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Throw the Bums Out

For nearly four years, we fed-up Alabama citizens have been anxiously waiting for this May 24th Republican primary to clean up our political nightmares—rotten politicians who had earlier promised to follow the fundamentals of our U. S and state Constitutions, individual sovereignty, and minimal government intrusion. Instead, they have corrupted their ethics, their duties, our state, and our nation.

As I have said in the past, I keep wishing for gubernatorial, legislative and local elections every two years, instead of every four. Then we could limit the terms of the rotten apples before they have time to contaminate the entire state.

Who shall we throw out? Obviously they would be the ones who created and supported oppressive pieces of legislation. Examples could be record budgets that are always bigger than previous ones, the gasoline tax increase, hiring officers to harass our people and eat out their substance, and extreme anti-COVID measures that have imposed major economic losses, hardship, misery, sickness, hospitalizations, and deaths, well beyond the normal inconveniences of leaving people’s personal decisions strictly alone.

Several angry Alabamians have voiced their opinions:

Henry W.: Hey… are you GOING TO STAY AT HOME ???

John C.: Anyone know if “(X)” can be subject to recall? Asking for a Patriot.

Jeanette D.: Well, a [$500] fine was imposed... hhmmm.

Kody L.: Welcome to communism.

Atlas A.P.: #government Tyranny.Arm up Alabama.

Gordon S.: This is mass hysteria. We are all prisoners now.

Greg B.: Welcome to Camp Alabama. Every Friday, more restrictions.

Stephen E.: URGENT!! Hate the lockdown? Call (the Governor) now!

The terminations of corrupt politicians are long overdue. We must “Round Them Up” with an extra potent dose of election “Glyphosate” to forever eradicate their treachery.

We must never forget a treasonous bill (SB255) to expand the power of state health officers and let them impose the very type of “emergency” abuses that must forever be forbidden. This would permit Alabama health officers to issue whatever “emergency” orders they wish with no limit—to supersede existing laws and nullify the U. S. and State Constitutions.

Anybody with half of a brain would immediately say NO to this fascist idea, but 29 state senators approved it, six abstained, and NOT ONE had enough backbone to vote against it. That is ample justification to throw out the entire Alabama State Senate.

Fortunately, the 2022 session ended before the bill could pass in the House. I am praying it will not pop up next year and sneak through. Judging from past experience, killing a bad bill nearly always has a higher priority than supporting a good bill. SB255 was a perfect example.

Another bad bill this year was the “Numeracy Act,” which will expand the state bureaucracy and cost an extra $92 Million every year.

The people who we choose to run our nation and state must always remember that their duty is to SERVE and NOT to RULE. Anyone who violates that ethic deserves to be FIRED.

Throwing the bums out is a two-step process. The second step is very simple—vote OUT every stinking Democrat in the general election. But before we get there, we must do the step that really matters—the May 24th Republican primary. Here is where we separate the true patriots from the RINOs (Republicans in name only)—those who promise to keep government in check, but continue to collude and vote in lockstep for bigger government like lemmings marching into the sea.

This year, we will be nominating candidates to protect our sacred individual rights—one U. S. Senator, seven U. S. Representatives, a new governor, state senators and representatives, other state offices, and various local offices.

We now have less than four weeks to study our candidates and what policies they will be supporting or refusing. Researching them, especially the new ones, is not an easy process. Some can be found at political rallies and other events. Others tend to avoid them, and we must search for phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other means to contact them.

Political ads rarely illustrate the issues that really matter. They are mostly filled with candidates’ families, churches, professions, education, experience, and similar “qualifications.” Only a few include crucial public policies and what they intend to do to fix them.

This year, we will be electing a U. S. Senator, a governor, seven U.S. representatives, and various state and local candidates. Incumbents with good records of minimizing government and protecting individual rights can be re-elected. Those who fail must be dumped. Many candidates, especially the new ones, need to be seriously studied to assure their dedication to become servants and not rulers. Every citizen is urged to contact every candidate he is likely to vote for and ask the following specific questions:

1. TAXES: What will you do to STOP tax increases, to STOP new taxes, and to ROLL BACK taxes that are already excessive?

2. SPENDING: What will you do to MINIMIZE spending? What programs and departments will you cut back, or even eliminate? Will you strive for budgets that are SMALLER than those of previous years?

3. REGULATIONS, MANDATES: Will you do your utmost to MINIMIZE all regulations and mandates and REPEAL as many as possible?

4. VICTIMLESS ‘CRIMES’: The U.S. has the world’s highest incarceration rate. Alabama’s is even higher, and our prisons are overcrowded. Are you willing to DECRIMINALIZE any “crimes” that are consensual and have no actual victims (recreational drugs, possession of “controlled substances,” possession of “pornography,” prostitution, gambling, “streaking,” doing honest work without a license, etc.)? Are you willing to insist that the victim in a crime must be the one to initiate charges rather than the state? Are you willing to OPPOSE building any new prisons?

5. TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT: Are you willing to MINIMIZE trivial and excessive traffic stops, “fishing,” checkpoints, speed traps, harassment, unjustified citations, excessive fines and penalties, and similar actions that impede traffic and endanger motorists?

6. BUREAUCRACY: Will you work to reduce the quantity of government personnel down to a reasonable level and eliminate needless government positions and invasive nannyism?

7. And one final question: WHAT WILL YOU DO TO MAKE GOVERNMENT SMALLER, LESS INTRUSIVE, AND LESS EXPENSIVE? Listen very carefully to his response. If he waffles and/or suggests something like becoming more “efficient,” he fails the test. A big government that is efficient is more dangerous than a big government that is lazy.

When talking to any candidate, MAKE SURE [he/she] understands AND WILL UPHOLD the following:


BIG GOVERNMENT IS PUBLIC ENEMY #1, and by a huge margin. Our government—federal, state, and local—has only three legitimate functions—national defense (federal only), roads and bridges, and protecting people from the wrongdoings of other people (criminals). Otherwise, the duty of government is to leave people alone and get out of the way. That’s it.

If any candidate even hesitates to commit to these fundamental principles, he does not deserve anybody’s vote. We must work diligently to nominate the most freedom-minded people available. We should not be forced to settle for “the lesser of two evils” in the general election in November.


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