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Bits and Pieces: 14TH Edition: WHERE IN THE HECK IS. . . ?

Here I go again with several interesting stories that have happened or are happening as I write this. Let’s face it. The world can be a disappointing place. I call this installment of Bits and Pieces, “Where in the Heck Is...?”


In my last Robservation, I asked a similar question. Regarding the likely Russian invasion of the Ukraine: Where is the U.N.? What are they doing? What have they said? What actions are they willing to take? As the last month has come and gone, Russian troops are still massing along the Ukraine’s eastern border. At last count, there are reported to be 190,000 Russian troops along the border and a total of about 265,000 within 250 miles of the border.



This has reported to be the largest massing of troops in Europe since WWII. So, as all of this is clearly unfolding before our watchful eyes, the feckless U.N. sits on its keester refusing to take any actions at all. It is as though they, and the rest of the world for that matter, are waiting to see America interject ourselves in this and in their minds, let the Americans spill American blood in yet another European misstep. I for one cannot go for that.

So what good is the U.N.? Obviously in these matters, they are about as worthless as you can get. A sovereign nation is about to be invaded by another, a permanent member of the U.N. in fact, and they say absolutely nothing. Except like I said in my last Robservation, the U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres saying that a Russian invasion of Ukraine would be “against international law” and that he was convinced it would not happen and that he “strongly” hoped to be right. Ooohhhh, some tough talk there.

People have asked me what I thought the U.N. could do. I said for starters, how about telling Russia if they invade the Ukraine, they will lose their permanent seat in the U.N. Yeah, yeah, I know it would be extremely difficult to do, but it could be done. I have read how and most of the language is bedded within a mountain of worthless legal jib-jab but yes, it could be done. Not easy but probably better than who knows how many thousands if not tens of thousands of dead Ukrainians strewn about.

But the biggest reason I think they are going to do nothing is because if they slam Russia, what are they going to say to China when they invade Taiwan? They are not going to be willing to call China to the carpet. No way. So, they are just going to do nothing like the worthless do nothings they are.

Think Rwanda. That is of course unless Israel is knocking down rockets headed for its cities or they are doing retaliatory strikes against those launching said rockets into Israel. Then the big, bad U.N. is willing to step up and flex its puny muscles.

There have already been several cross border “skirmishes” if you will and what is the real American position here? Sanctions? Be careful. Remember that on July 16, 2014 under the leadership of President Obama, under the

U.S. Department of Treasury Secretary, Jacob J. Lew, Executive Order (E.O.) 13662 imposed sanctions or targeted US persons from providing new financing to the Russian financial institutions. In all, eight arms firms were identified. The very next day, the Russians shot down Malaysian Flight 17 enroute to Kuala Lumpur International airport, killing all 298 passengers and crew. See my March 2015 Robservation. Coincidence? You tell me. Bottom line, where in the heck is the U.N.?


By now we have all heard about or watched the drama surrounding 15-year-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva. She tested positive for a banned substance back in December yet was allowed to skate nonetheless. Why? The drug, Trimetazidine, was allegedly her grandfather’s and she accidentally took it; but only three times. Right. This drug is used for things like angina, tinnitus (I could use that) and vertigo. One beneficial side effect for a cheating athlete is that it enhances the body’s ability to efficiently utilize oxygen under stress, i.e., exercise. Thus, banned. When the race orse Secretariat died, they weighed his heart and it registered a massive 22 pounds compared to the average 8-9 pounds. This means the horse could pump so much blood and oxygen to its body that its endurance was increased so much above the normal horse. There is no reason for a healthy teenage girl to take this drug. Who, by the way, is probably the best figure skater in the world.

Following revelations of the cheating (it is what it is) the Court Arbitration for Sports (CAS) decided that if they acted and prevented her from skating, she would suffer “irreparable harm” if not allowed to skate. They also cited “exceptional circumstances” because she was a minor. Wow, you can’t make this stuff up. I personally don’t believe her falling or stumbling four times in the long program while on the world stage did her any good and the nonsense of being a minor? So, for the next Olympics, lets get a team of drugged up, hyper-roided 14-year-olds and let them compete. After all, they would only be minors. Please. Spare me. The CAS made her situation worse in the long run.

As for the I.O.C., they wrote a 41-page missive justifying their cowardice. They wrote in part, that it was not her fault since she “accidentally” took the drug. Let’s say that in the 2024 Summer Olympics, a boxer beats the living bejeezus out of his opponent. After the fight, they determine the winner had a metal bar hidden in his gloves. The boxer says he knew nothing about it and the I.O.C. says, “You know what? Maybe he didn’t know. He can continue competing.” I know what some might be thinking but, no, it is the same thing. Sorry. Accident or not, she still cheated and no I am not buying what she is selling in that she did not know.

But through all of this, you know what I don’t hear? What about the athletes who trained their whole lives for this moment, did it right, did it legal, and got pushed off the podium by a cheater? Yeah, Valieva lost the long program but won the short and the Russians won the team gold. We don’t hear anything about those athletes. Shame. My cynical side tells me that if it were a non-Russian or Chinese athlete, especially an American or the way the I.O.C. thinks, a rather homely female, would their answer have been the same? I honestly do not believe so.

Before you roast me for saying anything about the way the I.O.C. thinks, do some reading on how the lady’s beach volleyball uniforms, for example, have to be cut and worn obviously to please and gratify the world of misogynistic voyeurs. Let’s not forget the crap many brave women took by not wanting to wear those very revealing outfits. Did they make them play any better? Nope. Do we really need to watch them pull their shorty-short-shorts out of their cracks time and again? Nope. I didn’t think so. But I digress. As an example, go to the following link and see a short video of an example of the double standard in male and female uniforms; in this case armor. It is pretty funny but you will get the point. Bottomline? Where in the heck is the I.O.C.? The real travesty here? Valieva is so good, that, like Barry Bonds, she did not need to cheat. Her image will now forever be tainted.

3. Where in the heck is the NCAA?

Last week, Penn University trans swimmer Lia Thompson won the Ivy League Championships and, in the process, set five records. I honestly cannot believe this is a thing. I can sit back and accept his decision to be whatever he wants to be. It is his life. But for anyone to argue that it is acceptable for a dude to race against women, claim records and titles and then think it is absolutely normal, I am sorry. I cannot agree with that. You know, that is why we have men and women’s sports. The NCAA, for fear of being cancelled or whatever ails them, should be ashamed. Just like in the case of the cheating Russian skater, what I don’t hear is the press talking about the women athletes who are losing to these men. I want to hear their stories. Whether it be swimming, track and field ... you name it. If a woman on the other hand wants to be considered a man and then wants to step into an event, I might be okay with that. No unfair advantage there. A biological male competing against biological females on the other hand? And you want to call this fair? Sorry. I’m tapping out of this insanity. Actually, I won’t. I am one who will fight for the integrity of women’s sports. Bottom line? Where the heck is the NCAA?

Get me outta here, Percy?


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