include 300 billion for housing, 400 billion for elderly and disabled care. Additional spending also includes 400 billion for “clean energy credits” to promote wind and solar. All of these programs individually are receiving much more than roads and bridges. The Democrats plan to ram through this program without a single Republican vote. So much for bi-partisan Joe.

To pay for these programs Biden unbelievably proposes the biggest tax hikes in our country’s history right as we are emerging from COVID lockdowns. To pay for a portion this grab bag of socialist spending the White House’s plan calls for new and increased taxes. These include the return of the “death tax’ to individuals and raises the federal corporate tax rate to 28 percent from the previous 21 percent. As the Federalist reported “This change puts the corporate rate above even notoriously entrepreneurship unfriendly countries like England (at 19 percent) and nations fallaciously hailed by the left as positive examples of socialist tendencies, including Finland (20 percent), Sweden (21.4 percent), Norway (22 percent), and Denmark (22 percent). China is below the proposed rate with 25 percent.” In fact, the U.S. corporate tax rate will be the highest of the 37 countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and development (OECD) once France implements their reduction to 25.83 percent over the next year. Sweden and the Netherlands are likewise reducing their tax rates on businesses.

“It seems like President Biden has an insatiable appetite to spend more money and raise people’s taxes,” Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the GOP whip, said in an interview. Senator Tim Scott of Florida remarked about the proposal: “Tax hikes will slam the brakes on the great economy created by President Trump.”

In even harsher criticism of the so-called Infrastructure program former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris stated ”Biden’s infrastructure package is “designed to collectivize the United States, to regiment us, to unionize us, and to make us controllable and tractable as an economy. You cannot get these infrastructure funds unless you unionize. Davis-Bacon will control all of that spending.

You will have to have a union for your company to qualify. That’s going to force the entire construction industry and huge numbers of other industries into unionization.”

The results of these new taxes and programs will be a return to the stagnation of the 1970s brought on by the disastrous policies of Jimmy Carter. High inflation will kill the consumer, sky high interest rates will destroy small businesses, and low economic growth will deny minorities and other low income individuals a pathway to better lives. Republicans in the House and Senate and the induvial states must do everything in their power to stop this disaster from passage and implementation.


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