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Bits and Pieces Part 12

Well, here I go with yet another installment of Bits and Pieces. To be honest, there is so much foolishness to write about in our country today. Luckily, I am very good at just shaking my head and not letting the insanity of the world bother me too much. Just for the purposes of full disclosure, I was brought up to believe in the American ideal with the realization that our ideal still has to be administered by people. Throughout our history, many of those people have proven to be bad human beings. That doesn’t mean our system itself is evil. As we are watching this absurd Marxist/fascist wave sweeping through parts of our country today, if you try to tell me that Marxism, communism or socialism is better than democracy or better yet, our Democratic Republic, and that America needs to become those things, I have nothing but disdain for you. Likewise, if you support any of the clear Anti-Semitic cretins running amok within our government, and, yes, they exist, I oppose you with every fiber of my being. You do not belong in this country. Just a minor vent. Let’s get started ...

1. Israel vs. Hamas. ( Since the 10th of May, as we have all seen on television, Hamas has launched thousands of rockets into Israel. Understandably, Israel has retaliated well within their rights and beat down Hamas. In the process, some 212 Palestinians have been killed along with 10 Israelis.

Here’s the rub. I for one, love Israel. If you don’t like it, I don’t care. Pretty simple how that works. Over the course of a week, Hamas showered Israel with over 3,300 rockets but of course, Israel has this thing called the “Iron Dome,” which knocked the majority of rockets out of the air. Some people on “the other side” seem to think this is unfair. Over the past couple of weeks, I have heard some of the most idiotic arguments being made against Israel in that they should not strike back since they have more power and that it was unfair to smackdown an opponent who continues to argue for their destruction – especially as they are showering them with rockets. I am not going to get into this right now but will tell anybody stupid enough to agree with this to take a copy of Sun Tzu’s Art of War and point out to me where it is unfair to kick the snot out of an enemy that is trying to kill you. Get back to me when you find that passage, I will be waiting.

Also, once again, the incomplete argument of civilian deaths has raised its ugly head. Let’s be clear about something here. Israeli airstrikes are and have been conducted using precision guided munitions (PGMs) against specific military objectives. The only precise thing about the Hamas’ airstrikes via rockets is that they are precisely designed to indiscriminately kill. They are strictly point-and-shoot and without the Israeli “Iron Dome,” how many Israeli civilians would possibly have been killed? Here in the states, all the anti-Israel, anti-Semites focus upon the disparity in deaths without any fundamental understanding of operational or strategic warfare. Yes, Palestinian civilians have been killed but that is not the Israeli objective. Their objectives have been to stop the rockets from hitting Israeli cities and then to stop (i.e. kill) Hamas leadership that continues to plan Israel’s demise. Hamas’ apparent objective? Kill Jews. The more, the merrier. I have a hard time understanding how people cannot grasp the difference between the two. As one keen person once said, “I can explain it to you but I cannot understand it for you.”

I am sure this is not over since it seems Hamas has a lot more rockets left in their arsenal. Guess what? So does Israel and they have proven to be the more proficient users of military force. If you cannot take a joke, don’t start a war and if Hamas keeps lobbing rockets into Israel, they had better be prepared for the inevitable results of their folly.

2. Illegals in Tennessee. ( How about this? Apparently, the Biden administration, as reported back on 21 May, has ferreted “thousands” of illegal aliens, under the cover of darkness, and flown them into Chattanooga, Tennessee. From there, they were put onto buses and taken to who knows where. Am I the only person who thinks this is not on the “up and up?” Perhaps, the most disturbing part of this is that the Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn and Representative Chuck Fleischmann, among many I am sure, were never informed of this. The article did not make it clear whether Governor Bill Lee knew beforehand about this either.

Would someone explain to me how much sense this makes and is it even legal? Can the federal government take illegal immigrants and simply drop them off in any state they want? Shouldn’t the people of that state have a say in the matter? Why the secrecy? It is almost as though they are trying to seed little future Democratic voters throughout the U.S. What better way to turn red states to blue? More to come.

3. Harris at the Border. Since March, Vice-President Harris has been the so-called “Border Czar.” She has been entrusted to oversee the crises at the border that is getting worse with almost every passing day. The problem? If I asked you to pick a number from 1-10 as the number of times she has visited the border, every number would be wrong. The real answer is “zero.” Yup. The big ole’ goose egg. Not only has she not visited the border to see the plight of the Americans (first and foremost), she actually said that it was not in her job description to go there. Really? She is, however, “working with governments in Mexico and the so-called Northern Triangle countries — Honduras, El

Salvador and Guatemala — to figure out how to dissuade people from making the journey.” ( That is interesting but as the Vice-President of the USA, perhaps at least “some” of her focus should be on Americans first. Don’t you think? You know things are bad when people from her own party are asking why she hasn’t been to the border and several news outlets have identified her “abysmal” efforts while many have called for her ouster. Time will tell if she was ever up for the job in the first place. We will see and there is certainly more to come.

Her refusal to go to the border to see the situation for herself reminds me of Adolf Hitler. Yes, I am going to compare her to the “evil one” in this case. Why? Because it is accurate unlike most comparisons. After the July 1943 Allied bombings of Hamburg which killed some 45,000 Germans and decimated the city, Hitler refused to visit the city and see exactly what his people had gone through and what they were enduring. I feel the same way about Harris. It is as though she doesn’t want to face up to the reality she has helped to create. Sad stuff, actually. Time will tell if she was ever up for the job in the first place. We will see and there is certainly more to come.

4. Shoplifting in San Francisco. ( This story, reported on Breitbart News, comes from the combined pages of “I told you so” to “You gotta be kidding me.” In 2014, Californians passed Proposition 47 which basically gave an open hand for shoplifting. You can go into a store and steal whatever you like and if the value is under $950, there is little chance the police will do anything to stop you. Likewise, if you come out of a store carrying a $949 flat screen television and sell it to me, there is no major penalty for receiving stolen goods under that magic number of $950. If anything, all you are going to get is a misdemeanor charge.

Well guess what has happened? In five years, 17 Walgreen stores have shut their doors because of the shoplifting. The article said 42% of their losses came from 12 stores and they still have 35 operating in the city. Who would have thought that basically legalizing theft would have engendered more crime?

Uhhhhhh, most of us with a brain! Add to this the previously reported “poop maps” identifying the places where people #2 on the sidewalks and you get a picture of a district that Nancy Pelosi should surely be proud of. ( and

5. Critical Race Theory (CRT). ( Just to let you know that I am thinking about this subject, but it will have to be a topic for another day. No time to get into it now. Here is a starter article. It is a must-read view of this dangerous, itself racist, ideology. Then read more and more and more. There is an attempt to push this ideology within American schools as being absolute truth and luckily, several states have begun to push back and say, “Not today, Satan.” I believe we can always use more race dialogue in this country, but at the same time, we had better be careful. More to follow. In short, not a fan — AT ALL.

6. COVID starting in a lab, not naturally, looks more likely every day. Even Dr. Fauci is beginning to suggest it. Take a look. I have no dog in this fight. Just reporting. (

A lot of stuff here, I know. But more to follow. Cheers, peeps.


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