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When is Enough, Enough?

Enough is enough. I cannot stress that “enough.” I know I am not supposed to speak ill of our leaders and I do pray for the President often. But at the same time, every single one of us in this country has got to come to the realization that this man is in no way “in the game.” He is absolutely horrible but I believe that can be attributed to his clearly decreasing cognitive abilities and shame on his wife and all other people who let this man go into the public eye and continually embarrass himself and this country. Countries from around the world continue to poke fun at him and his administration. Why? Think of all the low hanging fruit they serve up every day. If you want a sad chill to run down your spine, just watch some of the news outlets out of Australia. They are relentless in the reporting and doing the job our press, for the most part, refuses to do.

Not that I am in anyway a follower of the Russian-controlled Pravda newspaper, but they just recently published an article questioning President Biden’s cognitive abilities. And I hate to say this, in some ways, they are clearly on to something. They listed five areas; forgetfulness, disorientation, aimless wandering, behavioral changes including aggression, and difficulties in movement to bolster their argument. Unfortunately, with an honest eye, most of us can say we have seen these manifested in our President. 012775005f017

I am not going to sit here and bash the President. I am just not. I am not the guy who goes around shouting the “Let’s Go B….” mantra. Not going to do it. Ever. I honestly feel sorry for the man. But when I watch his decline, our President and the supposed leader of the free world, it both saddens and sickens me. He seemingly has no idea of what to do and the people around him do not seem to care in the least. I think the only thing keeping him in office, and yes, I wrongfully predicted he would have been out of office by now, but the only thing keeping him employed is that his VP Kamala is even worse than he is. And that is saying a lot. Who could have predicted exactly how terrible and ineffective she would be in her job.? How about that 35% approval rating? She is the perfect example of why winning an election should never be any kind of popularity contest.

But over the last month, as the war in the Ukraine continues to rage, President Biden has said some fairly egregious things. What is worse, almost the minute he says them, his administration immediately comes out and says to the effect, “Yeah he did say that but what he meant was . . .” Anytime the man goes off script, we can expect some recanting by his handlers. Here are just some recent examples.

1. We are sending troops to the Ukraine: While addressing US troops in his recent Poland visit, Biden alluded to the fact that we are going to send troops to the Ukraine and in fact mentions that some of those he was addressing had already been there. This despite the continued line that we are not going to do just that. Biden’s words were, “You know, with the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian people have a lot of backbone, they have a lot of guts and I’m sure you’re observing it. And you’re gonna see when you’re there, and some of you have been there.” Okay, wow. You know, that is pretty clear to me what he said. For their part, however, his handlers walked it back by stating, “The president has been clear we are not sending U.S. troops to Ukraine and there is no change in that position.” Now that is what I call a retraction. So, which one is it? Does he even know? He clearly said what he said.

2. Sanctions don’t deter. Okay, this is one of the stupidest statements I’ve heard him utter. Sad stuff actually. When challenged by a reporter that sanctions failed to stop Putin from invading the Ukraine, Biden responded with an incredibly misleading statement. Unfortunately, the reporter asked the wrong question in terms of tense. The President said, “Let’s get something straight. Do you remember, if you covered me from the very beginning, I did not say that, in fact, the sanctions would deter him. Sanctions never deter. You keep talking about that. Sanctions never deter.”

Where the heck do I start with this one? I spent ten years teaching operational planning at Maxwell AFB and part of the coursework was a class I taught on coercive strategies. (i.e. getting people to do what you want without sometimes actually having to fight them.) I am here to tell you, if applied correctly, the threat of sanctions can deter if applied correctly. The problem Biden has is that he and the U.N. implemented sanctions after the invasion had already taken place. Here comes the big, “Duh.” In this way President Biden was correct in that applying sanctions after an invasion is not going to deter that invasion. Duh! How can he not see that? But as part of an effective coercive strategy, if the threat of significant sanctions is presented before hostilities, they can have the desired coercive effect. This is not to say sanctions will definitely have worked against Vlad, that is a different issue, but to say that sanctions “never” deter is doctrinal insanity. If before the invasion, the UN together with the rest of the world all said in agreement something along the lines of, “If you invade the Ukraine, you will lose your permanent seat at the UN, no countries will purchase any of your oil or other products, no countries will be allowed to import any goods to Russia, we are going to freeze your assets (i.e. sanctions) etc.,” might that have dissuaded Putin from invading? Maybe, but we will never know because nobody tried. The point here is that doctrinally, sanctions as part of a complete coercive strategy, can have a desired strategic effect. The President should know this. Clearly, he doesn’t.

3. Regime Change: Again, the White House had to walk back another Biden claim. When the man starts talking, nobody, and I mean nobody has an idea of what he is going to say next. This is why at least twice, the White House has cut a live feed while Biden was going off on another of his tangents. In another such diatribe, the President clearly called for a regime change in Russia. He said that Putin “cannot remain in power.” Wow, that is pretty specific. No matter how much they walked back this statement, like others, not remaining in power is a clear call for a regime change. No matter how you spin it. But again, immediately after this, the administration walked it back saying that is not what he meant. In other words, don’t believe your lying ears.

4. Respond in Kind. In a rare question and answer segment, Biden was asked if Russia used weapons of mass destruction, what would be NATO’s

response? Biden clearly stated that we would respond “in kind.” Again, no level of walking back this statement can take away from what the President said. In kind means guess what? In kind. Hello!! Questions? On what planet is that not clear? In other words, if Putin uses them, so will we. Did President Biden really mean it?

No, I really do not think he did but that is the whole purpose of this column. The man continually says things that have to be retracted, ignored or over explained. His people know that he cannot possibly say anything off the teleprompter without guarded fear of what may slip out.

5. Easter Bunny: Did you guys see the President on Easter Sunday on the White House lawn. You can see him talking to people when as reported, he was beginning to answer questions about Afghanistan when a White House staffer, a woman from the communications shop, dressed up as an Easter Bunny, actually got between the President and the reporter, turned the President away and walked him away from the reporter. You simply cannot make this stuff up. There are dozens of outlets with the video. An Easter Bunny has more sway at the White House than the President. How sad.

Again, the entire point of this Robservation is that I, along with millions of others around the world see President Biden for what he is. A tired old man who seems to have little grip on the reality of what he is doing. And I am not even talking about the record inflation, the Afghanistan debacle or our southern border, but from finishing a speech and turning to shake hands when nobody is there to getting lost on the White House lawn, we have a sad picture of a man who needs to step down but apparently cannot because his VP is a worse proposition than he is. As for me, I will continue to pray for the man but I cannot ignore the reality of what he is and what he is doing.


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