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“To see their Commander-in-Chief [Joe Biden] call into question the courage of men I fought with, to claim that they ran. It’s shameful. Those who have never fought for the colors they fly should be careful about criticizing those who have.”

Tom Tugendhat: UK Member of Parliament, Afghan War Veteran

I was asked to keep this Robservation a little shorter than normal because the paper would like to minimize its footprint this month. Not a problem.

What I want to write about is exactly what has been on everyone’s mind for the past week. President Joe Biden’s total, complete, pathetic, military and morally bankrupt failure in Afghanistan. There is so much to write about and so little time so this works into the idea of a shorter column since I will make this a sort of preview of “More to Come.”

To say the past week has been excruciating to watch would be an understatement. The quote at the beginning of this column sums it up. It is sad to see a member of an Allied government rightfully torch the living heck out of our President. We are talking a flamethrower to the face. Ouch! People are pissed. The world is pissed. People are dying. Who knows where President Biden is in terms of grappling with the reality of what he has done? He could not even admit people are dying amidst all the chaos despite videos, photos and intelligence reports. Even George Stephanopoulos looked dismayed during their interview. True to form, all he ever does is blame President Trump. In this case he adds to it by blaming the Afghans and saying nobody saw this collapse coming as quickly as it did. That, among many others, is a lie; a big fat whopper. Of course, a recently uncovered and previously classified State Department cable from July suggests that Secretary of State Antony Blinken was duly warned that Kabul would most likely fall into Taliban hands by the August 31 troop withdrawal deadline despite Biden’s warning on 8 July that a Taliban run Afghanistan would not happen. (


This entire debacle has America in the world’s crosshairs. You know it is bad when even many Democrats are shaking their heads although Nancy Pelosi still stands behind Biden in total support. I saw a recent poll that stated Biden’s favorability numbers are down to 49%. I want to ask, who in the heck are these 49 percenters? Let’s just take a look at his first seven months in office: The southern border is a mess, illegals by the thousands, many with COVID are allowed to pour across our border and are then ferreted under the cover of darkness to points throughout the country. The draw for undocumented Democrats is overpowering. Inflation is skyrocketing, building prices are through the roof (no pun intended), gas prices are marching upward and now – Afghanistan.

I spent ten years teaching operational planning and I cannot fathom what in the heck this administration has done. I’ll tell you what. They, as Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper presciently warned fellow astronaut Gus Grissom, have “screwed the pooch.” I heard a British politician on the radio yesterday say that Biden DID NOT consult with any of our NATO Allies in this travesty. Not one. Remember, this operation was not only a US operation but a NATO op as well. Biden left our NATO comrades out to dry; threw them under the proverbial bus and yeah, they are fighting mad. Can you blame them? This in addition to dumping on our Afghan Allies. There are also indications that he did little to listen to much of our own military leadership.

In my effort to keep this short, go to the following website and look at all the weapons we likely left behind for Taliban to use. It is enough to make you sick - - guns, ammo, vehicles, aircraft, communications equipment, drones (not on this list), and more. ( Not only did we leave behind these weapons, Biden left behind American honor, respect and trust with our Allies. Be sure North Korea, Iran, China, Russia and countless others are taking careful notes on this.

As one short note before I end this, and yes, there will be more to come, go to the following site. ( Yes, you will actually see President Biden get lost on the White House lawn after getting off of Marine One. Although Secret Service personnel try to direct him, he ignores their directions, gets lost and misses his turn onto the concrete walkway. Incredibly sad to see. The world, once again is taking notes. My final question is when will serious discussions take place on President Biden’s suitability to lead? More to come.


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