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Biden's Waterloo

Beginning on January 20th of last year, America has been suffering from the reckless and devastating actions of Joe Biden, our most destructive and incompetent president so far in this century. On his very first day in office, he signed a multitude of punitive executive orders that have thrown our nation into a tailspin of rampant inflation and dependency for many essentials, especially petroleum and its derivatives.

Prior to Biden, under the blessings of Donald Trump, America’s oil production exceeded its imports for the first time in over half of a century. New sources were being discovered and new pipelines were under construction. We were out from under the thumb of OPEC and other, often hostile petroleum exporters.

But Biden ended it in one fell swoop with nothing more than a pen. He revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, destroying an essential oil conduit from Canada, along with 11,000 American jobs and $1.6 billion in wages. He also forbade drilling in large portions of Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.

Today, even extreme economic liberals are waking up to the call of reckless policies, intolerable inflation, and shortages of many products and services. In less than seven months in office, Biden’s approval dropped below 50%—more than any other president in such a short time. Today (July 11), his disapproval has soared to 56% and is still climbing.

Biden shut down nearly half of potential drilling in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska—our country’s largest tract of public land, which is about the size of Indiana. According to the BLM, it produced over $56 million in oil and gas leases in 2019 alone.

Biden also canceled oil lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska’s Cook Inlet.

Now Biden faces a dilemma. At election time in 2020, gasoline was averaging $2.10 per gallon nationwide. It has recently passed $5.00—an increase of 138% within a year and a half. OPEC, Russia, and Venezuela are reaping huge profits. Republicans are furious. Most Americans are outraged. Many Democrats are waking up and beginning to wonder why they killed the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Biden had already promised the Democrats and environmentalists that he would end our dependence on fossil fuels. We now suffer the result of his actions. He is whining for suppliers and OPEC to increase production. With oil prices and profits at record levels, I’m sure they will try their best. But Biden is not inclined to lower gasoline prices in any meaningful way.

Biden has no comprehension of the necessity of petroleum—not only for fuel, but a multitude of other essentials—plastics, lubricants, highway pavement, cosmetics, building materials, chemicals, and many, many others. Providing these products with renewable sources cannot be done for at least many decades and probably a century or more. Biden’s pipe dream of a few years is economic stupidity. This past June, our overall inflation rate has topped 9.1%—a 41 year record.

By the way, Joe, did you know that the pumping stations along the pipeline you just killed were to be powered by solar and wind? And did you know that transporting that oil by truck, rail, or less direct pipelines will consume additional fossil fuel?

Instead, Biden proposed to spend an extra $500 billion of our taxes every year “to make facilities more reliant on clean energy and purchase zero-emissions vehicles.”

What can we do to fix this dilemma? This mid-term election year, we can vote for enough fiscally conservative Republicans in both houses to install enough veto-proof votes to reverse Biden’s reckless authority. Open up drilling leases. Continue with pipeline construction. Open up free markets. Repeal stupid environmental regulations. End ethanol mandates. Give Volkswagen a full pardon and restitution for their so-called “cheating” on tiny emissions.

And one more thing: Allow the building of more refineries. Since the mid 1990’s, oppressive government regulation has shut down over 150. We now have only 150 left that still operate. Did you know that the last refinery in the United States was built in the early 1970’s? Thank you, EPA, for destroying our energy independence!

Besides corrupt energy policies, Biden has many other liabilities. A big one is his willingness to admit just about any criminal or potential terrorist to cross our borders and invade our country. He promised to legalize the estimated (at least) 22 million aliens already here, signing several executive orders to prioritize their needs over those of Americans, and even prioritizing “minority communities.” He placed a moratorium on deportations, and ordered the immediate release of all detainees, including the criminals. There is no rational way we can admit every impoverished peasant with ten children without becoming destitute ourselves. It is national suicide.

Re-entering the Paris Agreement was another no-brainer. Donald Trump had a very good reason to scrap its stupid ideas, which include “carbon taxes” and other insane daydreams. Returning the U. S. to the World Health Organization was a similar reckless action. Joining these worldwide socialist movements is a serious threat to our national sovereignty.

Biden’s goal of imposing 100 million mRNA COVID vaccines in his first 100 days has resulted in the deaths and disabilities of untold thousands of Americans. The real numbers may never be revealed for many years, if ever. He also mandated face masks on federal property and nearly all forms of public transportation.

Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal left an unknown number of Americans stranded while bringing back many other unqualified non-Americans. He also left behind many millions of dollars worth of weapons and materiel for ISIS and the Taliban instead of shipping it out prior to the withdrawal.

And don’t forget: Biden has proposed some serious tax increases. His top tax rate proposals are well beyond our current rates and even farther beyond the rest of the industrialized world (OECD). Here are the consequences if his “Build Back Better Act” passes and becomes law:

1st number -- U. S. Current Law.

2nd number – Biden’s BBBA + FY 2023 Budget.

3rd number -- OECD Average (excluding U.S.)

1. Top Combined Marginal Rate on Individual Income -- 42.9%, 57.3%, 42.6%.

2. Top Combined Marginal Rate on Corporate Income -- 25.8%, 32.3%, 22.8%.

3. Top Combined Marginal Rate on Capital Gains Income -- 29.2%, 48.9%, 18.9%.

4. Combined Integrated Rate on Corporate Income -- 47.5%, 65.4%, 41.4%.

Are you ready to pony up?

Nationwide, this year’s midterm election is expected to be a bloodbath for Democrats. We cannot afford to wait two more years to throw out Biden. We must eliminate his allies NOW to assure that his reckless policies do not destroy America and the freedom for which it stands.


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