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America's Worst Presidents

Throughout our history, we have had some great presidents, and also some terrible ones.

There are few people we can trust to judge our past leaders with much accuracy. Most scholars correctly rate Washington and Jefferson at or very near the top. But these same “scholars” have very often ranked some of our very worst up there with them. Nearly all of the popular polls and lists are very wrong.

Sadly, these people have used the wrong procedures in making their judgements. Most have used the quantity of their “accomplishments” in their ratings instead of differentiating the great and good ones from the bad, the terrible, and the treasonous.

The criteria used to correctly rank any president or any public officials are the things that protect our liberty.

How well did he uphold the principles of the U. S. Constitution— individual rights, minimal taxation, limited spending, minimal regulation, minimal intrusion onto

people’s lives, and most importantly, safeguarding our freedom and leaving well enough alone. In our history, only a few have performed well in upholding these sacred ethics—since about1850, less than a handful.

Who can we claim as great presidents? The list is rather short. It includes Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Cleveland, and Coolidge.

The tyrannical ones include Lincoln, Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, both Bushes, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Most of the rest rank from poor to acceptable.

One of the very few writers who has correctly judged our past presidents as protectors of liberty is CHUCK BALDWIN, who writes articles for Lew Rockwell. I have not yet found his writings on our best, but “My List Of The Ten Worst U.S. Presidents” is dead right. He based his judgments on the very issues that mattered most on keeping our nation strong and free. The list pre-dates Joe Biden, who would have certainly made it today.

1. ABRAHAM LINCOLN: In my mind, I can hear people screaming, “Oh no! Not the great emancipator!” But in truth, Lincoln was the greatest and most vicious TRAITOR in American history. Baldwin said, “Abraham Lincoln is America’s absolute worst President. He did not free a single slave, but what he did do was begin the process of enslaving free men ... It is no hyperbole to say that Lincoln truly governed as a dictator, not as a President.”

Lincoln was responsible for violating every constitutional restraint on his office, including imposing our first income tax, denial of habeus corpus, conscription (a form of slavery), and waging the bloodiest and most brutal war ever fought on American soil. Over 600,000 people died in conflict, and probably at least that many more in collateral damage, starvation, disease, and destruction of infrastructure. Sherman’s march through Georgia alone was a war crime of epic proportions.

Lincoln's goal was NOT to free the slaves. He frankly admitted that he did not care one way or the other. His objective was to “restore the Union”—to conquer the seceded states and subjugate them back into the Union—to repeat what King George III had attempted to do with the American colonies.

Baldwin stated, “There really wasn’t a ‘bad’ President before Lincoln. But with Lincoln as a model and with the constitutional restraints against an imperial presidency left torn to shreds, we haven’t had an abundance of ‘good’ presidents since him …”

2. WOODROW WILSON: February 3, 1913 is another date that will live in infamy—the ratification of the hated 16th amendment that enabled the federal income tax. It didn’t even include a cap to prevent its rate from running away.

Wilson also helped pass the Federal Reserve Act. This gave international bankers control of our financial matters and destroyed our principles of sound money and much of our free enterprise.

And of course, he pushed us into World War I and ordered conscription.

3. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT has a rap sheet that is longer than any other. He forced every American to turn in all of his gold, which was the basis of our money at that time (1933) in exchange for paper money. Penalties for holding gold were severe. Then he officially raised the value of gold to $35 per Troy ounce, literally confiscating 40% of everybody’s bank accounts and savings.

FDR went on a massive spending spree, created dozens of new unconstitutional agencies and jacked up Wilson’s new federal income tax to unconscionable levels. He prolonged the great depression by imposing a minimum wage that shut out poor people from obtaining employment, forcing millions to sign up for his unconstitutional relief programs. He did his utmost to pack the Supreme Court. He also created the first restriction against our right to keep and bear arms (outlawing fully automatic firearms).

Of course, knowing that the people would never tolerate another war, he set up Pearl Harbor as a bait and goaded Japan into bombing it. He ordered conscription and rounded up all Japanese-American citizens into concentration camps.

4. LYNDON JOHNSON is the prime suspect in the assassination of John Kennedy (He knew that was the only way he could become president). Once JFK was out of the way, he escalated the Vietnam War to enhance his interests in the military industrial complex. Thousands of Americans were conscripted and needlessly killed as a result.

