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Remember Every Joesophant AND MAGAt

As expected, Joe’s approval numbers are in the ‘Trumpster.’ Duopoly voter buyer’s remorse once again set in as election hype attenuates. You’ll find admission of remorse difficult to extract from any Joesophant (blind Biden supporter) as was the case with MAGAts (blind Trump supporters) after the 2016 election Kabuki show. Readers of past columns may recall my explanation of stolen Presidential elections as taken from the PEOPLE under our current, very UN-representative republic results. I don’t care which political thief (Biden/Clinton/Trump) was installed. Blue or Red parasites undoubtedly care about the rigged election outcomes, but the generic productive citizen interested in promoting the general welfare (not specific interests) is indifferent, which colour parasite is sucking them to death.

This is the cycle we’ll continue to observe under our current unconstitutional election results, mostly due to the 435 limit [imposed in 1929] and hyper-gerrymandering this wrongful limitation generates. In many States like

Alabama, the corrupt results are amplified by some of the most anti-competitive ballot access laws in our hegemonic union.

Disheartening to observe so many I know, who possess the intelligence and integrity to see this failure (not adhering to the Constitution on determining HoR members and the Electoral College) putting themselves on the emotional roller-coaster every four years. Compelling their otherwise rational mind to vote for one of the deeply flawed duopoly candidates instead of refusing to vote in the race or better still, start voting for alternative (non-duopoly) candidates to be a path-breaker shepherding more competition into elections. This mental anguish has consequences. After the ‘feel good’ moment of participating in the rigged duopoly choice wears off… the reality sets in with obvious buyer’s remorse soon thereafter followed by ‘in the Trumpster’ approval ratings reported these past weeks. Easy to see why we’ve become a much more despaired people, while ‘big-Pharma’ parasites feast as those psychotropic prescriptions come rolling in.

In 2016 I was disappointed Trump was elected, but certain Clinton would’ve been no better. Johnson voters going Libertarian showed Democrats they could’ve won with more concern for civil rights, esp. not taking our life, liberty and property. The Democratic Party offers little promise of return to their roots championing low taxes and smaller government again to induce libertarian voters’ help on the margin in the future. Tired of losing to Republicans (who set us on our path of class warfare, corporate welfare, high taxes, etc. imposed by hegemony) Dems ‘out republicaned’ the Republicans which quickly accelerated US toward the morass we’ve ‘progressed’ into today.

A Party machine so comfortable installing Biden as their Presidential candidate (up against such an inferior opponent like Trump) was revealing. When Amy Klobuchar redirected some of her supporters over to Biden at the Iowa Caucus so Joe wouldn’t be DOA at the starting gate made it clear the fix was in and ended any independent voter’s credibility for Klobuchar. Some think this (more than the ‘Kabuki Theatre on counting) is driving the movement to no longer have the ‘Iowa Morasses” in such a powerful lead position. Tulsi Gabbard was the only remaining Democratic candidate traditional Democrat type independent voters would’ve supported if she’d won the nomination.

Someone of Gabbard’s accomplishments and integrity will never get far in either of the duopoly parties, but pressing Hillary on some of her many flaws was not going to be allowed by the Dem machine.

The saddest outcome of the 2020 election was Johnson voters unwilling to vote Libertarian again to affirm their resolve to not waste their vote on duopoly candidates - esp. when the choices are so poor. Four more years of Trump was easy to forecast as bad as a decade or so Biden then Harris. Trump re-election could’ve been a wake-up to Democrats to stop running big govt. thieves, even if the Biden crime family was inoculated (by a Senate which refused impeachment witnesses and testimony) and as untouchable as the Trump crime family.

In short, remember every MAGAt and Joesophant who supported and remained unapologetic about these two political thieves. They are unworthy of anyone’s ear to influence your vote and understanding of what’s going on from DC down to your county commissioners, local school boards and city council. Felon Hubbard/Riley’s press for the Amendment One tax explosion was all the ‘acid test’ small govt. advocates required to write off these traditional Republicans.

Stunning how many MAGAts still defend them. Similarly, the other Don – Siegelman that is … championing hospital fraud and flawed gambling legislation Don advocated killed any credibility for this political thief. Equally stunning how many Joesophants still defend this former federal inmate.

Time for Alabama to look itself in the mirror and admit their role in aiding and abetting big govt. Democrat Trump simply because he quickly changed to a Red jersey clearing the field for his friend and promised protector Hillary. Anyone who can see beyond Kabuki realizes none of these big time political crime families (Bushes, Bidens, Clintons, Trumps) will ever be locked up. There’s no one more culpable in Alabama than embarrassment Jeff Sessions who could be defeated by a mediocre college football coach who’s too apathetic or incompetent (does it matter?) to understand the playbook (US Constitution) in the game he’s currently so inept at playing. Cash register Shelby showed equal disregard for our lives, liberty and property and made it clear he was no fan of Sessions for using Alabama to launch the “Trump show,” but Shelby’s minion is now parading herself as ‘Trumpier than thou’ riding the current corrupt political winds as instructed by her masters in the Senate race.

Another Senatorial candidate is doing his best to play the “Trump card” and hide his ‘Never Trump’ backing. There’s only one Senate candidate who had the courage to stand against Trump early on, then tried to work with him decently once installed by our rigged electoral process. Sufficiently pooped on by Trump several times it seems this candidate has learned his lesson and would go a long way toward getting Alabama back on track toward undoing or at least ameliorating some of what Comrades Biden and Trump have accomplished in DC – our Moscow on the Potomac.

As Trump fades further into our rear-view mirrors, likely to become a smaller, distant image as more Trump candidates lose in other States (like GA and PA) independent voters will be looking for leadership to move away from our increased command and control economy. Joesophants and MAGAts may be sufficiently discounted enough for rational voters to look for those who had the courage to stand against this madness, but tried (however foolishly) to work with such madmen. Although disappointing to witness once sound thinkers like Rand Paul and Mo Brooks become Trump suckers, they are two leaders who may have what it takes to shake off the poop from the Trump propeller and get back in the game with the greatest success of moving forward out of the mess we’ve ‘progressed’ into these past years.


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