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Tears & Laughter - Guns for Hire and Wet Nurses Needed

I don’t encourage a whole lot of dabbling in soul searching, but consider questioning your relationship with whoever it was that encouraged you to vote for Joe Biden.

I didn’t. A lot of us didn’t. Granted, not enough of us didn’t, but finally, we have no qualms about admitting it.

It is easier than ever to explain why. Even easy to recruit some over to the other side.

The sect of the population that needs a pop star or a half-ass celebrity to tell them who to vote for maybe shouldn’t vote. Just sit elections out if you don’t have any economic sense or discernment about yourself.

Everybody has the right to vote, absolutely. It’s a privilege. But if somebody has to tell you who to vote for or pick up an absentee ballot up from you, or even worse fill it out for you – not because you are old, or disabled, or sick, but because you are clueless – then just don’t vote. Especially if you are voting in hopes of more free money. Free money devalues all money.

Part of me, and this is not the best part of my character, but part of me enjoys knowing all members of both political parties get to enjoy the high gas prices. Every time I buy fuel, I grin. And I live on a farm where tractors are part of our daily life. I still don’t mind. Whatever it takes to teach this lesson so the mistake doesn’t get repeated.

The push toward all electric cars – which is reportedly part of the reason we are enjoying such high fuel prices – may not work. Wanting it to work doesn’t make it work. There may be more people in rural Alabama who are closer to going back to using horses and buggies than they are buying electric cars. Horses are far more affordable and more readily available. Maybe more reliable, I don’t know. For sure more fun to race.

As technologically advanced as we have all become with our many devices that think for us, we are evidently going backwards. We now have men who lack the courage to save children. And we have a shortage of baby formula. Our leaders are passionate about abortions, but do not recognize the importance of babies having proper nutrition. So exactly how advanced are we when we need to have hired guns and wet nurses again.

A hired gun, or a gunslinger – for anyone who is perhaps too young to know or doesn’t watch westerns – is a person who is hired to protect a person or group of people, or a church, or even a school from harm. There only job is to protect, with a gun. Because the quickest, most efficient way to protect or rid an area of a person or predator intending harm, is a gun.

It used to make a lot of men a lot of money, and it seems to be a need for the service once again. Women and transgender people can be hired guns, too, of course, and gays, too, but they will need to be people of great courage…and pride.

The wet nurse position is needed again, too. I am more surprised by this one than I am the need for hired guns. A wet nurse, again, for anyone who may not know, is a woman – or I guess nowadays, a man – who breastfeeds other people babies. They don’t stop, therefore the milk production continues. Wet nurses were common before formula became widely available.

Yep. We are going backwards.

Elections have consequences they say.

And now we are all paying the price.

Amanda Walker is a columnist and contributor with, The Birmingham News, Selma Times Journal, Thomasville Times, West Alabama Watchman,

and The Alabama Gazette. Contact her at or at


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