Like FDR, LBJ was a devout socialist. His Great Society imposed draconian inroads onto our free enterprise—shutting much of it down and replacing it with social-welfare abominations.

Chuck Baldwin states: “Before Johnson’s ‘Great Society,’ black families were largely intact, and out-of-wedlock births were an exception to the rule. Not any more! Now, over 70% of births in the black community are out of wedlock. For all intents and purposes, Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ replaced black husbands and fathers with Uncle Sam and took away the black man’s self-respect and dignity. No wonder today’s black males comprise such a large percentage of the prison population.”

LBJ created the Gun Control Act of 1968, setting the stage for our numerous subsequent second amendment violations.

Besides JFK, LBJ is also a prime suspect in the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Why? They were strong opponents of his Vietnam War and stirring up too much resistance.

5. GEORGE W. BUSH was a devout warmonger and did his utmost to intensify the brutal carnage that Reagan and Clinton had supported in the Middle East. He began a “preemptive war” doctrine and bombed Iraq and Afghanistan. He created the oppressive Patriot Act, Homeland Security, the Military Commissions Act, and the TSAI. He expunged Posse Comitatus, seized two American citizens, and held them indefinitely without a trial. Bush's brutality destabilized the entire Middle East.

6. BARACK OBAMA continued the Bush atrocities in the Middle East and forced many thousands of refugees to flee. He transported many of them into America with no regard that many could be dangerous and even potential terrorists. He released five of GITMO’s most dangerous inmates in exchange for one American deserter.

Obama placed our tax and spend policies into overdrive. He more than doubled our national debt—from less than $9 trillion to over $19 trillion. He created the infamous “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare) that was mandated onto nearly every American, whether he could afford it or not. As a result, American health care has suffered and costs have skyrocketed.

7. WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON has done some warmongering in Bosnia and Kosovo. But his cruelest crime was a military raid onto David Koresh and his Branch Davidians, who had established a complex near Waco, Texas, and just wanted to be left alone. Clinton claimed they had been stockpiling illegal weapons and were about to start a conflict. He sent ATF and FBI agents with helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles to rout them out. They shut off their utilities, and for 51 days, they continually played loud noises to prevent them from getting any sleep. Then they sprayed gunfire, pumped deadly CS gas into the buildings, and with their tanks equipped with flamethrowers, burned the compound and the occupants inside—alive—similar to the Jedwabne Pogrom in Poland in 1941. Seventy-six men, women and children died horrible deaths.

The local people were outraged. But Clinton insisted that the Davidians shot first and exonerated the ATF and the FBI. He quickly sent in bulldozers to destroy and bury all of the surviving evidence at the site.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton are prime suspects in the mysterious “suicide” of Vincent Foster and the suspicious “suicides” and “accidents” of about 50 other associates.

The Clintons are also noted for undercover deals with Russia and China, including selling them large quantities of Uranium.

8. GEORGE H. W. BUSH is “the granddaddy of the modern Neocons.” He was the first to call for a “New World Order” and was a possible co-conspirator in assassinating JFK.

Bush I was also responsible for the murders of Vicki and Sammy Weaver at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

9. ULYSSES S. GRANT was “a loathsome creature” and an alcoholic—“probably... the most corrupt in U.S. history—rivaled only by Bill Clinton.”

10. RICHARD NIXON: Watergate was far from being Nixon's greatest misdeed.

He took America off the gold standard and became buddies with Mao Tse Tung.

His greatest crimes were the creation of the EPA and the DEA. Although the EPA did some good things in its beginning (about the first five years), it has since become one of the greatest bureaucratic monsters in history.

The DEA has been much worse. Drug prohibition and enforcement has been one of the most horrible acts of oppression to take place in America. The result has become the world's highest incarceration rate—millions of otherwise innocent people in prison for the possession, use and sale of so-called “controlled substances.”

Nixon did do a couple of good things. He finally ended the Vietnam War and restored our right to buy and own gold bullion.


1. Baldwin, Chuck, My List of the Ten Worst U.S. Presidents, September 3, 2016

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